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    How did we not bring in another OL last week? Dotson’s done for the season.

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    Now just how does Horse know Dotson is “done for the season”? If that’s the case, as questionable as his play has been this season, his Buccaneer career could be nearing the end.

    They added Kyler Kerbyson to the Practice Squad. Does that count? You got any names for Licht to call? You think someone off the street could be more effective? I suspect Wester is getting a crash course. They kept him on the roster for a reason. As Sheldon Cooper would say, knock, knock, “Leonard………Leonard” .

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    If Dotson can’t play tomorrow, it’s a problem, one that Coach Koetter has acknowledged. There will have to be a work-around, possibly moving some other players around from their customary positions, maybe keeping an extra tight end (Alan Cross?) in the formations. Maybe rely more on quicker three step slant passes, maybe more draw plays (which we haven’t used much of this season).

    Of course, the very best way to minimize the damage of a weakened offensive line is for the defense to play lights out.

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