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    Certainly Glennon know the system and has served as a safety net behind Jameis for the past two years. That said we all know he hasn’t taken a meaningful snap. But I have to ask who would you rather have, a seasoned low mileage veteran, or virtually an unknown quantity. I do not buy into the belief that if Jameis goes down our season is automatically over. We have the cap room, Pay him 7 mil and move on. I have 2 questions. If we keep him do we really need a 3rd back-up and since we made him an offer, if he goes elsewhere will we get a comp pick at some point?

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      The PR writers have confirmed that Tampa would get a Compensatory Pick for Glennon if he signed with a different team. They are projecting it to be a 3rd rounder. I like Glennon but it sounds better to lose him. Glad Tampa did offer him the best possible backup offer.

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      I respect your opinion but do not agree at all. If JW goes down we’re done for. That’s why I’ve argued so strenuously for upgrading the OL (beyond the fact it will help the running game and the D).
      We are a rag tag pirate bunch right now. Two LBs, one aging and oft injured DT, an up and coming but still to be proven cornerback and a collection of maybe good enough, maybe too old players on D.
      A good G, maybe a RB in Jacq, a potentially very good TE, an all pro WR and a good to great QB (we’ll know 2-3 yrs from now) QB is all we have to offer, if you were starting from a blank sheet of paper.
      An inexpensive backup QB will be just fine for now. 2-3-5 years from now it will hopefully be different. But the rest of the team just isn’t up to it yet.

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    Way too much money for a backup! Spend that money on more weapons for Jameis. How many times have we seen a defender try to tackle Jameis and they just bounce off? This is not a thin fragile QB like Mariotta. The best insurance policy of keeping Jameis healthy is giving him more weapons such that defenses can’t blitz as often.

    Plus I think it also sends the wrong message to Jameis. Jameis is a very smart runner when he leaves the pocket. There have been a couple unnecessary hits that he has taken but overall he knows he has to stay healthy for the team.

    I know people will say the Aguayo pick was the worst move by Licht. I think this is his worst move so far.

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      Agreed, jshumaker … I like Mike Glennon, but not at $8M a year as a backup. He’s better off trying to get a starting slot somewhere in the league and prove he’s either starter caliber or not … he’ll never get that choice at TB.

      I come from the “realism” school of backup quarterbacks … the very most you can hope for in today’s NFL is a backup who can come in for one or two games and at least possibly snag one or two Ws. But don’t get your hopes up too high on that. If your starter is worth anything to begin with – and that’s certainly not an issue here in TB – and goes down for more than a handful of games, you’re resigned to planning on next year. There aren’t enough quality quarterbacks to staff even one qualitiy starter on much more than half the teams in the league today.

      Maybe someday the league will finally figure out how to identify and develop quality quarterbacks on something approaching all 32 teams in the league. If we ever get to that point, the league play will be far improved and fan interest and excitement vastly supercharged. If a team has a good to great quarterback, it is going to be at least competitive in nearly all its games.

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      “I know people will say the Aguayo pick was the worst move by Licht. I think this is his worst move so far.”

      -I think paying The Great j.r. weezy 9 mil to never walk on the ota’s , preseason never mind a real game was his worst move. I still cannot wrap my head around how this could have happened???????

      1. 2.2.1


        So you judge a move by a GM based purely on a player’s entirely unpredictable bad luck as a”bad move”?

        Sorry, that’s just nutty. Licht had no crystal ball to tell him that Sweezy would injure his back AFTER he signed the contract. If he had a pre-existing back problem and Licht ignored it, then that would be at least partly on the GM.

        We’re dealing with players who happen to be human beings, and who lead human lives … they’re not machines you can put on a shelf or in a warehouse and expect them to lay there, pristine and untouched all throughout the year.



          Naples I am with you on that. I don’t even know how to respond to Sweezy being the worst pick because he got injured. Every team has injuries and they are impossible to predict

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    Teams should want Glennon over McCarron or Garoppolo because they do not have to give up anything for Glennon. So Glennon will decline the offer.

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    Way too much money because Glennon because Glennon isn’t mobile at all. I’d look for a more mobile QB.

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    Glennon is not a starter. He’s a better than average backup. So sick of hearing how he’s a starter. I will believe it when I see it! Until then give it a damn rest with he’s a starter! Nobody wanted him last year. Will see what happens this year.

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    I’m not so sure Mike Glennon is going to be offered a guaranteed starting job anywhere. Oh, there will be teams who would like him to be on their team to “compete” with another borderline type starter. But that would only be until they could draft their “franchise QB”. There’s no reason for Glennon to re-up with the Bucs until he sees what other opportunities come his way.

    I believe Ryan Griffin was kept on the active roster as an insurance policy that may now pay dividends if Mike departs. If Glennon decides his best career path is to cash-in with the Bucs then I suspect it will be Griffin who goes elsewhere.

    I have no issue with the Bucs paying Glennon whatever the market price is for a QB of his experience and skills. I think we all believe Glennon would at least be prepared and capable of winning games should Jameis suffer an injury. I know I’d rather have Glennon trot onto the field than a lot of other substitutes with whom we might need to replace him. I don’t want to be in the stands if Jameis gets hurt, the back-up reluctantly takes the field to the sound of the fans murmuring the Saint’s famous “Who Dat?” cheer.

    I think back-up QB is the best gig in the league. Sign me up!

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    The Chicago Tribune expects Mike Glennon to be the Bears’ “top target to replace Jay Cutler” on a deal potentially worth $10-12 million annually.
    Everybody join me in saying goodbye to Mike. He Gone!

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      Now watch … if this turns out like so many other unappreciated free agents whome we’ve let walk in the past, only to achieve stardom elsewhere, this may be where Mike Glennon suddenly blossoms into an effective starter on an up and coming team!

      I’m not predicting this outcome … but I won’t be shocked if/when it happens.

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        If it’s true that Licht offered Glennon enough $ to be the highest paid back-up QB (which is what he’d be here) in the league and someone else is desperate enough to anoint him the starter at even more $; I don’t see that as , “letting him walk”. There are others who qualify for your “let walk” club like Blount, Bennett, Penn and others over the years, but if the scenario macabee noted occurs with Mike Glennon, it’s just not the same for me.

        In one post you rightfully note that GM’s can’t predict the future with regard to injury and other life altering events, then in this one you you seem to flip your opinion. I presume you are just remembering the history of our former players succeeding elsewhere. I’m not sure we’re much different than many other teams, but I’ll agree, it often seems like we lead the pack.



          I am not suggesting that there would be any blame on Licht if Glennon turned out to be an effective starter on another team. Any more than it was Dominick’s fault that Michael Bennett turned out to be a star lineman on two Super Bowl teams after he left the Bucs.

          I’m just saying that there is a long history of Bucs players being let go, which can be due to being cut, or by not offering a deal that matched other offers, and went elsewhere and became stars that probably would never have materialized here in Tampa Bay.

          Some people chalk it up to “well, it’s a Bucs life!” Some to bad karma, some to bad GMs. I don’t know the cause(s), but all too sadly we’ve seen this play out way too many times. It’s certainly been one of the reasons for our playoff drought since 2007-2008 and our failure to win a playoff game since 2002-2003.

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    Glennon is a career backup nothing else who will get rich from some team who thinks otherwise

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    From RotoWorld

    Draft Analyst’s Tony Pauline reports the Jets plan to make a “big push” for free agent Mike Glennon when the new league year begins on Thursday.
    However, Pauline reports the “vast majority” of league personnel currently in Indianapolis for the Scouting Combine believe Glennon will end up signing with the Bears. The Jets and Bears are the only two teams known to have Glennon on their radars. 27-year-old Glennon has spent the last two years backing up Jameis Winston after losing his starting job to Josh McCown in 2014.

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