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    In my opinion CB is the second hardest position to play for rookies. QB being the hardest. Rookie corners like Ramsey, Darby & Peters are the exception. Not the norm. That said, Vernon certainly had issues last season that he’ll have to overcome this year. He’s not going to get taller or faster, but he can be more aggressive & use his technique to mitigate some of those issues. A better pass rush and safety play will also help him in coverage. I think he’ll be fine in the end.

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    I too thought Hargraves had a decent season considering he was a rookie. I expect he’ll get better this year and also the following year.
    As to white pants for home games in creamsicle world I don’t remember that happening.

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    Personally, I do not prefer the white pants. Nearly every team has them. No one rocks Pewter but us. Wear those things more. The white jerseys have Pewter shoulder panels, for God’s sake. It’s a perfect match.

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    I’m still shaking my head and listening to it rattle.
    Is there someone really out there questioning “if” Hargreaves doesn’t have a great second year he should be considered a bust?
    As far as I’m concerned, Hagreaves didn’t have that bad of a year last season. When did it become popular to believe rookie corners should have 5 INT rookie seasons to consider them a success.
    Sorry, but I mean really folks. questions like these are so inane. It’s not like the guy played like Myron Lewis in his third season for gods sake.
    Take a deep breath.

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      Just goes to show the unfair pressure and expectations some fans have for pro athletes. Don’t get me wrong, even at the lower end of the NFL pay scale, these guys make more in a single season than many fans do in a decade, so I don’t pity the ones who make a 53-man squad, but this does show what a bizarre freak show these players face in the form of Sports Fans.

      Fans like the person who asked about Hargreaves being a bust after one season showcase the unreasonable nature of those expectations. This fan is not alone.

      Fans, if you want to cast dispersions on a players’ career and ability, ground your criticism with some general, reality-based knowledge of the game. If you want to be a casual fan (What’s a ‘fair’ catch?), fine. Just don’t base critiques of players abilities based on a casual fan’s view (Why did that QB fall down instead of running for a 1st down? Aren’t the guys with the ball supposed to run until they get tackled?). In other words, if you want to point fingers, you don’t have to be an expert, but at least have some reasons for your opinion that a majority of fans can say are reasonably valid.

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    Ken Grant

    Even Ronde Barber was pretty terrible his first couple of years. As fans we need to try to be more patient. VH3 has the tools to be a fantastic player and the character to see it through.

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    Tighe Fighter

    I also believe Vernon had a pretty good year. Especially when the defense started to click. I’m pretty sure he had his hands on I think at least 2 or 3 balls that ended up interceptions for us because he made a play on it.

    He was picked on last year as any rookie cb will be, and he is the one that benefited from it.

    A shut down corner doesn’t have to be a playmaker. They actually allow other players to be playmakers because they “shut down” that side of the field.

    I love the content here, but some of the “fans” sure do make my head hurt…lol

    I expect a big year from the hyena. GO BUCS!

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    How does someone even think of calling a rookie starter a “bust”? Perhaps PR should post a description of the term so it doesn’t get thrown out there so freely.

    It has always been my understanding that the white jerseys were worn at home thinking the darker jerseys of the opponent would be a degree or two hotter. The Bucs version of “Football Warming”. Perhaps with so many opponent fans due to folks here scalping their tickets, they are made to feel even more at home when the visitors are actually wearing the home colors. Personally, I wish the team would wear the red.

    I remember once Sam Wyche wanted the team to wear orange jerseys and orange pants, but Hardy Nickerson nixed that idea.

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    Echoing most of the other commenters here, but going anothe step further, I thought VH3 didnt just do “not bad for a rookie” I thought he did very well. Rookies generally aren’t supposed to start unless a 1st or 2nd round pick. As our 1st rounder he got the starters job, meeting expectation. But for rookie CBs, that normally means a slot corner who only plays on obvious passing down. VH3 did that, and then moved on to nail down the every-down corner position as he learned how to play at the NFL level against some of the very best Super Bowl bound WRs in the league. By the last month of the season, VH3 was not only making plays himself but was effectively leading and coaching his teammates in the defenive backfield.

    In short VH3 made marvelous progression as a starting CB in only one season of play.

    Any talk of VH3 and the word “bust” in the same question is not worthy of serious discussion here at PR. Sorry, but that’s just idiotic!

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