The 2020 season ended just five days ago in a Super Bowl Championship for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but they aren’t wasting much time preparing for the 2021 campaign. On Friday, the Bucs signed three free agents, including former practice squad running back C.J. Prosise. In addition to the former Seahawks and Texans running back, the Bucs also signed defensive tackle Sam Renner and center Donell Stanley.

Prosise spent three weeks on the Bucs practice squad during the month of January, but was released about a week before the Super Bowl. A former third round pick out of Notre Dame by the Seattle Seahawks, Prosise’s wide receiver background and receiving ability likely has the interest of head coach Bruce Arians, but staying healthy has been an issue for the five-year pro. In 35 career games, Prosise has just 283 yards rushing and 411 yards receiving.

Renner and Stanley haven’t played a down yet in the NFL after being undrafted free agent signings last spring. Renner is a former Minnesota Golden Gopher, who played with Antoine Winfield Jr. and Tyler Johnson, picking up five sacks in his college career. Stanley hails from South Carolina, where he started 38 games and appeared in 50 for the Gamecocks, serving as a captain during his senior season.

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About the Author: Jon Ledyard

Jon Ledyard is's newest Bucs beat writer and has experience covering the Pittsburgh Steelers as a beat writer and analyzing the NFL Draft for several draft websites, including The Draft Network. Follow Ledyard on Twitter at @LedyardNFLDraft
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5 months ago

Dang man Prosise sounds so intriguing being from Notre Dame and great hands. Reading his injury history would make you think he’s a Bubble Boy or somethin Haha. He sprained his ankle a few times in a row, broke his Hand, Shoulder and Arm on separate occasions, sprained his groin and hip and had a hamstring injury. Geez Haha. If he’s stuck around this long after all that he must have talent, sounds like what we need at RB, but how do you keep him healthy?

Reply to  Spitfire
5 months ago

We have sports science and strength & conditioning staffs that have demonstrated that they can keep our guys on the field to a large degree. Maybe our coaches have confidence that they can do the same for others who are apparently injury prone. It has been little remarked upon by our local pundits but we have many players who have bulked up sucessfully in the past two years. We now have a physical team the like of which we have not seen for many years past. I would sure love to see a true list of the playing weights of… Read more »

5 months ago

It’s a good sign. One just never really knows if one of these guys can turnout to be a good if not great player given the opportunity.

Kramerica Industries
5 months ago

Prosise looked like a really promising player with the Seahawks in his rookie season, but some guys just don’t have the body to handle the NFL. Unfortunate. You can always say “well, hopefully injuries won’t be a problem in 2021”, but that’s based entirely on hope and not on his track record.

Reply to  Kramerica Industries
5 months ago

It seems we rarely see guys with an injury history like his ever just suddenly stay healthy. I think Frank Gore is the only player to have serious stuff like 2 ACL tears and turn out to play forever. Doesn’t hurt to have em around at least. I’m excited to hear us lock down the necessities here and see what we need from the Draft!

Alldaway 2.0
5 months ago

Pete Carroll was high on him for a long time. Lets see if sports science can rebuild CJ’s body.

5 months ago

Sounds like Jack and OJ Howard are going to have some company in the whirlpool and St. Joesph’s ER when Prosise joins the team.

5 months ago

Prosise has the skill, luckily he won’t be depended on to be a steady contributor which should help him stay off the injury list.

5 months ago

Dare Ogunbowale available? Special teams could use help.

5 months ago

Prosise is an upgrade over Shady McCoy, if only because of age. He’s fairly injury prone though. Take a look and see if he works out.

5 months ago

CJ Prosis is the kind of signing that might pay a dividend in one game and at his price point you’re happy with the signing. Football is often won on the margins. Just as probable he does nothing at all but, again, at his price point you don’t care.

Last edited 5 months ago by PatrioticChief