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    This is just fucking incredible. Excuse my language but this is just nuts. This team is peaking at the right time. It’s unbelievable what Jameis is doing with the receivers at his disposal. Outside of the pick he threw to Mike, which looked like a mis-read, he was money in the second half. The defense is legit. There’s no other way of saying it. Every time this team needs a big turnover, we get it. They were getting some chunk plays, but a bend but don’t break defense helped out. Despite the fact that numbers might not show it, Noah Spence was living in the backfield. And Hargreaves had that beautiful tipped ball, for the pick 6.
    Roberto missed a kick but nailed his other two and didn’t miss the extra points. Can’t miss from 31 but it didn’t kill us.
    I can’t believe we are actually in the playoffs as of right now. This team is believing and Koetter had better be the number one name on coach of the year right now. What he is doing is changing this team to a winning culture. Even our very own JonG, who hated the Koetter hire, needs to give the man his props. Destiny is in our hands now guys Go Bucs!

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      No need to apologize. Sometimes the F BOMB just works.
      FUCKIN’ A
      GO BUCS

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    Couldn’t agree with what my twin said. I’ve been waiting for the implosion that always seems to happen to this team. Jameis and this coaching staff are doing this the right way. They’re playing like “a family” and I’m seeing a new game changing play every week by someone different. This is some of the best football I’ve seen in years from this team. Imagine if we can keep this continuity and these coaches. We could be on the rise for years. We just need to pick some guys off the street for Jameis to throw to. He’s making practice squad guys look like heros. So pumped. Go bucs!!

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    They found a way to win despite some poor offensive run blocking and defensive tackling. I’m so proud of this team because that’s what it is right now; a good team. Now lets get the win against the Saints. Go Bucs!

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    The Bucs keep finding ways to win games, which is what good teams do. Thinking back on the game I can’t remember any dominant performances by any particular group, but as a team we found a way to win. One thing now that I think more about it is key turnovers at the best time, when it counts the most.
    With 75% of the season complete, I’ll say more about the team. During the most recent quarter of the season (last 4 games) the Bucs have definitely turned into a very good football team. I think the difference is 3rd down efficiency, great O-line play, fewer turnovers on offense and more turnovers created on defense. To dig further, it has helped getting Dougie back which gives defenses more to worry about and takes pressure off the O-line. That has allowed Winston to play better on 3rd down and keep the chains moving. On defense we have gotten healthier on the D-line which has allowed M. Smith to do what I saw in training camp: get pressure with the front four and play man coverage behind them. He still blitzes, but now he doesn’t have to in order to create pressure. So long as we stay healthy I expect our success to continue. The one downer that comes to mind though is that Aguayo still sucks.

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    Like last week this was the type of game the Bucs knew how to didnlose.
    Spence didn’t get the headlines, but was responsible for two penalties and an intentional grounding call.
    Bucs did a much better job of containing Gordon in the second half.
    Winston, of course, played great,

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    What an incredible win! The team fought for this after a disastrous 1st quarter. Quick breakdown:

    I’ll start with the defense. Man, they played their asses off. After San Diego basically had their way with them the first 3 drives, Smitty adjusted and they made big plays. Chargers only scored 7 points in the second half! DL did enough to make Rivers uncomfortable and make mistakes. Smitty was also very good. Adjusted and defense responded.

    The offensive line really underwhelmed today. I was shocked to see them get tossed around after playing so well the last two weeks. They severely limited the balance Dirk seeks in his play calling. We couldn’t run, which put unneeded pressure on Jameis. They have to play better next week.

    Jameis and the WR/TE played their asses off. Losing 2 WR’s & best run blocking TE in the first half, & no run game, should have crippled this team. We’re so thin at WR. But we have Jameis, so we keep fighting. Brate was sensational. Mike was great as a decoy and when he needed to be. Shep, Martino, Quizz, Doug all played well. Jameis had a wonky start. I still think that INT was miscommunication. Whatever, he shook it off and played well in the second half. 66% COMP and 280 yards with half a receiving core. Whew.

    What a win. 4 in a row. This feels like the late 90’s. Gotta take care of Saints next week. To use an old school slogan, IT’S A BUCS LIFE!

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    I should clarify the above statement. Two years ago this was a game the Bucs would know how to lose. Pretty much last year as well.

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    It is BLEEPING incredible. I don’t know what to do with myself. We are learning how to win. I’m thrilled. Just as important, we have a likeable team. Yes, Demar Dotson and Aguayo stink to high heaven but we are still winning. Anyone else notice how many Bucs fans are coming out of the woodwork?? Go Bucs!!!!!!!!1

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      I did notice there were many BUCHEADS at that game.
      GO BUCS

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    1. Winston is so good. He is now top 10 in the league, and is the biggest reason we win games. He was running for his life out there. Very heady. Totally impressive. 2. D line was inconsistent but Noah was amazing, Ayers had a big sack, and Mccoy’s sack cost them 3 points and gave us some momentum. Not our greatest day on the line, but some highlights. 3. Continued great play by Hargreaves, and Tandy made a big time play. Still don’t think our safety play is good enough, but I applaud the effort. 4. We can’t keep missing chipshots field goals. 40 and under should be automatic but it seems like a 50/50 proposition. We need to get someone in here who can kick.

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    We are thin at WR. What about calling Roddy White?

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    I can’t believe what was going on. I thought the season was over when this team was 3-5 but what a turnaround. I was so afraid we would blow this game but this team is different, things have changed.

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    As others have said. Just f_____g fabulous. in spite of losing 2 thirds of our starting wide receivers we end up passing better with Martino and Shepard. The reason, Cameron Brate the Great. How ever discovered this guy needs a pay raise. What a find.
    I think they had 1 sack against us. That’s a top sacking team we just played. Granted they were all in the backfield but Winston is one slippery dude for sure.
    As I was basking in another win I was trying to think of the best word to describe this effort.
    GUTSY is the word I chose.
    GUTSY play calling.
    GUTSY tackling, second half only.
    Gutsy pass rush. Noah Spence was living in the backfield.
    GUTSY QB play. Winston was full of GUTS.
    Teams still are not taking us seriously to their own detriment.
    Great win!!!!
    My next door neighbor is a huge BUCS fan and serious audiofile, after the game blared the MONKEES song ” I’m a believer ” loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear, what a card. Count me in I’m a believer.

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      Wish I had a neighbor like that. Me, I have a Patriots fan who has lived here for 30 years. He adopted the Gators as his team during their heyday and is now wavering in his support after the ‘Bama game, but still clings to the Flying Elvises. Just another front runner.

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        Hey scubog. I’m from Detroit and still root for all those teams. But the BUCS are my team. Still watch Michigan football also. This is why I absolutely despise Tom Brady. He could not hit water if he fell out of a boat in college. Now he the best ever. This is really just sour grapes on my part.
        My question to you is this, would your neighbor be a Patriots fan if they sucked. Most likely not. Fair weather fans suck. I’m talking you Yankees and Dallas fans. The cherry on this ice cream would be a complete ass whipping of the Cowgirls.
        Now Cleveland fans are awesome. Just like BUCS fans are awesome. It takes Guts to support teams that continually suck.
        So thank you to everyone on this site that has stuck it out through thick and thin. Feels good when shit starts coming together.
        GO BUCS



          That’s always my point when folks relocate to sunny Florida. They often retain their loyalty when their former hometown team is good. Why stay a Steeler fan but drop the Pirates and cheer for the Rays? JonnyG could easily dump the Bucs for the Cardinals. He is a fan of both. Nothing wrong with that.

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      I love it that the other NFL teams aren’t taking us seriously. I love being the under dog and beating them. Every game against us is a trap game for the other team. Cant wait for the Dallas game. How big would it be to go into the Cowgirls stadium and upset the league leaders.

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    Well everyone in here has said enough but what a great team win. There are a lot of Bucs fans showing up now. I was at the game and there was red all over the place. Field level behind the Bucs bench was filled with fans sporting the red orange and pewter, unfortunately I was not seated with them but they were into it and even got a decent Defense chant going in the 4th. The team could definitely feel the support …. hopefully we can keep feeding off each other! Thats when something special happens. Let’s get them Saints. Go Bucs!

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      Way to represent Sask. I couldn’t believe all the red and even orange in the stands behind the Bucs bench. We heard the “Defense-Defense” cheers. I’m sure the support you and the others brought helped the team get the victory. As Dr. D mentioned, this was the type of game and opponent to whom in years past we would lose. This team has no quit. What a “culture change”.

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    Missed half the game because of recording issue- better to miss the 1st than the 2nd!
    Great that they were actually able to run at the end when they had to to ice the game…the entire team is playing w/ Fire these days- you can just sense the confidence! -and on the road too- which they will need to be able to do as they get to the playoffs… If we can just get Aguayo to the same point- to where we are not thinking, “please don’t miss”, but “he’s got this”.
    Nice run Bucs! Keep it up thru the last Qtr of the season!

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    Chetvette, I agree wholeheartedly in your synopsis of Brown fan and also other teams like the Bills and yes, even the Lions.
    They have suffered long and hard for their teams which shows a persons true character.
    At least we had one brief shining moment in Camelot/Tampa when we got our Super Bowl victory.
    At the same time I have to admit I am a closet Patriots fan because Tom Brady is the greatest QB I have even seen play the position with Joe Montana running a close second. It is just a pure joy to watch him slice up defenses like a skilled surgeon.
    But that doesn’t mean when the Bucs play the Patriots I take out a brand new Tom Brady jersey and wear it to RJ. Not hardly.
    I rooted for the Cardinals ever since I was a kid but when they came to Tampa in 1977 for the Bucs first home win, I was rooting for Tampa the whole way.

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      I was in the stands that day too Dr. D. I was the one in the orange shirt.

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