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Mark Cook currently is the director of editorial content and Bucs beat writer and has written for PewterReport.com since 2011. Cook has followed the Buccaneers since 1977 when he first began watching football with his Dad and is fond of the 1979 Bucs team that came within 10 points of going to a Super Bowl. His favorite Bucs game is still the 1979 divisional playoff win 24-17 over the Eagles. In his spare time Cook enjoys playing guitar, fishing, surfing and family time at the beach. In addition, Cook can be found in front of a television or in Doak Campbell any time the FSU Seminoles are playing. Cook is a native of Pinecrest in Eastern Hillsborough County and has written for numerous publications including the Tampa Tribune, In the Field and Ya'll Magazine. Cook can be reached at [email protected]

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    Not surprised – even if a cadre of Licht critics live here on the comment pages of PR, most people, both media and fans recognize the very good work Jason’s done. The standard in drafting is certainly not perfection – not when half of all first round picks fail in the NFL, and a far lower percentage make it across the other rounds. Jason’s done better than that.

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      I liked that word choice, “cadre” Naples. I totally agree with you that when one is judging the performance of a GM and his staff one needs to compare it to the more typical levels achieved by his fellow GM’s. Selecting nothing but star players is not the standard and should in no way be expected. But here, even when a drafted player becomes a solid starter it’s not good enough.

      Of course the real report card is wins vs losses. Under Licht’s direction we have gone from a team with the first overall pick to a team that was a bogus defensive holding call from reaching the play-offs. Anyone who goes to the games can feel the difference in the “culture”. We could sense its’ “startling metamorphosis” as David Banner would say, as the team developed swagger and a bit of ‘tude as the season went on.

      Yes, the Roberto pick was unconventional and so far looks like a poor choice, but at the time I actually understood the logic of solidifying the kicker position. All GM’s have Draftees that fail (ASJ) and some that surprise (Alexander). I’m looking for this Draft class to be the one that fills in the missing parts to the puzzle. Me, I like Christian McCaffrey because he fills three pieces in one.

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        I applaud both scubog & Naplesfan for your well worded and thoroughly thought through responses above. We need more of this on the PR Board Go Bucs!

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    Overall I believe Licht has done a very good job; sure he has missed a couple picks, but that’s no big deal. I believe if a Poll was taken Licht, numbers on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the highest , he would be somewhere between 8 or 9.

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    Congrats to the guys that made the list, but the news on a few other websites is who didn’t make it – like MLB Kwon Alexander who felt snubbed. And Kwon didn’t like it one bit either which prompted him to fire off a tweet to Elliot Harrison.

    Kwon Alexander ✔ @Showtime17Kwon
    @HarrisonNFL @gregauman @HotRod256 yea! Why no Kwon you tell me what I’m doing wrong sir!?
    5:13 PM – 22 Mar 2017

    I won’t get into whether he should have made the list or not, But I would tell Kwon to keep playing angry, with a chip and sooner or later they will have to recognize you! Go Bucs!

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      When I read the headline, I figured the 3 would be Winston, Evans and Alexander.

      I’m sorry but I do not give Licht much credit for Winston or Evans, every analyst and mock draft had them at the spots they were picked.

      Marpet he gets credit for. We will never know if he had to traded up to get him.

      At the time I thought the Alexander was a good pick, because he was a team captain for a big time program in the 4th round. But Alexander turned out to be a great pick and Licht deserves BIG PROPS.

      But Alexander is also the reason I’m critical of Licht. The Bucs scouting department seems to be very good a finding gems in the middle rounds. Licht likes to trade up and ends up forfeiting some of those picks. I would like to see him acquire some based on past results.

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    Jason licht is an awesome general manager!!! Dirk Koetter is an awesome coach!!! Both genuinely great guys!!! Glazers Love this team!!! Players wanna play for this team and each other!!! The organization as a whole is moving on up and will be a juggernaut for years to come. They all want greatness and are truely building it year by year. I have the upmost trust and faith in all of them. Bucs will be relevant for years to come!!! Go BUCS!!!!

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    Think Kwon should have been on the list also. The line backers chosen are good, just think Kwon is better. Hope he stays pissed off and shows the league who is the boss!!!!

    1. 5.1


      If Kwon wouldn’t have whiffed on so many tackles and played better in pass coverage he would have made the list.

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    Yes, Kwon got snubbed. That article is heavily biased because it is meant to generate broad enthusiasm for the NFL. Even the greatest sport in America is not immune to click-bait revenue. If you are writing such an article you cannot have one team own over 15% of the spots.

    The only minus on Alexander is his suspension, which he owned like a professional. The Bucs were awful without him and I think that ironically boosts his value. He flourished as a young player under a new coordinator. Heck, he even looked good when Lovie was in charge.

    Let’s root for him to stay healthy and prove the nfl.com talking heads to be idiots.

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    The best home run hitters strike out now, and then. Disagree with Naplefan that Licht critics live here on the comment pages of PR. I find this site as having some of the most well informed Buc fans there are. I hope Naplefan is still on board should Licht select a first round running back, there by cutting Martin, and god forbid move Marpet to center.

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      I haven’t been a fan of all of Licht’s picks at the time they were made, nobody would be totally in agreement with all picks, with a diversity of opinion about needs and the value of individual players. Several picks that I wasn’t keen on initially turned out well anyway, and as it’s said, “all’s well that ends well”. As I wrote, the standard for GMs is not perfection.

      My personal opinion is that a running back in the first is a low value pick as witnessed with the Buc’s very own experience with its last two first round pick running backs – but I have also said repeatedly here that I have a great deal of faith in Licht’s judgment even when it differs from my own.

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    Buc 1976

    I would give GM JL a grade of B-! The reasoning being two picks AJS and Roberto, but getting Kwon in Rd 4 A++.
    I also think the loss of his right hand man Jon R. Was a big loss.
    I trust JL and look forward to the upcoming draft! I think we all maybe a little surprised with the outcome but it hopefully will be positive.

  9. 9


    I hope that suited-up Licht keeps jumping into his pool with his family after the draft for years to come…

  10. 10

    Buc 1976

    I read a article about 11 players that didn’t get invited to the Combine. Two players were very interesting.
    #1- S David Jones 6’3″ 210 lbs 40 4.34, 10’9″ B jump,34″ vertical those are top 10 numbers. He broke his arm in 2016 but in 2015 had 9 int’s. He played at Richmond but dominated. #2 Jimmie Gilbert Colorado LB 6’5″ 230 4.62-40,37.5 V. 2016 10.5 sacks,16 QB pressed and 6 forced fumbles but needs to get stronger I have no idea where they maybe drafted but if around 5-7 get one. Go Bucs

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    Agreed, while the draft is far from an exact science, Licht has done very well for us over his tenure. Winston and Evans may have been easy picks but Marpet and Kwon showed his ability to get quality in less obvious places. One more good draft to follow this great FA period and we’re right in the mix atop the division.

    The fact Kwon was snubbed doesn’t surprise me…David has been snubbed for years as well in NFL circles. The fact is, they are not household names…yet. A fire has been lit under Kwon and hopefully David as well. 2017 will be a good year to be a Bucs fan no doubt.

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    I remember Kwon was also snubbed in the Cowboys game this past season.
    All the announcers did was talk about how many tackles the Cowboys MLB Sean Lee was making but by the end of the game Kwon had more plus a fumble he caused when he put a wallop on TE Jason Witten.
    I would give Licht a B since his arrival.
    I would have given him a B plus or even an A- minus if it wasn’t for that pick of Arroyo. Even of he pans out and becomes the kicker we need, drafting any kind of a kicker in the second round was a reach this team really couldn’t afford.
    I don’t knock him for the ASJ pick. One DUI doesn’t make you an alcoholic, but two pretty much seals the deal.
    ASJ failed himself and if he hasn’t gone through any type of rehab, joined AA or stopped drinking, the problem is going keep haunting him until he does.

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    I dont share the same rose colored Licht glasses that some do so I have no problem being different. Praising him for drafting Jameis is easy but let’s not absolve him of the worst offseason in team history the year prior that gutted a competing team and made them the worst team in the league. Also his choice was between Jameis and Mariotta, both have seen successful so it’s not like he won the Peyton Manning Ryan Leaf sweepstakes he chose the hometown kid with passion on a team that needed leadership, obvious pick! Mike Evans was a great find but every mock draft had him slotted to us so it wasn’t rocket science, it was the obvious pick. Finding Marpet would be great if he didnt destroy a very good line that featured Penn and Zuttah only to replace them with lesser players in terms of production. Lovie was the guy who demanded we select Kwon when he was still on the board and this site reported that so no Im not giving him credit for appeasing his coach and it working out. My issue is that this site picks and chooses the defense for Licht, one year the free agents are terrible but thats on the head coach then we have a better summer last year all the praise goes his way. He got the job because he was a draft/personnel guru yet his first draft was Mike Evans, ASJ, Charles Sims, Kadeem Edwards, Pamphile and Robert Herron. PR can keep presented partial facts but Ill fill in the blanks for whomever is interested.

    1. 13.1


      so your’e not giving him any props for any picks, and discrediting him for the bad free agency. If you think those free agent picks his first year, didn’t have almost everything to do with Lovie’s choices, you’re crazy. People seem to forget, Lovie basically hired LIcht and had final say over the 53 man roster. Those crap players, like Michael Johnson and blowing up the line, was a good chunk about Lovie. Look at every year Lovie has coached at any team, their offensive lines have been Horrible. Yeah Licht has missed, but you have to give props when props are due. He drafted Ali after trading up for him, a kid from division 2. Then you give Lovie credit for Kwon , you can’t have it both ways. You’re putting every failure on Licht and everything that h’s done well, you pass off as something else outside of him picking. And don’t act like Jameis was an easy pick. With all of the “off the field stuff” and mariota’s squeaky clean image, that was no slam dunk pick as you claim it was. And then you bash PR for picking and choosing while you just did the exact same thing. Gave that bum Lovie credit for the hits, and Licht the knocks for the misses.

    2. 13.2


      He can get credit all he wants but the only draft picks he’s hit on have been the obvious ones. Kwon was a Lovie draft pick per this website so if Im misquoting information then it came from this very website. Jameis and Mike Evans were obvious choices to me, I was never on the fence about Jameis but either way they walk away with a legit young QB is my point. We didnt dodge some great draft day bust by selecting Jameis over MM, we certainly got the better guy but still it was truly a cant miss selection. I understand all the problems that came with Lovie and believe me there were plenty but we have the same OL as when Lovie was here so if he swung and missed on soooo many guys why are they all in large part still here? Licht biggest upgrade to the OL since Lovie was gone is JR Sweezey who Ive only seen in a Bucs jersey on Madden. Our improvement has been bc of better coaching and hitting on obvious picks, not some miraculous job Licht has done. He found a TE as an undrafted FA but missed on the one we selected in the 2nd round. He found Kwon in the 4th but selected the worst statistical kicker in the league in the 2nd round. When it’s obvious he can usually follow the trend but his actual moves as a GM have been nothing but a scattered bag.

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