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    Isn’t this story a little late?

  2. 2


    I was hoping to see what Smith could do as a dedicated 3rd down pass rusher if he stayed healthy.

  3. 3


    Scubog I agree. Can you say Michael Bennett. Oh bucs, please don’t let this happen. Meathead….

  4. 4


    Looks like GM John Lynch likes what he has seen previously and is willing to pay more; the question now is how high do the Bucs go in matching an offer if given? I wouldn’t go too high because so far we know he can’t play a whole season.

  5. 5

    Buc 1976

    1.7 mill. Goes ALOT farther in Florida!!

  6. 6


    I’d like to see Smith back in pewter … but at the same time, he was a UDFA and Jason Licht has a keen nose for quality UDFAs, and there’s always a supply of them. Plus this year’s draft is teeming with quality defensive line talent. If Smith thinks he would do better at a team with completely dysfunctional ownership and a completely unproven GM (as much as we all like John Lynch as a player here, and as a former broadcaster, I have very strong doubts about the abilities of any ex-player to bypass years of front office experience and start in at the very pinnacle of front office positions and instantly succeed), then he is certainly free to pursue a RFA offer.

  7. 7


    The only question I keep asking myself is if John Lynch and the SF like him, does that mean his injuries are healed and is he ready to resume his carreer where he left off when he was our sack leader? He is still young, familiar with Smith’s system, and would fill in as a great rotational player (Like the rest of our DL with the exception of GMC). We have the cap room and like some mentioned above I too still get nauseated when I think of Michael Bennett. Guess I need to go on record, Pay him what it takes. Can never have too many Edge rushers.

  8. 8


    3.5 mil would be my jump off point I guess.. If he can make the turn around that GMC made from injury prone to reliable than he’s worth at least 6 in my mind. Michael Bennett is exactly what I’m thinking about. 5 mil is all it took to get him from us and we all know we’d have paid double seeing what he’s done now. Smith can be a beast in this league. Hopefully he gets there and hopefully with us.

  9. 9


    First time Im hearing about it Skipper. BTW, how much did it cost u to read this news?

  10. 10


    I think with the emergence of Spence (Ayers and Gholston at the other DE), Smith is looking at minimal snaps in pewter. I’d take him as a capable backup, but I think that’s what he’s looking at on our team…and I’m not sure how a backup, situational DE does better than 7 sacks, so if SanFran is willing top pay him to start (and have a crack at 7 sacks), they just might get him.

  11. 11


    I like to see the 49rs offer him a modest three or four year contract that we can match. Let them do the dirty work.

  12. 12


    The 49ers have a lot of cash to burn but then so do the Bucs.
    But lets remember, Smith is coming off an ACL tear and it took Darrel Reavis over a year to fully rehab from his. A year in which he spent making $16 million for the Bucs.
    We don’t have so much talent on the DL to just let him pack his bags, however, even though he seems to only have one move which is a speed move to the outside to get to the QB/
    Lets see how much the 49ers are willing to pay a DL coming off an ACL injury and an operation who has never played an entire season.

  13. 13

    Freeman Strickland

    Matching a four year deal without a lot of guaranteed money would be great for the Bucs.

  14. 14


    Like Michael Bennett, he was originally was an undrafted free agent who started his career slowly then had some success as a pass rusher. However, Smith has never been able to stay on the field for long due to injuries. Last season he didn’t make it past game one. If this trend continues, isn’t it better to be on the 49ers IR than ours?

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      Well put. Also Bennett was bigger and stronger.

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