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    Why is Jacquizz Rodgers not getting more carries? He has a full 1.5 more yards per carry than Martin and is still the team’s leading rusher despite not even being active last week. Salary shouldn’t dictate carries.

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      Dirk doesn’t pay any attention to salaries – he couldn’t care less what the front office pays any of his players. He pays attention to the players. He knows them far better than you or I do. If he thought Rodgers would produce better than Martin, he would give more carries to Rodgers. And at the end of the day and end of the season, Dirk Koetter will be held accountable for how he coaches and uses his players.

      As for Rodgers, we don’t know how well he’s recovered the injury that put him on the bench. Maybe he’s 100%, maybe not. Dirk would know that, we don’t. Also, how good of a pass blocker is Rodgers compared to Winston? Winston is pretty good in that department. I don’t recall Rodgers’ performance in pass blocking. Given the injury depleted offensive line, and if Martin is the better blocker, that might explain why he gets the bulk of the snaps.

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        Oops – brain fart .. meant to say, on subject of pass blocking, Martin is good in that department, obviously not Winston. Darn lack of an edit button!

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    We all hope so. If the Buccaneers cannot run against the Saints it’s going to be very hard to win that game. All this talk about the playoffs is premature IMO. What matters, the ONLY thing that matters, is the game on Christmas Eve in New Orleans. And to win it, the Buccaneers are going to have to run the ball successfully. They will need to control the clock, keep the ball out of Brees’ hand and make play action viable.

    It’s huge and if Doug can’t do it the Buccaneers need to have Rodgers active to be ready to contribute.

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    Garv, I hear you and agree; just not sure where they find another RT that will be effective. The Saints are going to play seven men up tight on the LOS. We surely are in trouble; hate to be negative, but somehow we have to find a way to win with our defense. Go Bucs!

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    I do think Doug Martin is “running hard” as Dirk notes. In spite of the effort, the desired results are nowhere near being accomplished. After being so effective running the football last season, even with a rookie QB, the only thing different, as Dr.D pointed out, is the insertion of Panphile for Mankins at LG. So, is that the source of the stymied running game?

    As Naples said, we don’t know if Rodgers is still nursing an injury. I do think his pass protection skills are sufficient enough to remove that from the equation when evaluating the overall effectiveness of both RB’s. Teams seem to be more focused on stacking the line of scrimmage to stifle the run with our passing game so dependent on Mike Evans. No matter which back is in the line-up, the center and left side of the line is getting stuffed. When the back is getting hit before, or as soon as he hits the line of scrimmage, it would appear that the deficiency lies with the blockers and not the ball carrier.

    This is no time to start shuffling the offensive line creating even more disarray. What’s being put on display must be getting Jason Licht thinking about drafting offensive linemen early and often unless he’s pinning his hopes on Benenoch to replace one of the weak links.

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