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    Give Russell Shepard the job. He seems to be able to a lot of things good.

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    Humphries HAD been solid at PR-but that SF game was BAD…

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    Hump seemed to be fighting with the sun along with all the receivers and the Niners returners all day. I believe this is a common complaint in that Stadium.
    As far as Ryan Smith, my biggest complaint about him was his attempting to run back the kick from the 50 yard line.
    He needed to be coached up before that play because there was plenty of time. If he wasn’t, the blame lands squarely on the special teams coach.
    All Smith needed to be told before the play began was to plant both feet on the goal line. If he had to take one step back, take a knee. If you take one step forward, you got to go.
    They aren’t teaching heart bypass surgery out there.

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      “Coaches fault”? You really think this is a foreign concept that any kick returner playing Mighty Mites wouldn’t know.

      I can hear the coaching point now. Listen up Ryan, if you catch the ball in the endzone; (you know where that is right); do like you’ve seem Colin Kaepernick or Tim Tebow do and go down on one knee. Don’t move until you hear this whistle blow and see the referee wave his arms back and forth. If you catch the ball in the field of play (you know where that is right) you have to run behind the guys wearing the same color jersey as you toward the other end. Do not go backwards. Duhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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    We have got to get this resolved and needs to be done quickly. Smith scared the hell out of me,bonehead plays even for a rookie.until we can find a return guy,just take the ball at the twenty-five yard line.coach says he isn’t worried,I love our coach but he better worried.

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    Coach better get worried.

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