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  1. 1

    Ken Grant

    Oh, wow. I didn’t expect them to pull the trigger that fast.

    1. 1.2


      Way overdue. This guy cost us the Rams game for sure.

    2. 1.3


      Guess they got tired of him missing…Damn hate to see anyone dreams go away.

    3. 1.4


      Rams game. 2/5 on extra point, 2/3 on FG. You tell me that he didn’t cost us the game. Final score was 37-32. Didn’t even need the last drive to score a TD. At the minimum, kick a FG to win the game. He would have messed that up to. They actually gave him Special Teams player of the week for kicking a 38 yard FG to beat the Panthers on Monday night after missing two FGs before that. I guess the standard is not very high.

      1. 1.4.1


        vtrantb, you can blame a lot of stuff on Aguayo, but the Rams game is not one of them. The Rams were dead last in both total and scoring offense last year (and not by close margins); we had NO EARTHLY BUSINESS giving up 30+ points to them. The game should have been a blowout with Aguayo’s miscues being a footnote if our defense plays the way they’re supposed to.



          I will agree with you there. Koetter also mismanaged the use of timeouts at the end of the game. Defense was bad.

      2. 1.4.2


        Uhhh … any game where the other team scores 37 points, and our offense still scores 32 points, it’s on the defense, not the kicker. Everybody knows that.



          Two TDs were directly a result of our Offense. TD interception right before halftime. Don’t know what Koetter/Winston was thinking for trying to throw an out pass with 1 minute to go with a 10 point lead. The other was a sack fumble at the Rams 20 yard returned for a TD by our great LT Smith who led the league in penalties.

  2. 2


    Sad to see happen, but not unexpected. Best of luck buddy!

    Has the team announced a new signing to accompany the release?

  3. 3


    You guys called it last night on the podcast

  4. 4


    Really pulling for t he guy, but it is what it is. Couldn’t make the kicks when his job was on the line. Something broke him.
    He’ll figure it out eventually and be a good kicker for somebody, just not in Tampa.

  5. 5


    Wish this had turned out differently, but It didn’t, so goodbye my friend!


  6. 6


    I’m torn…on the positive side, it’s about time and we can finally move on with a more consistent kicker. On the negative, now it’s confirmed that Licht wasted a 2nd round pick. One miss, even as big as this one, compared to all his hits so far is still a pretty good record though. My faith in Licht’s drafting isn’t shaken a whole lot by this and let’s be honest, none of us could have seen this disaster coming after Aguayo’s success in college.

    Now he’ll go play for the Patriots and become the most accurate kicker in NFL history (sarcasm…kind of but not really)

    1. 6.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      When you see a mistake, you have to move on. Lingering is the worst thing you can do.

      1. 6.1.1


        Trevor, I agree with you. Too bad Robert’s college success didn’t carry forward to the NFL. Can’t blame Licht for the pick. Nobody could have foreseen the poor results. I wonder how old Martine Grammatica is now? He was awesome! Remember him?

      2. 6.1.2


        Trevor, whatever happened to the guy that beat out Conor Barth a few years ago. He boomed kicks in training camp that year and you could see he was going to win the job. He had that one good season, got hurt the next and dropped off the map.

  7. 7

    Buc 1976

    It seems like when we cut players they sometimes come back and have very good outings against us. I hope he gets his kicking game back just not against US.

  8. 8


    Sad for ROberto that he seems to have lost his mojo. But even in college, he wasn’t very accurate beyond 40 and terrible at 45+. Too bad we drafted him, as Licht has nailed so many picks in the 3rd and 4th rounds. That second round wpick was really our 3rd round and the 4th round pick from Chicago.

  9. 9

    Alldaway 2.0

    It wasn’t the missed field goal (that didn’t help) but definitely the missed XP.

  10. 11


    I couldn’t agree more, best of luck but it had to be done and quickly before it became a bigger distraction.

  11. 12


    This early, I think they may bring in a kicker to compete with Folk. On Sirius XM Radio, GM Jason licht hinted that Bucs week one kicker may not currently be on the team.

  12. 13

    Frank Arcuri

    “Capece is Kaput!”- John McKay …..
    Adios Aguyao- didn’t get it done.
    Let’s close the door on FSU kickers along with Clemson DLs

  13. 14


    The real story should be about finding a FG kicker who can make extra points and FG’s inside the 45. The Buccaneers have to find some competition for Folk and fast. They do NOT want to repeat the mistake of handing the job to a kicker too early.

    Roberto Aguayo was given every chance and simply could not handle the pressure. Excuses, bad “luck,” whatever the reason, he was not doing the job nor showing any sign that would change before the start of the season. This is a team with playoff goals. We NEED a KICKER who can KICK!

    1. 14.1


      The loser of the Bengals kicking competition will be our kicker. Mark it down.

      1. 14.1.1


        Funny, I was thinking the same thing while watching the game last night.

  14. 15


    Okay, now I get to come on here and be “That Guy”. I have been posting on here for 10 years or more. Sometimes more than others but last season I’m the guy that started the official petition to cut this dude. Of course, I was met with sounds of hatred and comments of how I don’t know what I’m talking about. Anyway, this should have happened by about week 4 last year. Most of the people that ran their mouth at me are FSU homers and are blinded by the light. I’m not the type to usually say I told you so but I told you so. Now we can move on play football and if whoever misses a kick here or there they miss a kick. Not this mountain of anxiety ever extra point and every 20 yard FG. I was thinking, this guy can’t make a 20 yder, what are gonna do when we need a 52 yder to win or ice a game??? Nobody on the team could have wanted to rely on this guy after battling tooth & nail all game or after a hard fought 98 yd drive and come up with 0 instead of at least 3. At least LICHT was willing to admit the mistake and move on early. Maybe we can find another decent leg somehow out of this mess.

    1. 15.1


      I petitioned to have Licht head examined on draft day.

      1. 15.1.1


        I don’t need a petition to declare your comment dumb.



          Naplesfan, I have watched BUCS football for 42 years, probably missed less than 6 games. I have forgotten more football than you know.

    2. 15.2


      Exactly, the BUCS passed on several over 50 yard attempts because they had no trust with Aguyao. Seattle game was one example late in the game when they had a 5 point lead.

  15. 16


    Long overdue. Should have cut him mid-season last year.

  16. 17


    Most of the blame should be placed on Licht for this ridiculous selection. Who trades two potential positional players for a kicker? When was the last time I high drafted kicker been successful? Don’t say Janikowski, he isn’t even in the top 30 all time in accuracy. I fact most of the top 10 most accurate kickers of all time were never even drafted. When you draft a kicker high in the draft you put undue pressure on him to justify his draft status. One more thing to get into the head of a fragile kicker. He was never accepted by the fan base because most fans expected him to be perfect given his draft status.

    If Licht wanted a kicker so bad, why didn’t he dangle a 2nd round draft pick to every NFL team that had a good kicker? You don’t think at least one team would have bite? Heck, Sammy Watkins just got traded for a 2nd round pick and we just wasted a draft pick on a kicker. Comical, one blemish that will follow him. I think Licht cut him so he wouldn’t have to deal with Hard Knocks on Monday.

  17. 18


    Shows you the difference between playing on Saturday and playing on Sunday. What concerns me is Roberto played in huge venues under National Championship conditions and was the best in his craft. He comes to the NFL and can’t get out of his own way. If I were a betting man I would wager in time someone will give him a shot and he may perform well. this is a mental thing that with time he should lick.

    1. 18.1


      Big difference. That is why it was comical when Schiano said that his DL at Ohio St is better than the BUCS DE that he had that included Gerald McCoy, Roy Miller, and Michael Bennett.

  18. 19


    Berto had to be cut. He simply couldn’t find consistency to be our starting day kicker. I hated the pick on draft day, but I hoped he would prove me wrong. I’m disappointed it didn’t work out because now we wasted drafting a potential starter/quality backup that could be contributing this year. We passed on Vonn Bell and Yannick Ngakoue to draft Berto. Frustrating.

    Still, for all the bad he did last year, we don’t have our first winning season in 6 years without his kicks in the Panthers, Chiefs & Saints games. I wish him well.

  19. 20


    Thank god. My last post I said please cut him. Waste of roster space he sucks. Licht made o dumb move and it’s time to move on now. He’s don’t well overall I’d grade him a B-. No more cute, risky draft picks please. I honestly don’t think Aguayo can hit a FG over 50 yards period.

  20. 21


    I hear Publix is hiring, can you say paper or plastic Berto?

  21. 22


    I could have handled the missed 47 yarder, but missing another point after? Wow. Well, It only took one year and Preseason game to cut loose our failed 2nd round draft pick. I hope picking kickers with high draft picks is no longer a thing.

  22. 23


    When I saw the missed extra point I thought to myself “That’s it, he’s gone!”. Did not think about how soon, though.

    Maybe, they should have brought in another kicker last year. It is water over the dam, now. I am sure Licht learned from this.

    Too bad. …. 🙁

    Go Bucs!!!!

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