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    I am officially a believer. That is two very good teams we have beaten in a row. We have a chance at being something special. No doubter here.

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    The Defense needed to show up and well it did. The first half we saw many blitzes which dominated the scene. Coach Smith did a good coaching job. The defensive players are healthy and believe in this system. Jameis Winston was fantastic! Time Management seems to still be a problem with the end of the first half not taking a shot for a field goal. Of course what can I say about our field goal kicker, but better luck next time. That was a pressure kick and I think we might have to look for another kicker in the off season. From the get go I just knew we were going to win. The fans were plentiful and loud. Overall it was a good game. Now on to the next win! Go Bucs!

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    Huge win against the #2 seed in the NFC.

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    Now that was an @$$ whoppin’, especially defensively. That was the best defensive performance in my opinion in recent memory. Once again from beginning to end we controlled the game. The turnovers we created on defense came at the best possible time. I don’t think the Seahawks got in the red zone all game. I never seen Pete Carroll look so baffled during an NFL game on the sideline. Offensively we came out like gangbusters then did enough to stay in the game. Really though the defense earned this win against a great team. Go Bucs!

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      It was also fun watching Sherman whining to the officials…

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        Yeah I thought him and Pete Carol were going to have to rent space in the refs pockets they were bitching so much.

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      Pink, I’m trying not to live in the moment, but that honestly might be the best defensive performance I’ve seen from a Bucs team. That was incredible. From pressure to the DB’s locking down the receivers, that was insane.

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    I’m truly in disbelief. It feels like it’s been so long that we’ve seen a bucs team believe in each other like they do mows Jameis’s “winning mentality” is starting to show for this team. I’m so happy with these last two wins. My only issue is the continued lack of respect shown still. Rodney Harrison said that Seattle is a much better team, and that they just didn’t show up focused. What a douche. 2 wins in a row against two of the top teams in the NFL! I haven’t been this happy since our super bowl run. Go Bucs! Oh and it looks like our boy Licht nailed it with Hargreaves and spence. They have been growing up fast. So excited for the future. Buc ‘me I say! Go bucs!

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    Great Win, I have no voice either. Good to be a Buc fan. I still feel sickened that we don’t have a good FG kicker. I’d hate to lose a playoff game because we missed a 30 yard FG with 10 seconds left in the game. Great win Bucs!!

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    Would like to know where all those Seattle fans came from.
    Let me guess, Valrico, Brandon. Riverview, Lakeland?
    You can bet none of the front running fans came from the Seattle area.
    Guess they might have to put those jerseys away for another four years.
    What we saw is what happens when you don’t invest any money in your offensive line and spend it all on the defense.
    I think Wilson is a top 5 QB in the NFL but he may not last the season if he takes anymore beatings like he did today. The Bucs defense simply abused him and made the Seahawks change their game play to short passes to keep Wilson from getting killed.
    Maybe we can get the Bucs PR department to pipe in, “We Are Family” before the next game.

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    Great game. Really enjoyed being there the stadium was rocking. I lost my voice a bit.

    Like I said dr.d we won’t miss Jude. In fact Verner played way better than Jude has all year. Jude has not played at a high level and my point was whoever comes in likely will play better. Looks like I was correct.

    Defense was just excellent. Special teams did great except for Aguayo. That was a horrible attempt on that 48 yard FG. He babied it so much barley got there. Don’t know about that guy.

    Winston and whole offense did great except for couple mistakes. The holding and safety looked like BS. Also I thought Brate got out bounds before half? Guess wouldn’t matter stupid Aguayo would missed anyways. I know I’m being too harsh he made his extra points and short FG’s last week. Big F-int deal he should have!

    Anyways I’m happy Bucs fan today!

    Go Bucs!

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    Don’t know where to start here, it was all so good. That’s the best defensive performance I’ve seen in some time. The front four was nasty and was in his face all day. The secondary was smothering, on a side not , if Vernor keeps playing like he has, he should keep the job. And Mike Smith is calling some fantastic games right now. Imagine that, they move the scheme a bit more to the players needs and things work out. Lavonte is still a little too quiet for my taste at 10 million a year. Kudos to Gerald for a big game in big moments. Our two defensive rookies are also playing lights out right now.
    As for Offense, Jameis was once again making fantastic reads and throws, outside of that last bone head throw and maybe one other I can think of. Kudos to the offensive line as well playing and keeping Jameis upright the entire game. Some plays, he had all day back there. I still think Dougie is more of a liability than anything else in this offense outside of a need for a solid number 2 receiver. He had that critical fumble, which he tends to do , and every pass takes about 30 seconds for him to coral.
    Special teams , Anger has been a critical free agent for us this year and Roberto missed another. It is what it is.
    AS for the game, it seemed as though Koetter play calling got a little disjointed in the middle and kept the team from getting into rhythm. And for the Refs, they once again get a big F , which I figured going in. Nobody brings better refs to a game than Seattle. That last hands to the face against Dotson was utter trash and the refs couldn’t spot the ball right all damn day. There was multiple catches where the player was cots yardage by a spot and the crap before half as well.
    Great victory, this team truly is a cohesive unit and playing together. Also finally getting healthy at the right time doesn’t hurt.

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    What an incredible defensive performance. There was your pass rush Horse. But let’s not forget to give credit to the secondary that caused Wilson to tuck the ball and run more often than throw.

    Totally agree on the bogus officiating. On the safety, Stocker got bull rushed and was falling down backwards his arm ended up on the defender’s chest but he did not grab. On the sideline catch,Brate was shoved out of bounds and the clock should have stopped allowing a FG attempt. I didn’t get a good look at Dotson’s hands to the face call. On Winston’s interception throwing to Evans in the endzone, I thought Evans was held. But hey, they got enough right we won the game.

    Looking forward to Richard Sherman’s excuses.

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      Scubog, yes it was certainly there. We turned the corner!

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      Watched the head of officiating explain the halftime Brate catch ruling and it was the right call. If a player continues going forward or sideways, the clock would’ve stopped. HIm going backwards means forward progress is stopped and that’s why the clock wasn’t. However the fact that ref decided to take about 15 seconds to get the ball back to the LOS, now that was a joke.
      As for the rest of those calls, Seattle travels well, that’s all I’ll say.

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    I have to watch it again, but to me, I thought Stocker did grab inside the shoulder pad as he was falling. Check the replay angle. What they did show of Dotson, I did not see hands to the face. He had his man blocked, thought that was a bogus call. This could’ve been a real beat down had we cashed in on some blown opportunities. What’s great is, we can finally beat a quality team without having to play perfect.

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    Don’t know about the penalties. I know we beat (not just won, but beat) one of the best teams in the NFL. We shocked the world! Rumble, young men, Rumble. Can’t tell the future, but we should have the confidence that we can beat anybody we play. Go Bucs!

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    So where are all the posters demanding we change our defensive coordinator now? 4 weeks ago all I read is we need to fire Mike Smith and now all I read is Smith is a defensive genius. It helps to have healthy players. All schemes take time and it was only a matter of time before they started playing like they should. Win lose or draw we need to stick with our coaches for at least another 2 years and give them a chance. The coaching carousel never works. Look at the best teams in the league and they have coaches who have been there for years. Very impressed with the win. That’s 3 straight and 2 against payoff teams. The Bucs are for real and can win on any given Sunday. That being said, our schedule is a lot more difficult than it looks. San Diego is a good team who just happens to be in a great division, cowboys are the number 1 team right now and our division games are always tough. If we can beat the chargers, split the Aints, and knock of the Panthers on New years then we can make the playoffs. That’s a lot of IFss. Go Bucs

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