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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    We have a very rough schedule having to play most NFC games in the last half of the season. This is usually when it is tough to have enough quality players still healthy. Harn Knocks doesn’t help either.

    1. 1.1


      Maybe Hard Knocks does help. Hard Knocks teams make the playoffs at a 45% rate. The league in general sends 12 teams to the plyoffs out of 32…37.5%

    2. 1.2


      Totally agree with you Horse!

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    It was interesting that Licht would consider spending a premium pick on a SAM LB if he had the added value as a pass rusher. Does this include the first round. I wonder if Haason Reddick is not getting a look? He’s checks a lot of the boxes… great character kid as well. It’s interesting that Rueben Foster had that issue at the Combine and there are reports that he failed a drug test? If a player like that slid to 19, albeit doubtful, would the Bucs consider him for the SAM spot?

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    Thanks Scott and I think next weekend will give us plenty to read & jibber jabber about. Draft time is almost here!!!

    I like “no risk it, no biscuit” Licht, that is how the BUCs have gotten here. Home run hitters are going to strike out, but he has hit on more homeruns than struck out. Aguayo isn’t done yet, and “most” rookies struggle their first year. He was the best kicker in collegiate history, so he doesn’t stink. Competition is good for him, and hopefully he lights the world on fire in year 2. I think the world of Licht as a GM & draftnik, and fully support his judgment however it plays out.

    My counter to your interpretation of Licht:
    -The BUCs have always said they are looking for “big Play”/”homerun” players. Solid/safe doesn’t usually get you that… Perine-ish
    -The thinnest depth issues the BUCS have is at WR, TE, S. I just don’t see how the BUCS are going to get those types of potential year 1 starters in rounds 3-5 (especially WR). 1 injury away from disaster.
    -Every draft publication I’ve seen (which is a lot of them) doesn’t have Bakker in the top 20 (cause he is a shrimp). I hope they move back to get him.
    -Everything that is said publicly in April is a lie in the NFL.

    Question for you…why has PR gone silent/dark on Josh Reynolds? He was a pick in PR’s first 2 mocks then zippo. He is solid & safe 🙂

    Rhonde will get in, it’s just about how long it takes.

    Thank you for the great work PR does on the BUCS and thank you for not just writing but responding-answering all our posts. That is what makes PR special. Any publication can just throw out articles & opinion, but very few have direct dialogue. That’s called “value added” service.

    Go BUCS, In Licht we Trust, and thanks PR. 7 more days!!

    1. 3.1

      Scott Reynolds

      Thank you very much, MudManVA. I like Josh Reynolds … just not sure the Bucs do. Our PR mock drafts are supposed to be a reflection of what we think the team will do – not what we want them to do.

    2. 3.2


      MudMaVA, Bob Sanders was a “shrimp” and the best safety in the game.

  4. 4

    Hank Scorpio

    Of the 5 players you listed as “safe” and “clean” picks, I’d have to rank the order of preference as

    1. Jordan Willis
    2. Budda Baker
    3. David Njoku
    4. Adoree Jackson
    5. Charles Harris

  5. 5


    Bond will not be our starting Sam LB. I doubt he will even make the team. Id like to see Spence play the spot if he has that kind of positional flexibility. If not, I could see us spending a mid round pick on that position.

    1. 5.1

      Scott Reynolds

      It’s just too early to say. Devante Bond is definitely in the mix to start at Sam, though. He’ll get a shot this offseason.

  6. 6


    What I read into Sapp’s comment is that he was always an ass and is still an ass. Only cares about himself.

    1. 6.1

      Buc 1976

      Bucco I couldn’t AGREE MORE. He is an embarrassment to to this community. When a player is selected for the ring of HONOR and does the S**t he has done then he should be removed ABSOLUTELY NO HONOR does Sapp have!!

      1. 6.1.1


        I’m amazed that Sapp has turned out as well as he has. He grew up in the most deplorable conditions in the state of Florida. Most of the kids that grow up there are shot and killed or in prison. Apoka Florida is a horrible place to start a life. He can definitely be little more classy, but that is how he is. It’s the edge he had growing up hard scrabble like he did that made him a great baller.
        Yes, he’s an A-hole, but he is our A-hole.
        GO BUCS

      2. 6.1.2


        He is on the ring of honor because of his play on the field, not for his citizenship, and we would have never changed our losing culture or won a SuperBowl without him.
        Personally I dislike him, if I knew him I would probably hate him, but I would rather have him on my team than against me. You see guys, football is a violent game played by violent men. It is about winning; in the NFL they don’t give trophies for trying, or citizenship, community involvement, chastity, etc.

  7. 7


    This didn’t feel like the longest Fab 5 ever, so it must have been a great read! Great job as always Scott!

    1. 7.1

      Scott Reynolds

      Thank you, Brian! Greatly appreciate that. It didn’t feel that long writing it … until the very. I think I’m going to bed tonight at 6:00 pm.

  8. 8


    I know I’m starting to sound like that annoying guy from season’s past who would just never shut up about the Bucs finding a way to get Noah Spence and Jameis Winston (that was me!)…and Luke Kuechly (that didn’t work, Dominik didn’t stalk me on social media for my scouting prowess like Licht does).

    But if Jason Licht wants “safe and clean”…there might not be a safer, cleaner prospect in this whole draft than Christian McCaffrey. What’s his floor? Brian Westbrook? I think we’d all be happy with that but he’s a lot more talented than Westbrook. I realize we would need to move up to get him at this point…but what more surefire way to not bust on your 2nd round pick than to not have one! I’m sure they don’t want to give up the resources to go get him but just based on what I know about Licht and what he looks for and what I know about McCaffrey and the type of character, work ethic, and passion for the game that comes with him, I have a hard time believing that Licht would not LOVE to get him in Tampa, and the fact that there hasn’t been so much as a peep about him considering all that makes me believe it even more.

    1. 8.1


      McCaffrey will be a bust for any team that drafts him and uses him a 3 down back. He is way to frail. If drafting a RB in the first round, they better be a 3 down back.

      1. 8.1.1


        Please explain to me how he is “frail”? He carried a bigger load and stayed healthier than Cook and Fournette. What’s a “three-down” back? A guy that gets 25 carries? Regardless of who we draft or put back there, that isn’t this coaching staff’s style. Even when Doug was lighting it up in 2015, they were still giving several drives to Sims.

        “Frail”…baseless nonsense.

      2. 8.1.2


        He’s a lot bigger than some guy named Warrick Dunn who did pretty well here.

      3. 8.1.3


        He could be a 3 down back, just not all at RB.

  9. 9


    Love listening to Rice talk. He’s such a cerebral guy. How he isn’t in the HoF is a shame. He was literally a guarantee for double digit sacks every year. And while everyone was getting outran by Michael Vick, Simeon was owning him. Agreed Scott that he is by far the most athletic player in Bucs history. As for Ronde, no one has done what he”s done , so there is no reason he shouldn’t be in the Hall. IT’ll take a little time though. Simeon is dead right though about it being tougher in that small market.
    As for Licht, his second round has been a little down the last couple of years and it’s a good year for a rebound. I think the bucs go Defense in the first. I would really like a trade down if we wanted to select any oft hose guys there. Maybe trade back with the Texans and grab another pick.
    I do think LIcht plays it a little safe his year, and I don’t see any trade ups from him. Maybe in the 3rd, he’ll play around a bit. Damn I can’t wait for this draft.
    My only concern about the schedule, and it happened last year a little too, is that all of our division games are crammed into the last 8 weeks. That sucks playing the same team back to back like that.

    1. 9.1

      Scott Reynolds

      I too love listening to Simeon Rice. One of my all-time favorite players to cover professionally. Wish I could go back in time and spend more time talking with him in the locker room back in the day.

    2. 9.2


      Licht’s second round picks/reaches have been poor. Just the way it is;

    3. 9.3


      Licht’s second round picks/reaches have been poor. Just the way it is; ASJ, Roberto, Smith all created holes we are already having to fill. As did Sims In the 3rd. We are left as a result of these mistakes needing to redraft starting caliber TE, LT and RB. Frankly if Spence ends up playing a role that’s on the field less than half of the snaps he looks like a reach where he was drafted also.

      Also as illustrated by the article on the Bucs’ own website, if you look at the draft day trades Licht’s record is only marginally positive, with the two picks wasted on Roberto at least partially offsetting the benefit of Marpet and Kwon. That’s why the choker collar may be on this year.

  10. 10


    Great Fab 5 Scott,

    Won’t be surprised to see a defensive pick in round one.

    On the other hand I won’t be surprised to see one or more of the coveted offensive players available at 19 too. The mocks are all over the place as to who goes where, and there are always surprises on Day 1. If none of the offensive skill players are available, there should be no tears shed by Bucs fans as the defensive talent is very heavy this year. Another DE, DT, S, or CB will be welcome, or one of those versatile LBs who can pass rush too.

    Should be exciting!

    1. 10.1


      I agree with you. One of those skill guys is going to be available…but at this point it may be Cook and they’d have to be okay with his character. I think there’s a decent chance that Corey Davis is there as well.

      1. 10.1.1


        Davis and never look back



          Agreed. He was my favorite guy in this draft until I really dug into McCaffrey tape. I’d be thrilled with Davis. He played in the slot a lot at WMU as well so he’d be a perfect fit immediately.

      2. 10.1.2


        Davis will be the best WR taken in this draft. But it will be a few years until that comes to pass.

        I don’t think Cook will be the biggest bust of the 1st round but whoever drafts him will be disappointed.

    2. 10.2

      Scott Reynolds

      Thank you, Naplesfan. I appreciate it.

  11. 11


    Great read Scott, one of your best efforts. I’ll go ahead and do the #Ronde4HOF on my twitterfeed for all 16 of my followers .

    Anyway, I’m still going to beat the drum for Peppers at #19. You can’t ask for a cleaner prospect and honestly he’s going to be a safe pick as well. Go back and look at Trevors article on Peppers, he can do everything that Baker can do, just as fast, taller AND solves your kickoff and return needs as well as being able to either move into the nickel position or even as a box safety. He can contribute to the team from day one, is a film junkie and even though he knew that when Harbaugh asked him to play linebacker and seal the edge, he did it without complaint and sacrificed his draft position. He is a leader and a total team player. He would also be an exciting player for Tampa. I know Baker has better tape, I understand the need for pass rush, but special teams let us down a lot last season and with Peppers you can fix that and still get a guy that will be a contributor in the defensive backfield from day one.

    I have friends in Pittsburgh and they pick a few places down from us and they are just drooling for Peppers to be there.

    I know a lot of others here don’t want him, but I’ll stand by my prediction that this guy is going to star in the NFL.

    1. 11.1


      Another link to an article about Peppers: http://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2017/story/_/id/19186468/doubting-jabrill-peppers-michigan-wolverines-place-nfl-just-watch

      I’m telling you, he’s going to be special. I really believe it and I’ve seen almost all his games.

    2. 11.2

      Scott Reynolds

      I appreciate it, nitey. Thank you. My problem with Jabrill Peppers is that he’s a L.O.S. (line of scrimmage) guy. I didn’t see him doing much covering receivers and tight ends down the field, so I question if he could make the transition to safety in the NFL where he’ll be asked to do that. I think he’s a great weakside linebacker candidate – just too small.

  12. 12


    Is it draft day yet? Hurry up calendar and move! Can’t wait, it’s gonna be a good draft no matter what Licht and company decide to do. Whether we go with Cook, the best TE or S, or even if we trade back, we will fill a need and improve the team. DJax alone has already made our offense much more dangerous, the draft will only enhance that.

    It’s gonna be an exciting year to be a Bucs fan! Can’t wait to see Noah play a larger role in our defense. He was the biggest steal of last year’s draft for us. If we can hit on a few more picks this year, we will be playoff contenders for years to come.

  13. 13


    With the exception of Njoku, the other four listed are all big reaches at 19. Most mock drafts have them as late first but mostly 2nd rounders. If Licht really wants one of those four, let’s hope he finds a trading partner as moves back.

    1. 13.1


      Can I vote twice for a thumbs up on this Skipper! Right with you…click, click, click on the thumbs up

    2. 13.2


      Njoku is a reach there too…maybe more of a reach than the others besides Adoree Jackson because he’s really raw. You watch his tape and all he does is run fades/seams and screens. He reminds me a lot of Vernon Davis.

  14. 14


    I still believe quarterbacks will be picked earlier then predicted, therefore an offensive play maker like Cook, or Davis could fall to us. As far as UDFA goes, does anyone think being on Hard Knocks could be a deciding factor for some of the top ones signing with us over other teams?

    1. 14.1


      suferdudes, that’s a good point I haven’t thought of. That will be a good selling point. Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!

    2. 14.2


      That would be an interesting article for PR to write. Would take a little research and interviews of past players.

    3. 14.3

      Scott Reynolds

      Interesting point, surferdudes. Never thought of it that way.

  15. 15


    Great thought provoking read, Scott, especially Fab 2, regarding Safe and Clean. One could interpret Licht’s use of those terms as smoke screens where he plans on going after Mixon or another player with off-field issues like he did Jameis and ASJ. I don’t think so. I agree he is getting better at this each year. For a long time I was a Dalvin Cook hopeful, but his level of “Safe,” diminishes with each of the 18 teams that have to pass on him for him to fall to us. Obviously the vast majority would do so because of need but there is still some nagging issues management needs to consider. I can see an edge rusher at 19 if Cook is still on the board.
    The last time the Bucs won consistently and brought home a Super Bowl they did it with defense and they did it with a Guy named Simeon Rice. I can understand why 4 of the 5 players play defense with 2 DE/OLB. Some day we are going to need to find better QB pressure so I am perfectly comfortable taking a top rated DE end every draft until we do.

    1. 15.1


      Different era M. It’s an offensive NFL world with just enough D. A few exceptions like Denver.

    2. 15.2

      Scott Reynolds

      Thank you, martinii. I would take Dalvin Cook, the player, at No. 19. I just don’t know enough about Dalvin Cook, the person, that is giving some of these teams such pause.

  16. 16


    Another Great Fab 5!!!! Thanks Scott. I’m looking foreword to S Rice’s Movie. Draft almost here!! WooHoo!!!! I think the Bucs will draft either a DE or TE in first Rd. If possible. Bring on the Draft!!!! GO BUCS!!!

    1. 16.1

      Scott Reynolds

      My pleasure, WinstonMVP. Thank you!

  17. 17


    Well all the pics of Ronde and others in old uni really makes me want the old Pewter back!!

  18. 18


    IS IT POSSIBLE THAT WE CAN BRING OUR 2013 SEASON UNIFORMS BACK?.seems like no one has answers anywhere

    1. 18.1

      Scott Reynolds

      Yes, the Bucs can bring back the old pewter and red uniforms for a throwback game and I’m sure they will at some point. The team won playoff games and a Super Bowl in those uniforms.

  19. 19


    Enjoyed the Fab r immensely. Didn’t really have to read about Barber though. Anyone who doesn’t think he belongs in the Hall is biased against the Bucs.
    Not only that, but I doubt if Barber is every going to embarrass the NFL shield later on in life.
    I particularly found the piece about Logan Mankins being missed of particular interest.
    I have stated for month that the Bucs line missed Mankins more than anyone thought and was the key reason why they played at a C level last year rather than at the A minus level they did the year before.
    And I’m sorry, it just wasn’t Mankins leadership and intelligence that the line misses, it was his physical presence on the line.
    Makin’s was a real road grader which is why the Bucs went after JR Sweezy to replace him.
    Now that’s not to say Pamphile can’t get there, but it’s time for him to realize he was the weakest link in the Bucs line last year and he can’t use inexperience as an excuse anymore.
    Finally , I wish people would quit looking at a safety too improve the defense next year.
    The problem isn’t in the backfield and it will continue to give up medium to deep passes if the QB is given 4 to 5 seconds to survey the defense.
    The Bucs defense in the Sapp years was great because they made the QB’s life hell with pressure and forced them to make mistakes and get rid of the ball early which often led to INT’s.
    So please, if one is available and isn’t a reach, go for a DE if he is close to being the best player on the board.

    1. 19.1


      I totally agree with you drdneast! I would really like another DE added to the mix as long as we think he will make an impact. We will need to replace Ayers very soon and we need depth for injuries. Same goes with the CB position. We will need to replace Grimes soon and we need more depth with the division that we are in. My two favorite picks are the DE Willis and the CB A. Jackson. Would LOVE to be able to trade back a little and still get one of them. Jackson can even help us on ST. It would be a tough decision if C. Davis fell to 19. I think we really need some more quality WR depth for Jameis and he would probably be the best value pick, but the D needs some help too. I am so glad that Light will have to make that decision in a week instead of me.

  20. 20


    Hey Scott, if you swapped Barnett instead of Harris, and Engram instead of Njoku it would be my exact top 5 players for the Bucs. Pretty awesome. And on a side note, the more I watch Jordan Willis, the more I really like him. He reminds me of Demarcus Ware who also was supposed to be an early 2nd round pick according to the reports and he went I think No.11 to Dallas. Willis is built differently then Ware, though he has a really solid base and it looks like he has room to grow on his frame. A slightly bigger version of Demarcus Ware is about as high a ceiling as you can get. He is a 1st round prospect for real. Thanks for another great article SR

    1. 20.1

      Scott Reynolds

      I appreciate it, GoldsonAges. I personally think Jordan Willis is a little more like Michael Strahan than DeMarcus Ware (who reminded me a bit of Simeon Rice), but I get your point.

  21. 21

    Ken Grant

    A decade later, Jordan Willis isn’t the fastest riser in the 2017 draft class, but he’s perhaps the steadiest riser. He is in Tampa meeting with the Buccaneers today, one of his 15 private workouts or team visits, and it seems feasible he could sneak into the first round. A 6′ 4″, 255-pound pass rusher from Kansas State—a defensive end who could transition to a 3-4 outside linebacker—Willis made a statement at the combine with a 4.53 40 time (best of all defensive linemen) and 39-inch vertical leap (second to Myles Garrett). [b]At his pro day, he moved seamlessly between linebacker and defensive line drills, quashing concerns he appeared stiff on film.[/b] Scouts routinely compliment Willis on his hand work, a byproduct of working with Hall of Fame offensive lineman Will Shields, one of his mentors. Willis is a darling of Pro Football Focus, which ranked his 80 total quarterback pressures in 2016 as second most in the country. A three-year starter, Willis graduated third in Kansas State history with 26 career sacks.

  22. 22


    Ronde is one of my all time favorite Bucs players. A framed autographed photo of “the pick” hangs on the wall in front of me. It’s well documented that his 16 season career didn’t start off so well. Some folks here would call him a “shrimp”. Lucky the Bucs brass at the time didn’t judge him too quickly like so many are prone to do.

    Simeon Rice should have been the MVP of the Superbowl. His early sack of Rich Gannon set the tone. He, like Paul Gruber and James Wilder, deserves more national recognition than he ever received.

    I guess “safe and clean”, which sounds more like a slogan for the EPA, is replacing the “no risk it no biscuit” theme of Licht’s previous Draft strategy. I don’t think Jason thought it was a risk to select Roberto Aguayo last year since he was willing to move up to get him. More likely he identified him as “safe and clean” due to his college prowess. I suspect if a highly ranked player, who has a few dubious notes on his evaluation sheet, drops in his lap, Jason will still have a hard time passing.

    Scott mentioning “his antenna going up” during Jason’s press conference about the upcoming Draft reminded me of my high school days. Sitting in Biology class and seeing Janet wearing a mini-skirt and a mohair sweater at the same time was too much to take and often made my antenna go up. Made it tough to get up from my desk when the dismissal bell rang. A lot of us boys just sat and smiled as she made her exit. No blue pill needed then. 50th reunion coming up this August. I hope she hasn’t changed enough to wipe out that memory .

  23. 23


    Scu, if you want to keep that old vision of Janet locked, and loaded, you better skip the reunion.

  24. 24


    Nicely done Scott. Fab 5’s make me happy, not much does these days. I like the new start page, showing all of the recent post instead of hitting the little dot is an upgrade. Of course just going online and reading is better than waiting for the snail mail to deliver a copy of the old mag.
    How can anyone not think that Barber should not be in the HOF? I would vote him in today if I could,Simeon Rice also.
    After all the posts about the Ring of Honor and James Wilder and who else should be included makes me think Rice should be in there too.
    I have no idea who Licht will take at 19. D line or O line would be my preference.

    1. 24.1

      Scott Reynolds

      Thank you, chetthevette! Thank goodness the old snail mail rag is gone! And yes, I hope Simeon Rice makes it into the Bucs Ring of Honor one day, too.

  25. 25


    About Ronde, Lynch and Ira Kaufman. First of all, IMO Ronde Barber and John Lynch should be in the HOF and one day will be. I agree Ronde could get in earlier but it’s highly doubtful it will be first ballot. And so WHAT? Once a player is in, he’s in. Forever a member of an exclusive club. Nobody is counting how many votes it took to get him in. This first ballot crap is highly overrated IMO.
    As for Ira Kaufman, I can think of no better a voice in Canton for our Buccaneer players being considered. To infer it is his fault that John Lynch is not in is just wrong IMO. The numbers game got Lynch, nothing more.

    Off topic, I know….. but while there is an obvious rivalry between Buccaneer sources like Pewter Report and JBF, as well as between sorts reporters from newspapers past and present, I think it’s important to read and listen to more than one source. The Commish and Ira podcasts I get on iTunes by way of JBF are must listen every week. So is the Pewter Report podcast, also on iTunes. Hey, both PR and JBF get airtime on WDAE.
    Guess I’m just hoping the Ira dig is not related to something it should be.

    Mild rant over.

    1. 25.1


      Except Kenny Stabler. What a sham that was. A shame also.

      1. 25.1.1


        You’re right. Snake getting in after he died IS a shame. He was CLEARLY a HOF QB IMO and should have been voted in long ago.



          Being shunned by the media means he must have been a good guy. The key word here is suspected, which to the media means gospel… tried and convicted.



          Garv, I remember when he had just retired and I was sitting at a bar at MIA. He was sitting at a table. His named was announced on the intercom and I looked over and our eyes met and he raised his beer glass to me. No, I didn’t know him. I think he was special. He didn’t kiss media ass so that hurt his chances for the HoF.

    2. 25.2

      Scott Reynolds

      I didn’t say it was Ira Kaufman’s fault that John Lynch hasn’t gotten in the Hall of Fame. A good deal of that is that safeties just have a hard time getting in and Lynch’s numbers in some categories, such as interceptions, are good, but not great. Ira admitted to me that’s 0-4 for Lynch and he’s the one responsible for getting him in. Those are just the facts whether he, I, you or Lynch himself likes it.

      I have no beef with Ira, who told me that Barber might have a tough time getting in. I just have some concerns that because Bucs cornerback Ronde Barber has to be positioned in a certain way in order to get into the Hall of Fame. He’s not the same type of cornerback that Deion Sanders, Darrell Green or Mel Blount is. He needs a unique kind of presentation to get in, and this column served my blueprint of how it should be done. That’s all.

      1. 25.2.1


        Scott, while Ira may be the presenter at the HOF meetings I don’t think he’s the one responsible for whether or not a player he is presenting gets in. The player’s record is, the voters are. Ira gives his presentation and I have no doubt it is a thoughtful and well researched one. But there are other players, coaches and owners being presented as well and it really ends up a numbers game.

        But at the very least your comment about Ira is going to be taken as an attack on his credibility as a presenter and frankly it already has been. All over Twitter today in fact. I think you’ll have to own that as it comes from your article.

        Maybe it’s just because everyone is mocked out and impatient for the actual draft in two days and to some this firestorm is entertaining. To me it just is not.

        BTW, on the draft. I really enjoyed the way it used to be done on the weekends during the day. PR had some great draft parties at Champps in those days. Now it’s three days, two at night late into the evening with a lot more drinking involved…… oh dear God now I sound like Unc. Well hell, a damn good man to be on the same page with on some topics!

  26. 26


    Garv, Stabler was shunned by the media after he was suspected of planting cocaine on a sports writer in Louisiana and informing on him to the local authorities.
    Not a real upstanding thing to do to anyone.

  27. 27

    Buc 1976

    If Barber does not make the Hall of Fame first ballot SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG!!

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