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    Good to see the injury report so short.
    The Bucs really steamrolled the Niners last week.
    They must have caused four or five walk offs on the Niners defense while Hawley was the only player of the Bucs who had to walk off with a recurring bad ankle.
    Would love to know what caused the Niner player to whack Hawley after the play which caused them to get a personal foul. We didn’t hear one word about that penalty.
    As far as the injuries, if there is any doubt to their availability, I would much rather see McDonald and Ayres sit out one more game if it means they would be 100 percent against Atlanta.
    No need to aggravate the injuries and cause them to miss more games down the road because they came back to soon.
    High ankle sprains and hamstrings are the worst malingering injuries NFL players can incur.
    There will be nine games after the Raiders contest so there is still plenty of football left.

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      Maybe Hawley said something about the election.

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    There will be 8 games left after the Raiders not 9. This is week 8. We had a bye remember. We need them back and we need this game IMO.

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      Fredster: Dr. D is correct. There are 16 games. After this one the Bucs will have played 7 leaving 9 more. There are actually 17 weeks of football with everyone getting a 1 week bye.

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    I stand corrected. Still need Ayers and McDOnald back to keep winning IMO.

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