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The Bucs released the schedule for their uniform combinations for the 2021 season. Ever since the Bucs changed their jerseys last year, it’s been an exciting moment for fans to find out what they’ll be wearing in every game.

Tampa Bay will go with their white jerseys 12 times this season, including for the home opener against the Cowboys next Thursday. The white jersey and pewter pants look, which is the combo they’ll have for opening night, was what they wore when Tampa Bay won Super Bowl LV.

They will also be rocking the red jerseys three times this year and the all-pewter look twice. The Bucs wore the all-pewter look three times last season, so it will be worn less one game this year.

Another change is that the Bucs will have a red uniform and white pants combination in Week 14 against the Bills, which they did not wear last season. They did happen to wear that look during their preseason loss at home to the Titans.

All of the official jersey-pants combination goes as the following:

– Two games in a white jersey, white pants look.

– Ten games with a white uniform and pewter pants.

– One game in a red jersey and pewter pants.

– Two games with a red jersey and white pants.

– Two games in the all-pewter look.

You can see which uniform the Bucs will have for each game here.


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4 months ago

Would’ve liked to seen the all pewter look another time or two. I do like the red jerseys with white pants look. Don’t see that combination very often.

4 months ago

Not enough red on pewter for my liking. Need to lose one of the white on white and red on white each and add them to the red on pewter to get it to 3. Oh well don’t matter I guess. Hopefully 2 creamsicle next season while going for the 3peat.

NC Greenbeard
NC Greenbeard(@nc-greenbeard)
4 months ago

Ahhh… uniform scheduling… the point of the year where fans of every team go on and on about color combinations when most of us can hardly match our own outfits. But, yeah, I’ll play. Glad to see the red jersey/white pants combo back. Was one of my fav “alternates” back in the day. Disappointed the all-pewter only got 2 games. Hoped for 3 or 4. White/pewter is fine, but 10 games is a lot. An extra game in all-pewter and another 1 or 2 with Red/pewter would have been nice. At the end of the day, its irrelevant, just ready… Read more »

4 months ago

Not sure who’s responsible for the uniform selection schedule, but they need a new job. Far away from the Bucs. Like really far. They should be wearing the red jerseys at home for any game that isn’t 1pm in the hot sun. And the white pants? Meh. Especially with the red jerseys. Red and pewter is their signature look, and they’re wearing it one time. One. SMDH.

Last edited 4 months ago by BucHarbour
4 months ago

I guess I’m partial to the red jersey/pewter pants combo, all pewter looks pretty sharp as well. ANYTHING as long as it’s not those God-awful Creamsicle jerseys, synonymous with futility. Nostalgia for the past is great and all, but none of us are going to put an 8-track player in their car because it brings back fond memories of our youth, are we?

Last edited 4 months ago by AlbJack65
4 months ago

Put the Cowboys in the dark jerseys that’s good. Hot humid night. They won’t be ready for this humidity. They will be gassed in the 3rd quarter. Red. Jerseys white pants is a good look.

Reply to  Buc76
4 months ago

Not sure the Cowboys wearing blue will affect their body heat in the evening, but I do know they prefer their white jerseys. So, if having to wear the blue annoys Jerry and Little Stevie Jones, I’m happy. My preferred Bucs combination is red/pewter. I think most want the team to wear red or pewter jerseys at home.

4 months ago

Liked old days where usually wore one but would wear white at home when was hot as hell. Lol.

4 months ago

Have the red jersey and pewter pants played a role in Jameis’ worst performances when he was in Tampa? Wondering since the Saints are twice set for that combo and there are no other times the combo is scheduled.

Mb Nfl Double Your First Deposit Football Team Vs Bucs Pewter 728x90 Jpg