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    Alldaway 2.0

    Evans had a game that was disappointing this time around. Also I have to call out all the backup D-linemen for not making a play during the game. Only George Johnson showed up on that final drive.

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      Because of one dropped pass?

      1. 1.1.1


        Well, it wasn’t just a pass, it was a sure TD pass, on a team that has struggled getting the end zone last season and continuing to underperform in two preseason games.

        He’s gotta make that catch every time. He can do better, and he should.


          Alldaway 2.0

          I meant Justin Evans and his play last night.

          Mike Evans and Winston obviously need to seal the deal in the red zone (as SR has said).

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    When Folk’s PAT was blocked and then missed the 47 yard FG attempt; I had to wonder what John McKay might have said before calling on George Yarno. Why in the world we let Matt Bryant go to the Falcons is still a mystery to me.

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      Matt Bryant did get into a bit of a slump the year we let him go, but his infant kid died that season. To me we should have given him one more season to shake it off. I strongly believe M. Bryant has been in “F” you mode ever since we cut him which has enhanced his kicking. I know I would be if a company canned me a few months after my infant child died.

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    Ryan Fitz needs to be added to this list. He hasn’t looked anything like the steady veteran we thought we were getting at backup QB. This team will always be doomed if Winston goes down, but Fitz doesn’t even look like a guy that can keep the ship afloat.

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      Trevor Sikkema

      Yes, he could be on here as well. He hasn’t eased any worries.

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        What are the chances the Bucs keep Ryan Griffin if he comes back before the season starts? Because he has looked much better than “Fits” despite the lesser arm strength as he’s been much more accurate. I don’t mind a game manager type as a backup! It also looked to me like he was starting to pull ahead in the backup QB job especially given the coaches had them splitting drives during the game before his injury. And what if he came back later? Do you think the Bucs keep a roster spot open for him and carry 3 QB’s until he’s healthy then drop Fitz? I’d hate to see another team pick him up off waivers or have the Bucs put him on the PUP list and lose him for an extended time depending on the situation. Care to speculate Trevor? And let me know where my thinking or info is incorrect about this situation as I don’t know what to expect as I don’t know what the teams options are when It comes to Griffin.. If you see this and have time.. Thanks!

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    Yea I ageee Fitz has stunk pretty bad thus far. Not sure what’s up with him.

    I didn’t feel good about going into this season with Folk and Aguayo. Had no faith Aguayo would be consistent or ever not past 45. Folk is on downside of his career. Even if he gets consistency back to last years 89% not sure he can hit past 45 either really.

    1. 4.1


      Didn’t he hit one from 45-47yds last week? I thought he did..

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    Struggling a bit with Jameis Winston’s performance … during his first three drives, he played great, and the sure TD pass to Mike Evans that was dropped was not his fault at all. Yet, during his last two drives he looked shakey. Not just the wft passes he threw, but just the way he was reacting to adversity, including a stronger JAX pass rush and the holding penalties,he just seemed to revert to the Winston of his first season. He knows he screwed up, his coach let him have it, as Coach Koetter does.

    It’s a mental thing. He still appears to want to play hero ball when he needs to be thinking like a professional . The opposite of what Coach Koetter told him in the first episode of Hard Knocks (and probably many more times as well).

    His stat lines look fine but coulda been better (21 of 29, 196 yards, though no TDs and two shoulda-been INTs). If Jameis does not get his head right when things aren’t going smoothly, then he’s going to continue to make dumb decisions that will cost us points if not games. It was really obvious all in that first half of play – the skillful, effective “good Jameis” when things were going well, followed by the obvious struggling when things aren’t going smoothly “bad Jameis”.

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      For you down voters – Coach Koetter said it succinctly after the game about JWs two wtf pass attempts: “Elite quarterbacks don’t make those throws”.

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    Special teams blocking wasn’t very good either , but it’s early.

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    People question the talent of our starting O line and here people are bashing Fitz behind the 2’s! He is throwing to Huff and Martino (Godwin Auclair seem like good targets) so I don’t know why people are this worried. Jameis going down is likely to sink the team regardless and I am not writing this because I believe Fitz is some great QB but playing with the 1’s would surely make him look more competent.

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