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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Austin Williams

    WOOOOO! Vet him Bucs, and if he checks out, pick him up in the 2nd if Dalvin Cook can’t be attained in the 1st!

  2. 2


    I am sure the PR team for the Bucs would be thrilled if we picked him up.

  3. 3


    From what I read, Mixon will not make it to the Bucs 2nd round pick. Bucs would have to trade back from #19 and pick up pick(s) (or trade up in the 2nd round (ugh)).

    I’m thinking Foreman, RB, Texas in the 3rd round makes sense. 2nd round pick of Bucky Hodges, TE, Va Tech would give Winston a big target.

  4. 4


    I carry no Mixon flag. I’m a Buc fan. Whatever the Bucs decide is good for the team, I will support. I am proud of the Bucs FO for carrying out it’s mission without bias. They are doing what good teams do – evaluate players to see if the player fits your criteria – nothing less, nothing more. They’re allowed 30 visits, there are only 7 draft picks. The goal must be to pick the best 7 for them. Obviously most visits are just that – visits.

    1. 4.1


      Good argument about the front office doing what good teams do. Patriots are the best team of all time. More championships than anyone. Mixon is off their board, publicly.

      1. 4.1.1



        You aren’t talking about the team that took snapshots of other team’s practices, stole playsheets from visiting team’s playbooks (Spygate), allegedly deflated footballs before game time (Deflategate) are you?




          I’m surprised with your response; Usually you respond directly to the question, not deflect and change the narrative. One thing has nothing to do with the other and I know you know that..




            Thanks for noticing! But If you look again, you will notice there was no question.

      2. 4.1.2


        Yet Talib, Blount and Hernandez have been on their roster.



          How many young girls did those guys sucker punch on video? And Hernandez wasnt a Pat after he was charged. Talib didn’t stay long either. The point remains…MIXON is OFF their board because of his off the field actions.



            Only because he was hauled off to jail.

    2. 4.2


      Well said macabee. I concur.

  5. 5


    Yaaawhooooo! Mixon baby, vet him out. Foreman stinks slow stiff bulldozer. Trade back and get the Noah Spence of 2017

  6. 6


    I will not be a fan of Mixon becoming a Buc. I think the kid is bad news and a time bomb waiting to go off. He’s done nothing since breaking a girls face to show that he’s actually changed or sorry for what he did. I’ll always be a Bucs fan, but I will not enjoy him being on the team. He’s a great football talent and he’ll get a job in a couple of weeks. I’d just rather it not be with Tampa.

    1. 6.1


      who cares!! people felt the same way about Jameis LOL

      1. 6.1.1


        This is such an idiotic comment.

    2. 6.2


      I saw the video several times and she was verbally obusive to him and then attacked him first. Looked like she grabbed his throat and tried to slap him. He could him been more restrained however. Should have pused her down and got out of there. She would have chased him (she was out for trouble), but would not have caught him…obviously. He would have been criticized anyway though. The minute she walked in there he was in a no win situation.

      1. 6.2.1


        “He could have been more restrained” Holy understatement. I’m glad you’re fine with him breaking her face. And for someone who “watched it video several times” you’re grossly over exaggerating her actions. Quick breakdown:

        -Mixon comes back to their table from outside
        -Mixon stands at the table, claims a racial slur was throw at him (later denied) hurls gay slur at Molitor’s friend
        -Molitor shoves Mixon telling him to leave
        -Mixon lunges at Molitor in a threatening/attack manner
        -Molitor slaps Mixon on neck/jaw area
        -Mixon proceeds to break her face with single punch

        Mixon claims that “it felt like a dude hit me” when Molitor slapped him & that’s why he punched back. Really? He is 6’1 225lbs. That slap barely had any steam behind it. Mixon is lying to justify losing his cool. Now, please tell me how what she did justifies him breaking her face? Is his self control so low that he can’t not punch a girl?

        He also had an issue with a female parking attendant about a ticket. He was so enraged that he ripped up the ticket, threw it in the attendants face, screamed “don’t put that shit in my face” and then inched his car toward her trying to intimidate her. Yeah, really good dude.

        So yeah, I don’t want him on the Bucs.



          RootsCrew, you and a couple of others seem to be ceating “fake” comments from me. In no way, shape or form do I condone hitting a women. What he did was very wrong (apparently from the backlash I have received I should maybe add a few more very’s). I certainly can’t find where I said I was fine with him breaking her face. It is amazing how the snowflakes of this land make things up to support their world view. If he broke a guy’s face would that be okay? I am not fine with him committing battery on anyone. From the portion of the video I saw, she committed assult and and he committed battery. Don’t know anything about the parking attedent so I won’t comment. I only comment on what I saw. I said he should have left and hitting her with a cross punch was wrong. How does that translate into me condoning a 225 lb football player hitting a young women in the face?



            Oh piss off with calling people who disagree with you snowflakes. Nice shiny buzzword. What other conclusion is to be made when you’re whole response to my original comment was to explain away Mixon’s actions and basically blame her?
            -she was looking for trouble (he wasn’t by following her back inside?)
            -she was verbally abusive and attacked him first
            -she would have chased him (nice assumption btw)

            Those are your words insinuating she was to blame and forced his hand. Laughable. To your question about if it was a dude he hit, yeah it would still bother me. Would go to his lack of control that will only be tested ten fold in the NFL. He showed poor judgement and even worse restraint. Kid is bad news. We disagree clearly, so this is where I’ll leave it.

  7. 8


    Licht will do his due diligence and trust his locker room, is this kid a football junkie, is he a partier, what did he learn the year he was suspended, he could’ve left OU and went to a smaller school and played.

  8. 9


    What’s the big deal?

    Sure, Joe Mixon sucker punched a girl in the face and shattered her bones, but she deserved it! From the video footage I watched she was standing in a restaurant with friends and he walked up and POW! I like players who walk up and sucker punch girls! He’s a real fighter!! Anyways, that was a LONG time ago. Like almost two years? He is TOTALLY different now. He would look great in a Bucs uniform!

    The Bucs really need to get rid of “Druggie” Martin and replace him with an upstanding guy like Mixon. The Bucs don’t need players that take drugs or use banned substances, even if it is just one time. Those are mistakes that are unforgivable, unlike Mixon’s offense. That really hurts the team chemistry. Matter of fact, why are the Bucs keeping Kwon Alexander??? He had a four game suspension two years ago too! Get rid of all these druggies and bring in some guys who really like to fight.

    In case you missed it, I’m being extremely sarcastic.

    1. 9.1


      You obviously were watching the wrong video becuase I played it many times and she approached him and attacked him, grabed him and tried to slap him. She was abusive and he had a right to defend himself. However, he was way to zealous and should have disengaged as best he could and escaped. Then she would have been charged with assult and battery. PC crap makes me puke. I was abused by a women for 15 years and when she was drunk I would have to take the beating because if I fought back she would have claimed I attacked her.

      1. 9.1.1


        Associating PC crap to justify beating a woman; Really? To allow yourself to be abused for 15 years instead of walking away after first incident must not have been a viable option..

    2. 9.2



  9. 10


    All great RB’s have warrants for their arrests at some point in their career..
    it comes with the territory

    …pretty sure that video with him punching the girl was just for his college highlights montage when he gets drafted

    1. 10.1


      I remember those warrants that Warrick Dunn and Mike Alstott had. Those thugs were running the streets. Obvioualy kidding. Those two guys were pillars of the community AND great running backs. Its not too much to ask that players operate within the law. Violent criminals have no place in the game.

      1. 10.1.1
  10. 11


    I feel the same as macabee on this one. If Licht does his due diligence and feels like Mixon is highly unlikely to do something similar in the future, and he feels Mixon loves football and is completely dedicated, then I’m all for supporting this pick if it indeed happens.

    The NFL is a business, and decisions should be, and are, made based on whether it makes the team more competitive or not. Mixon immediately makes the Bucs better; the talent is undeniable. So if the character issues going forward can be mitigated then let’s do it.

  11. 12


    As bad as that incident was, I don’t know that it is the single event in his short 18 years that should define him for life. Most of us probably have situations from our youth in which we didn’t conduct ourselves, in the heat of the moment, the way our parents would choose. Thus for me, I need to know a lot more about him than the two minute video, before I judge the entirety of the person. I presume the Bucs are doing just that and rightfully so.

    Our recent publicly condemned players, Blount and Talib, who were exiled and sentenced to the Patriots and Broncos were obviously not so horrible since they are both wearing Championship rings. Might have helped us do a little better.

    If this vetting process concludes that he is of sufficient character to play running back for our favorite team, I’m fine with it. That doesn’t mean I’d permit him to date one of my daughters. Scubog had very extreme vetting back in those days. I didn’t like any of those lustful, pimple-faced, call in the middle of the night teenagers.

    1. 12.1


      Yep, and they both contributed heavely to those champoinships.

    2. 12.2


      Well said. Why people cannot respect differing views that are credible is beyond reason. It is very easy to make arguments on both the opposing view points.

  12. 13


    A lot of Buc fans were dead set against picking Winston. I think some locked their daughters in their rooms for the first year after he was drafted. We heard all kinds of talk about what a thug he was, how he’d be hanging out in strip clubs, stealing from publix, cursing people out, even the rodent population was nervous! Nothing could’ve been further from the truth. What Mixon did was terrible, but I don’t have a high horse to stand on. I’d be lying if I said I know the whole story behind what happened. The Bucs did a great job vetting Jameis, I’ll trust their judgement on this one. Mixon was an 18 year old when this happened. Martin was a grown man when he decided to use, not only PED’s, but something he had to go to rehab for. He got his pay day, and as a grown up man let us fans, and more importantly his team down. I’d rather give a kid a second chance, then a five year vet who’s already had a career in the NFL, and chose to blow it.

    1. 13.1


      Uhhh … the only “victim” of what Martin did, which none of us knows, was Martin.

      The victim of Mixon was a female whom he assaulted and sent to the hospital with broken bones. He was convicted of a crime, and received a vastly-too-slight punishment.

      There is no place on the Bucs for the likes of Mixon. I tend to trust Jason Licht’s judgment on football matters , but that does not extend to moral matters – there I rely strictly on my own judgment, which is that Mixon can never be on any team I root for. If the Bucs draft him, I’m done with the Bucs. Sorry, but that’s how I feel. Life and morality are vastly more important than any particular football team. I am gravely disappointed that the Bucs even interviewed Mixon. The Bucs will likely lose a lot of fans if they draft him, me included.

      1. 13.1.1


        We are all entitled to our opinions, but facts matter.

        To whom it may concern, Joe Mixon was charged, but not convicted of criminal assault as some have suggested. It never got that far. He was charged, but entered an Alford Plea which allowed him to maintain his innocence while acknowledging that enough evidence exists for a jury to find him guilty.

        Mixon was given a one-year deferred sentence, 100 hours of community service and cognitive behavior counseling. A deferred sentence meant that Mixon would not have a criminal conviction for the misdemeanor offense if he completed probation successfully – which he did.

        Also, eventually, the charge itself could be expunged from public court records in the eyes of the law as if it never happened. Of course, the video will live in perpetuity.




          Pleading is a conviction.

          Sorry, “alternative facts” don’t work in the real world.



          A non conviction does not equal non facts as convictions to not equal facts. Do you think innocent is the same as not guilty?

      2. 13.1.2


          No – he targeted her, he sexually harrassed her both outside the restaurant and inside the restaurant according to multiple witnessess, then he assaulted her, and sent her to the hospital with multiple facial fractures. He was charged, and convicted, and sentenced (far too lightly – he should have gone to prison). He profusely apologized to her.

          If you want to insist on your “alternative facts”, please do it privately. Don’t insult us with them here.

  13. 14

    Buc 1976

    IMO if Mixon is still on the board and if Bucs move down yes draft him. With some of the money pay the girls med bills and donate some to abused women group. I think that would show me he knows he made a horrible mistake.

  14. 15


    I commend the Buccaneers for bringing him in to interview and vet. Mixon’s crime was horrible made worse by being on tape. But he was 18 and maybe he’s learned from it, grown up, changed? I don’t know but it’s the job of the Buccaneers to find out.
    I trust Licht to do that.

    BTW, remember when Michael Pittman rammed his Hummer into a car with his wife, two year old son and babysitter inside? Imagine if that was caught on tape! Or if Tyreek Hill had been caught on tape choking his pregnant girlfriend? It seems the tape itself is bigger than the crime these days and the only way to find out if the tape is the man is to dig deeper through thorough vetting and interview processes.

    Also, doesn’t Mixon’s visit at least suggest the Glazers are OK with his being drafted if he gets cleared by Licht?

    1. 15.1


      If Pittman had seriously injured his wife and daughter with his Hummer stunt, he would not have played for any team ever again. Ray Rice knocked his wife out and ended his career. I’m not saying that Joe Mixon doesn’t deserve a second chance in life, just that he doesn’t deserve to play football and make millions doing it. The NFL will survive without him, regardless of his talent.

      1. 15.1.1


        Hey, I definitely respect the opinions of those who simply will not accept a player or any other man beating a woman like that. And part of the problem of drafting Mixon will be the aftermath of anger by some fans. That was proven and still is being proven by the Jameis pick by a small segment of fans.

        Of course the NFL will survive without Mixon. But it will survive without Tom Brady too. It has survived the retirements of Peyton Manning and Dan Marino, Derrick Brooks and Mike Alstott. Not sure that’s the point.

        I know this, the backlash of drafting Joe Mixon will be seriously considered by the Bucs and any other team thinking about drafting him. And any team that takes him in the first round (doubt that will happen) would take serious heat.

        We’ll see. I do trust Jason Licht to vet him and go from there.

    2. 15.2


      We are in a different PC climate than when M. Pittman played with the Bucs, and he was a beast on the field!

  15. 16


    I believe that every post above is warranted, logical, and justified. This is not an issue isolated to football. It goes to our moral core and value base. We begin developing this at a very young age and as we grow and experience life and it’s very sensitive issues we naturally formulate well grounded options. A wise philosopher once said the only truth relative to the human experience is that no two people think the same. Brain chemistry, genetics, and socialization verify this. But back to football, I for one believe that “let he who has not sinned cast the first stone,” and a man should be judged only when his life is over. Like Jameis, Joe Mixon deserves an opportunity to redeem himself.

  16. 17


    In the future, I hope any report I read about Mixon states the followinv truth:
    “Mixon struck a woman in self defense after he was physically assaulted by her twice.”
    I dare anyway who has seen the video to say otherwise.

    1. 17.1


      I watched the video and I saw him crush her face and NOTHING she did warranted what he did. Stop apologizing for this chump who hits girls. He is a punk and the thought of him wearing a Bucs uniform makes me want to PUKE.

      1. 17.1.1


        You saw him reacting to her attack. I have been attacked by a crazy witch and it is scary and not fun sir. I was hospilaized and in ER for 11 hours. Women can hurt men!

    2. 17.2


      Drdneast, I am glad someone else actually watched the video. Obviously the commentators above did not. Bandwagoneers. She assulted him twice! He should not have done a Tyson on her though.

    3. 17.3



  17. 18


    Let’s be honest…this all sound so familiar. I remember a time when we wanted to draft a “rapist” and people were up in arms. As things change, they remain the same. Licht vetted Jameis and he has done nothing negative since joining the Bucs…aside from a misuse of words that was blown way out of proportion.

    If Mixon is vetted, I am all for drafting him in the 2nd. The value would be hard to pass up on that pick. I trust the vetting process and if the staff decides to pull the trigger I will be all for it

  18. 19


    Nowadays the difference between the sexes is becoming more and more blurred. Heck, Jameis was once criticized for opening a car door for a woman then chastised again for saying girls are to be “sweet and nice”. Had Mixon’s attacker been a male (are we even allowed to call someone that?) no one would have taken issue that he got tired of being pummeled and screamed at and popped the little dude. How did Little Miss Sweet and Nice think things would end when she started her tirade? Because he was a young man she could just abuse him with no retaliation? And didn’t those folks who sat idly by watching it all unfold have some duty to try to stop her?

    My wife and I were in Cleveland last year and saw a woman in her late 20’s, while unprovoked, continue to slap around a smaller young man (might have been a brother) in his late teens. He cried and kept trying to get her to stop as others in their group just watched it go down. No one took a video, she wasn’t arrested and I’m sure she wasn’t prevented from working in her chosen field.

    One misstep and branded for life? I wonder if those people who are so judgemental, intolerant and unforgiving would want the same reaction from society if they, or someone close to them slipped off of their moral mountaintop.

    1. 19.1


      “Nowadays the difference between the sexes is becoming more and more blurred.”
      Scubog, On August 25, 2016, Stanford University announced a policy that a dopted a new, gender-neutral pronoun system stating it was not just he, she, Ms., Mr., or Mrs. anymore. It’s Ze, Zir, and Hirs!

  19. 20


    Watched the video. Watched police interview on TMZ. They alledge he was harassing them outside because her friend was gay. Don’t know if true or not but he definelty follows them inside. They alleged again he calls her friend a faggot, she became angry and did attack him.

    My two cents is if the story is true he’s a piece of shit and a coward. Either way when a girl pushes you as powerful football player you walk away. He could have easily walked away. When she grabs him close to the neck he could have easily walked away.

    Instead he punches her in the face breaking bones and could have killed her.

    Move on Bucs. This guy is garbage.

    If she was trying to kill him with a knife and he was cornered with no escape would be about only way to justify what he did.

  20. 21

    Buc 1976

    We could have drafted Collins in 7th Rd. BIG MISTAKE.
    We should realize these kids play a volente sport and very few are choir boys. I am in no way condoning what Mixon did!! He should have walked away. Also there is a point when a LADY IS NOT LADY LIKE AT ALL. I KNOW BECAUSE I LIVED WITH ONE.

  21. 22


    fredster, he said she said.
    He also says she made racist comments to him.
    All I know is what I see on the video and most people are blind to that including the media.
    Whatever happened, it could have been avoided by one of the parties simply calling the police with one of the handy thousand of cell phones that are always available or just by simply walking away and ignoring them.
    I have unfortunately had to do that more than a few times rather than striking out in anger, but then I am a grown up adult who tires to treat life like chess rather than checkers.
    To me, neither of the two parties in this incident are innocent.
    The girl should have ignored him or called the police if he was harassing her or her friends and Mixon should have called the police once she struck him.
    Do I think it was acceptable for him to strike her? No I do not.
    But neither do I think it should ruin the rest of his life. This is America where you pay for your crime and hopefully move on with your life which he has done.
    Despite the physical punishment men often have to take from women, it is better legally and morally if we just take it and call the police. Do not attempt to fight back, simply cover up until the police arrive and let the woman face all the legal troubles and costs a physical assault can occur.
    Case in point. True story
    Got into a road rage incident with a guy in a Porsche who thought I drove to close to him. I teased him about it and he spit on me.
    Now at this point I should have gotten out of my car and just beat the snot out of him which I am still very capable of doing. Instead I called the sheriff who actually responded in a decent amount of time.
    We looked for his vehicle in the apartment complex we were in but couldn’t find it but the moron was stupid enough to come out to explain his side of the incident.
    The officer arrested him on a very nice Sunday afternoon. I asked her, “has he been drinking?’
    She said, “definitely, I can smell it all over him and what he told me doesn’t make sense.”
    Off he went cuffed in the back seat.
    End of story was he ended up having to get a $5K attorney, do 50 hours of community service, pay court costs and take a $500 anger management course.
    All because he thought I drive to close to his little Porsche. LOL.
    But as my old granddaddy once told me, if you are going to hit someone, you better keep hitting them until they can’t hit you back and it better be for a damn good reason.
    Calling a friend a sexual slur isn’t really a good enough reason to get into a fight with someone who out weights you and has a much longer reach.
    Discretion, often times, is the better part of valor.

    1. 22.1


      You weren’t by chance driving a “Little Nash Rambler” were you? Always thought that song was funny.

    2. 22.2


      Nice story drd. The only problem with jumping out of your car a beating the s**t out of someone now days is they might be armed. Just think if Mixon used the same restraint as you. He would be a instant gazzilionaire and the draft darling. You can fix some people, they just don’t get it.
      Turning the other cheek is much harder than it seems.
      GO BUCS

  22. 23


    Mixon kind of makes me think of Lawrence Phillips also a batterer of women. Phillips was sentenced to 10 years prison for multiple assaults on one girl friend and while in prison was convicted again for multiple assaults on another girlfriend. He was on trial for murder of his cell mate when he was found dead in his solitary cell by an apparent suicide.

    Mixon may not be as damaged as Phillips but then again he may be. Every problem player the Bucs have signed has failed. See the latest Austin Sefarian-Jenkins. He’s under suspension again with his new team. I just don’t think he’s worth taking a chance on regardless of his ability to play football.

  23. 24


    Your right Drd it we will never know the whole truth about who said what, but the fact he follows them inside after something happened outside is indisputable it’s on the camera. That’s first mistake and shows he continues to use bad judgement and pursue a gay guy and a chick inside. He escalated this and follows them inside. The fact he could simply walked away after she pushed him is indisputable. In fact he came back at her in her face after being pushed then she makes a grabbing gesture around his neck. Should it affect the rest of his life? Maybe maybe not. You have daughters right? I do too. If he broke your daughters face and could have killed her because she pushed him would you want him to get more than 50 community hours or would you be ok with him getting into more trouble? If My daughter has a gay friend and she pushed some A-Hole for taunting him (not good idea pushing him but most men would walk away) and he broke her face I’d likely be in jail for breaking both his legs with a bat or worse.

    At the end of the day it’s football and not my problem. I just hope Bucs vet this one very carefully.

    1. 24.1


      I’d opt for the or worse fredster.

  24. 25


    In all honesty…while I don’t condone assaulting females, I say if you’re gonna swing like a man…u should be prepared to block or slip like one too. In a world where females are always fighting and crying out about equality, it’s a double edged sword. You can’t assault a man, then pull the “female card” when he returns the favor.

    But I digress, this is a Bucs forum so my personal views have little to no place here. However, if Mixon makes the team better and can stay out of trouble in the future, we need to draft him in the 2nd. Trust the vetting process and make the team better

  25. 26


    54 comments. I knew something was cooking when I saw that number.
    So I read all the posts and reviewed the video. Some people here say she had it coming. Sorry, can’t see that one bit. And i’m sure she was quite the b***t. I did not see her overtly swing, slap or physically threaten Mixon. Even if she did, is he that insecure that he would think it’s necessary to pound into her face like that? C’mon dude, all he had to do was walk away.
    Look it’s like this, she was obviously being difficult and up to no good at that time of night. She most likely twitched her butt in front of Mixon and was called out for it. Still, someone of his physical stature should not be beating on drunk chicks regardless of how they are acting.
    This whole situation reminds me of Mike Tyson and some people who said that she deserved what she got being in his hotel room at 3 in the morning. She did not. And this girl, albeit she was pretty dumb provoking and messing with Mixon, did not deserve it. I can not see where people who watch this can justify Mixon’s actions.
    Is this something you can chalk up tp youthful behavior? No it isn’t. This speaks directly to his character. He obviously thought punching a women was copacetic.
    If I were king of the BUCS I would pass. Some team will take flyer on him I’m sure. Hopefully not the BUCS.

  26. 27


    chethevette, I can’t believe you really watched that video. If you had you would have seen the girl push Mixon once and then strike him in the face or neck area with her fist. This is indisputable.
    Why she did it and why he followed her into the business is all conjecture.
    Like I said, he said, she said.
    But you are right fredster, I have two daughters and I would be spitting mad if I saw my daughter treated that way by someone who was much bigger and stronger than she was, even if she was acting drunk and stupid.
    Fortunately that is why we have attorney’s.
    Mixon’s legal problems are probably far from over.
    Don’t be surprised if after he is drafted he gets a big fat lawsuit filed against him.
    BTW, why wasn’t Tiger Woods wife ever arrested or charged for clubbing him with a 7 iron.
    Justice may be blind, but she also has deep pockets.

    1. 27.1


      There’s one incident no one ever mentions. Girl did a lot more damage to Tiger’s life than just the physical effects from the “clubbing”. Wonder if she’s allowed to work.

    2. 27.2


      Hey drd, I watched it and didn”t see an overt threat to Mixon. Sure she was acting like a pill, but my point is this. Did he actually feel in danger? A couple of little girl hand slaps and maybe a little push. Big f*****g deal. This guy routinely gets mauled back huge linebackers in a game and this guy gets upset because some drunk girl rebuffs him. He looked so calm right before he haymakered her, like he was ordering a sandwich or something. I saw no defensive hand blocks or any attempt to step back.
      He just cold cocked her, because he wanted to.
      What is he going to do when Luke Kuekly slams him to the ground, punch him? Actually, I’d pay to see that. This whole thing speaks of his character, which in my opinion is not very flattering.
      Should he be given a chance to turn his life around? Sure, but not with the BUCS. Who needs the head aches.
      Here is another option. Draft Marlon Mack. Is he as good? Doubtful, but the goodwill of bringing in a local guy who does not have this kind of thing over his head, will make an organization better.
      Times have changed for sure, but men still find men who beat women repugnant. At least I do.
      GO BUCS

  27. 28


    Scubog, I believe Wood’s ex was a nanny when he first met and married her.
    Since she now has a big fat chunk of Tiger’s money after the divorce, I doubt the idea of taking care of another rich couples brats has even crossed her mind.
    So she clubbed Tiger, divorced him and got rich for her efforts after attempting to kill him with a steel like pole.
    Those aren’t alternate facts.
    Only in America. LOL.

  28. 29


    It’s pretty simple to me. He should have never hit her but he was a kid when it happen, so…

    Either he’s a good person who made a very bad mistake and deserves another chance to prove he is a better person than that couple minutes out of a lifetime..

    Or…. He’s a piece of S&%t who is only bothered by the fact it was on video and he could care less about her or any women, and is just a punk. If this is true he shouldn’t be on any NFL team. Maybe a chance as a undrafted FA at best. It’s the Bucs job to figure out what type of man he might become. IMO

  29. 30


    I bet Talib probably would have done the same thing when he was 18 and he has seemed to straighten his life out ( to some point) as he has grown and matured some. You cant just end young men’s futures without more information about the person involved. Everybody that does something bad when there young doesn’t turn out to be a bad person.
    Where not talking a summer job at the mall. Where talking a chance at a very promising NFL Career and Million’s of dollars. you cant just take all of that away from a young person for one mistake without finding out more about that person. IMO

  30. 31


    Well chet, now u changed the narrative to “there was no overt threat” to him after she physically assaulted him.
    Sorry but u can’t equate to being hit on the football field where u expect hard physical contact to civilian life where people are expected to keep their hands off you and behave in a dignified manner.
    Macabee, loved your response to BucWildo2. However, u forgot to mention the fact the Pats had a known gang member on their team who continued to hang out with his gangster pals and crew and they knew about it.
    But I guess since Aaron Hernandez never slapped around women and just murdered males, there was no conflict with team standards.

    1. 31.1


      Drd. When I say overt threat I mean what exactly did he feel was going to happen to him. There was no weapon, just some little drunk girl throwing a hissy fit. If he felt threatened by her girly actions and felt like he had to drill her, I would question his courage as well as his character. If he felt that scared of a girl, well, maybe he is not that tough. Either way I pass. Now I have agreed with most of your opinions, but this guy might be the second coming of Eric Dickerson and I’d still say no. I won’t go as far as saying I won’t support the BUCS but I would not embrace this mans behavior.
      GO BUCS

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