It was a historic day for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ franchise on Tuesday as the defending Super Bowl champs visited the White House to meet with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

The Bucs’ 2002 Super Bowl winning team did not go to the White House after they won it, so this is the first time in team history that Tampa Bay came to visit in Washington D.C. to meet the president.

A majority of the Bucs players were in attendance for the event. This included Tom Brady, Chris Godwin, Devin White, Vita Vea, Shaq Barrett and more. Thanks to the lovely device that is social media, many of the players documented their experience at the White House.

Right off the get-go, Donovan Smith may have had the quote of the day when he got Brady onto his instagram story. Due to his seven Super Bowl victories, Brady has been invited many times, so Smith asked Brady if he had a residency here.

Devin White is never one to shy away from the spotlight as we know. He ended up giving a full tour of every room that he saw, giving a full commentary with it. This included a look of the red room, which White seemed to be mesmerized by. The tour ended with White noticing that head coach Bruce Arians was tired, and White gave him a pep talk saying “B.A! Get up!”

There was live music inside the White House as well, which was documented by defensive tackle Rakeem Nunez-Roches. The Bucs seemed to be enjoying the tunes on the piano while they walked from room to room. You can watch that video here.

Maybe the best dressed of the whole team was Scotty Miller, who opted to go with the bow-tie look for the event. As Bucs team reporter Carmen Vitali pointed out, as much fun as Miller and the players were having, it was Arians that was most happy to see the players enjoying themselves.

Following a walkthrough of the White House, it was time to meet President Biden. The leader of the free world gave a speech to the players in which he said that Tampa has made a “strong case” to be called the city of champions. He also singled out Chris Godwin, who Biden is particularly a fan of since they are both from Delaware. Godwin and Biden shook hands mid-speech.

After Biden spoke, Brady then addressed the POTUS. First, he thanked the president and everyone involved for hosting them on the day. Then after complimenting his teammates for working together and preserving throughs the season, Brady poked some fun at himself for forgetting what down it was at the end of the Bucs-Bears Thursday night game.

“I lost one track of downs in 21 years of playing,” Brady said. “And they started calling me Sleepy Tom. Why would they do that to me?”

The Bucs presented Biden with a number 46 Bucs jersey once Brady’s speech was over. Arians got up next for a brief speech and then he along with Ndamukong Suh and Ali Marpet spoke with the local media on what it meant to be at this event. You can see the video from Greg Auman below.

All in all, it looked like everyone from the organization had a good time on their trip. It’ll be back to work on Wednesday as practice starts up and rookies report for training camp.

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6 months ago

Nice to see Tampa and the Bucs getting some National love. Politics aside, it must be a thrill for these young men to experience visiting the White House as the SuperBowl champs! I do think Biden embellished his athletic background a bit… I guess he’s the President so that’s ok. Guys looked good and seemed to really be enjoying the once in a lifetime opportunity… unless of course u r Tom Brady…to rub elbows with the President. Tampa getting some love on the national sports scene.

6 months ago

Brady actually handled himself pretty well and his remarks were tasteful. Bravo. Now if the Delta Variant doesn’t ruin this season and Brady and the Buc’s attempt to hide his injury doesn’t get him suspended or damage the team’s future draft, we should have a great season!

Reply to  seat26
6 months ago

The Bucs did not hide his injury – they did not know he had a torn MCL according to TB-12’s trainer.
Besides, what possible difference could have disclosure of his torn MCL have had? He outperformed every other quarterback in the league winning his seventh Super Bowl ring.

Last edited 6 months ago by Naplesfan
Reply to  Naplesfan
6 months ago

Agreed. Plus the basis of their injury report is “the injury was unknown and did not affect performance so we didn’t need to list him on it” which deflates any accusation of dishonesty.

6 months ago

Nice job by Brady to align himself with Biden as “sleepy” and joke that 40% of people still don’t believe the Bucs won the Superbowl.

I have to admit it, Brady is actually growing on me and I NEVER thought that would be possible.

Reply to  BigSombrero
6 months ago

that’s cuz you’re a Jameis homer…..I’ve never seen anyone defend the guilty like you. Kudos!

Reply to  BigSombrero
6 months ago

Welcome back BS. Kinda thought you just F#%*ed of and we weren’t ever going to hear from you again.

Reply to  BigSombrero
6 months ago

When I said in another article, “I wonder what Big Sombrero thinks” I had no idea it would resurrect you. Must be like saying, “Freddie Kruger” and just like that he appears. Good to see you again.

6 months ago

Very proud of the entire Bucs organization. Nice to see a little humor without anyone being offended.

Reply to  scubog
6 months ago

Yes, you can joke around without being mean, and hurtful. Proud to be a Buc fan, these players make that easy.

6 months ago

They really shouldn’t have let Ali wear that suit, scotty needs to take Ali to his Taylor lol

6 months ago

I watched all of the Event on Spectrum yesterday and it was all good. Very proud of this team. Going to the White House and meeting a President, I recommend to all. It helps one to appreciate the USA and what we have that no other country can come close to. We may disagree on some things, but once you are in the White House you get it. God Bless the USA. Go Bucs! Lets do this again.

6 months ago

As now President Joe Biden once said to his boss at the time, Barack Obama:
“This is a big fucking deal.”