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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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  1. 1

    Buc 1976

    Packers in December BURR.

  2. 2


    Ugh, so many things I don’t like about this schedule:

    – Late bye
    – Thursday game on a holiday weekend
    – At Green Bay late in the season
    – No divisional games until Halloween
    – Three straight division games to finish

    And there’s at least one typo – either the Jets game is on 11/12 or it’s in the evening, because Monday games don’t get played at 1.

    1. 2.1


      I personally would think the players would love the late buy. That’s when guys are your most banged up.

      1. 2.1.1


        Yeah, for sure, CG. It’s the early byes that suck.

  3. 3


    Green Bay isn’t that bad in early December, mid to upper 30’s. It’s not January -10 bad.

  4. 4


    MNF vs Jets? But starting time is 1 pm.

    1. 4.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      Should be the 12th. Not a Monday night game.

  5. 5


    Prime time games…Thursday night vs the Pats and MNF vs the Falcons. At least theyre both home games.

    1. 5.1


      They would give us the Pats on a Thursday night. I think we at least deserve that game on Sunday night

      1. 5.1.1


        I’m thinking that it’s the Pats who are disappointed having to play the Bucs on a Thursday night, on the road.

        We lucked out facing the Pats at home on a Thursday following a Sunday home game.

  6. 6


    Looks like the BUC players will have to earn it this year. Giants on Sunday Pats on Thursday.

  7. 7


    I love the schedule. I know it’s difficult to judge how good teams are each year in the NFL, but the first 3 games seem very winnable, and it would be great to get off to a good start in a season for once and hope that carries into some of the tough games.

  8. 8


    So excited about this schedule. I will be driving down the QEW (the highway between Toronto and Buffalo) to see the Bucs play the Bills in Buffalo for only the 2nd time in team history. Tailgating in Buffalo (in late October) or anytime for that matter is awesome. I’m also getting tickets for New Year’s Eve vs. New Orleans for myself and my teenager son so hope to see everyone at Ray Jay too!

    1. 8.1


      And, this is game we should win, Both NO and BUFF.
      Have a good time hey!!
      GO BUCS

      1. 8.1.1


        Thanks Chet – I think so too. It would be pretty cool if the NO game was for the division win and got moved to primetime.

  9. 9


    Looks like another very tough schedule. Of course some teams vary year to year but lots of ones on here are just always tough. How do we get Cards on road two years in row?

  10. 10


    I LOVE this schedule! LOVE IT! Starting (3 of 5 at home) and finishing (3 of 4 at home) is incredible. Playing division games 4 of the final 6 including 2 of the final 3 at home makes for a playoff like atmosphere from the bye week on. We get a Thursday Night Football game at home against the best team in football. A chance to measure up against the best early in the season (week 5). We get a Monday Night Football game at home against the Falcons on December 18.

    Guys, this is a big time schedule for what is soon to be a big time football team.

    And the DRAFT in a week? #FIRETHECANNONS baby!

  11. 11


    Don’t worry Buc1976, the way Trump keeps rescinding environmental laws and trying to pick fights with everyone in the world, fans at Lambeau Field will probably have to wear Sun Block or will already be glowing a nice pinkish red from the nuclear fallout.
    Golf anyone?

    1. 11.1


      Fun fact, Every time Forrest Trump golfs at MIra Lago it cost tax payer 1.2 million. And, half that money goes to his hotel and golf course. Rooms for secret service etc .
      17 golf trips in 100 days. It’s good to be king.
      GO BUCS

      1. 11.1.1


        Golf trips for presidents first 100 days:
        Aint’ America great?
        GO BUCS

  12. 12

    Mark Cook

    Way too early prediction? 10-6. What do you guys have?

    1. 12.1


      I’m thinking we can win 11 or 12 games looking at this schedule

    2. 12.2


      I can see an 11 win season here. Heck I could see us starting 6-2 in our first 8, maybe 7-1. If we start hot, look out. The schedule is set up to give us a good chance out of the starting gate.

    3. 12.3


      10-6 is my pick. The BUCS will have some hard knocks with this schedule though-see what I did there.
      GO BUCS

  13. 13


    A lot of times it’s not who you play, but when you play them.
    The Bucs would have been in the playoffs if they had played the Rams, Cardinals and Broncos in the second half of the season when they were all on the decline.

  14. 14


    Would have been nice to swap our bye for the Lions week 11 game…be fresh for the last stretch of divisional games…we are in the most competitive division in football…the NFL is crafty in this particular schedule especially. And by looking at it, our only true measuring sticks this year having said that…are the Pats and the NFC South…

  15. 15


    I forgot to include Aaron Rodgers and the Packers…

  16. 16


    Wait one second, the Eagles get 5 prime time games and we only get 2? The disrespect is still at an all time high

    1. 16.1


      The Eagles are in a far larger media market than Tampa Bay. And in the 9 seasons since 2008, the Eagles have had six playoff games, winning two of them, during which period the Bucs have had zero playoff games, and haven’t won a playoff game since 2003.

      To get respect, and NFL team must earn respect. We have lots of potential, sure, but the record is what it is.

      1. 16.1.1


        Larger market? The BUCS have always got the Rodney treatment. NO RESPECT.
        We get an away home opener game after winning the Super Bowl !!! Still pisses me off.
        GO BUCS



          And didn’t go to the Whitehouse either.

  17. 17


    I always look at the schedule and think as Ronde would say, “It is what it is” . At least going into this season every opponent’s fan may hesitate a bit before circling the Bucs game as an automatic “W”.

  18. 18


    Hey, for those complaining of a tough schedule – the NFC South is what it is, and it is one of the top two or three divisions in the league the last coupla years. As for the rest – playing teams like Green Bay, Phoenix, and the Patriots is a feature, not a bug, of being an NFL team. This is what the players play for, and what the fans want to see.

    I love this schedule!

    1. 18.1


      So do I! And something that always seems to be forgotten when looking at strength of schedule? Sure, the Buccaneers play the Patriots and the entire NFC South home and away. But don’t ALL the teams in the South play those same games? And the Buccaneers play the Patriots at home on a Thursday Night.

      What matters is winning the South and the Buccaneers have as good a chance as any team in the division to do that. This is a great schedule that should excite even the most negative and/or numb of “fans.”

  19. 19

    Mark Cook

    I’ll never forget a reporter asking Sapp once in the preseason years ago his prediction on the season, and he said 16-0. Reporter looked at him crazy. Sapp said I play for the %$##^ team. You think I am going to sit here and say we are going to ever lose? Reporter turned red and walked away. Man I miss Sapp.

  20. 20

    Mark Cook

    I see the Bucs throttling the Dolphins Week 1. However, you know Dolphins fans have that one circled as a win as well. Of course so did the Chiefs and Seahawks fans last year.

  21. 21


    To your point Garv, everyone in the division plays the Pats and I’d rather play them at home than at Gillette where the headphones and the IPads miraculously don’t work on the visitors bench. Plus Belichick won’t have 6 days to prepare for the Bucs.

  22. 22


    It’s just so strange looking a Bucs schedule and realizing that it’s the OTHER teams that are now looking at the Bucs on their schedule and groaning!

  23. 23


    Week 1 @ Dolphins W
    Week 2 vs. Bears W
    Week 3 @ Vikings W
    Week 4 vs. Giants L
    Week 5 vs. Patriots L
    Week 6 @ Cardinals L
    Week 7 @ Bills W
    Week 8 vs. Panthers W
    Week 9 @ Saints L
    Week 10 vs. Jets W
    Week 11 BYE
    Week 12 @ Atlanta W
    Week 13 @ Packers L
    Week 14 vs. Lions W
    Week 15 vs. Falcons W
    Week 16 @ Panthers L
    Week 17 vs. Saints W

    I see us going 10-6. Dolphins, Bears and Vikings are games we should win, but the Giants and Cardinals are teams that have seemed to have our number as of late, and I think the pressure of playing the Pats on National TV is something the team isn’t ready for yet. Bills should be an easy win, and we can beat the Panthers at home, but Drew Breees and the Saints are too difficult to beat in New Orleans.

    Atlanta is going to be last in the NFC South due to a Super Bowl hangover and we should beat them both times. I can’t see us beating the Packers unless they have a mid season crisis like last year. We should beat the Lions at home (They weren’t really a playoff caliber team last year), and then we win 1 and lose one against the Saints and Panthers. Should fininsh 6-2 in the NFC South.

  24. 24


    People make too big a deal about the schedule. Take care of busy in your own division and everything else will take care of itself.

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