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PewterReport.com presents the Bucs Pewter Nation Podcast, a weekly audio hour of news, analysis and inside scoop on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers delivered with a dose of humor and insight from Bucs beat writers Scott Reynolds and Mark Cook and intern Matt Matera. Look for the Pewter Nation Podcast each week on PewterReport.com for your listening pleasure during the 2019 offseason.

In this episode of the Pewter Nation Podcast, Scott Reynolds, Mark Cook and Matt Matera look into the recent moves the Bucs made and predict the next ones that are coming. They discuss the release of Vinny Curry, and what will they do with Adam Humphries, whether he’s worth the money he’s asking or if a replacement can get similar production. The guys also give thoughts about moving Chris Godwin to the slot receiver in Bruce Arian’s offense, and what kind of leadership Ali Marpet has to bring as the captain of the offensive line in motivating his friend Donovan Smith if he comes back to the team.

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Erik Jager
Erik Jager(@queensburykid)
2 years ago

Franchising Smith will be expensive. Humphries, Brats, and Jackson are gone. We need a backup Qb, LB, Wr, Rb,
We could go cheap on those needs. Gerald McCoy becomes the only serious issue. He offers a pass rush element, but he is expensive. Trading down seems necessary. Get a late first round or another 2 rounder. Draft a T-CB-Lb in the first+second round. G and S in the 3th and 4th.

2 years ago

Your intern/producer needs to produce more volume with his voice. Super hard to hear at times.

2 years ago

Interesting Podcast. The one issue not really explored was with Gerald McCoy take a little less to stay with Tampa. With our other moves I think we need him but $13 million is a lot. Or is this a pride thing? Surely 9 million is enough to live on. Do we really want or need to totally revamp our defensive line again

Mb Nfl Double Your First Deposit Football Team Vs Bucs Pewter 728x90 Jpg