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    Playoffs! You talk’in bout playoffs? PLAYOFFs!!!:)

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    Playoffs! Yes I said playoffs. As long as we do not have to play New England and Brady we can beat any team…..

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    After the Bucs have dominated, yes dominated, the Bears , Chiefs and Seahawks (if not always evident on the scoreboard), this team looks capable of beating anyone if it continues to play like it has these past three weeks.

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    I don’t put any stock in opponent win-loss records as a measure of toughness of remaining schedule. This is the NFL parity league, and literally, without any overstatement, BSing, or excessive use of cliche, anybody can beat anybody in any game of the season.

    Want proof?

    How many experts predicted the Bucs would be KC on the road and the Seahawks here at home, given that “the Bucs suck at home”? It was pretty close to zero. Yet we did.

    Every single game remaining is a one-game season. We can keep on winning games we’re not supposed to win .. we can lose some of those too. We can also keep on winning games we’re supposed to win, or we can lose those games too.

    Carolina is still a dangerous team to play – just ask the AFC-leading darling of Super Bowl predictions Oakland Raiders, who needed a defensive stop in the final minute of play to eke out a 3-point win yesterday.

    We still have two games against the Saints – in case nobody noticed, the Saints put up 49 points on the same Rams that beat the Bucs in Week 3. The Saints are ALWAYS a tough out. Our sole Super Bowl winning team in 2002 lost TWICE to the Saints. San Diego is no pushover, and the Cowboys are easily the best team in the NFL right now.

    So, what this means is that we have five games left, and if we manage to win all 5 to finish 11-5, we’re going to the playoffs, period, and we’ll be the hottest team in the post-season. If we manage to win 3 games out of those 5 and finish 9-7, we could still go to the playoffs and perhaps still do some damage there. If we win anything less than 2 more games of those 5 we’ll be sorely disappointed.

    It’s all on how we finish. Opponent records mean nothing now – only our performance game by game.

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    Another good win against a heavyweight opponent -and a ‘W’ is a ‘W’, even by split decision. I just wish the Offense was able to score a KO once in awhile, and stop letting the other team off the ropes. Sure, it’s exciting, but the best teams know how to finish off an opponent. Nice team effort, though, and big win… congrats to the Bucs and all the fans who stayed til Winston took a final knee.

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