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    I like the bold move by the Bucs to let the world know, no position is safe due to draft pedigree. Earn it.

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      We actually traded UP to get this stiff which PR defended. Guys sorry you were just wrong. I like and respect Licht but drafting RA was a HUGE mistake. Lets’ take off our Garnett colored glasses. Everyone that comes out of FSU is NOT a great NFL prospect.

      1. 1.1.1


        You either hate Jameis and FSU or your hate for Jameis is so great, it bleeds over into bashing FSU players. Newsflash, Berto wasn’t drafted because there is some FSU conspiracy within the Bucs front office. It was a bad pick, but not because he went to FSU. Licht made a mistake. Pipe down.



          Actually, Roots, the Aguayo pick isn’t officially a “bad pick” yet.

          It was a pick that didn’t deliver expected value in its first season, that is clearly true. If Aguayo picks up his game, wins the competition against Folk in pre-season, and then goes on to have a better than average career thereafter, it will turn into a “good pick”.

          On the other hand, if Aguayo flames out in the competition against Folk in pre-season, and then gets cut, it will have been proven a “bad pick”.

          Right now, the Aguayo pick is not good, but final score to be determined.



            It’s not “officially” a bad pick yet, however, Agauyo was the worst kicker in the NFL. Licht traded two premium draft picks so that he could put the worst kicker in the NFL on his team for 2016. No amount of Scott Reynolds rationalization and mortar kick articles will take that fact back.

            If Aguayo manages to legitimately beat out Nick Folk to start his second year with the Bucs it will be more improbable than the Bad News Bears or Mighty Ducks turning things around.

            And as an FSU alum, Licht’s stupid evaluation has nothing to do with what teams player is good or not. If Licht drafts FSU WR Travis Rudolph before the 6th round this year (and I’m being nice) I’d criticize him just as well.

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    David DeLeon

    May the best roster be on the field well one.

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    As Sheriff Buford T. Justice once said, “That, is an attention getter”.

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    Hard to say what happens, but I thought they should moved sooner. Didnt like Aguayo pick. For sure didn’t like his kicking last year. If I had to guess Aguayo will continue to struggle this season and be replaced at some point.

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    Good to have competition for the kicker job … it used to be that we had multiple kickers trying out for the job just about every season, if for no other reason than to have a good backup, or to replace someone who wasn’t getting it done any longer.

    Has anybody heard why exactly the Jets cut Folk? I haven’t seen an explanation yet.

    1. 6.1



      Two things! First, the Jets are in serious rebuild mode and in need of cap space. When the team released the 32-year old, the move freed up $3 million in salary cap space. At the time, the Jets were at $7.911 million under the projected team cap of $168 million, per OTC and as a result of a series of similar cuts now sit at 24.1mil under the cap.

      Second, Folk has been on a bit of a decline the last two seasons. In Week 8 of 2015, he suffered a season-ending quad injury during warmups against the Jaguars. Last year, he didn’t look the same. He made 27 of 31 field goals, and 10 of 11 extra points. He made just two of his four attempts from 50-plus yards. Folk missed an extra point and field goal in the Jets one-point, Week 1 loss to the Bengals.

      I think we Buc fans should take this for what it is. Competition for the Kicker position. Remember, Folk did not start out with the Jets. He was drafted by the Cowboys and after a couple of very good seasons, he declined miserably and was released only to be picked up by the Jets. I think we have to wait to see how this plays out. May the best man win!

      Excerpts taken from NJ.com.

      1. 6.1.1


        Thanks, Mac … shoulda known you’d have the lay of the land on this deal!



          Why is it that we have to rely on posters for insights like this, and the list of duds with the fastest combine speeds provided by another poster, instead of PR? It smells like an unwillingness or inability to think critically about information and situations.

          Combined with things lke using the bully pulpit yet again, this time on juvenile taunting about the offensive line – which once again COMPLETELY misses the point BTW – makes it impossible for me to give PR the respect it so clearly craves.

          Thank goodness for the insightful posts of many fellow members.

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    Alldaway 2.0

    Big upgrade.

    For a team struggling in the red zone this is big pick up.

  7. 8


    Never liked the use of the picks (not the player) but really hate to see a draft choice fail. I’m hoping that this will help Aquayo and that he wins the job so it doesn’t seem like the picks were wasted and we get a kicker that can kick for us for years. But if he struggles again, then so be it, we go with Folk and hopefully have a good year.

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    We can all lament the pick of Berto, but it won’t change anything. We all know it was a terrible pick. I like that Licht is sending a message to his team, produce or someone else will. Berto can be a great kicker, but he has to get it together. Foles will push him to step up or get fired.

    1. 9.1


      Didn’t foles sign with the eagles? How would a QB push a kicker to step up?

      1. 9.1.1


        Good call. I meant Folk. Think my pone autocorrected.

  9. 10


    It’s all in Aguayo’s head and I’m not sure he can handle the pressure. Some kickers just can’t handle the pressure; he may be one of them. Go Bucs!

  10. 11


    I know it’s not the popular thing, but I’m rooting for Aguayo and I hope that the competition brings out the best in his game. I do think that whether the Bucs cut him or not, that he will end up with a long career in the NFL, I personally hope that it’s with the Bucs.

    1. 11.2


      e – You’re right … it’s never a good thing to root against any player, especially one of our Bucs. Too many fans try to turn their commentary into a good guy/bad guy thing, rooting for some and against others. They’re all trying to succeed, and sometimes they have obstacles to overcome (injury, off the field stuff). It’s an extremely tough business, my hats off to all of them.

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    John McKay once cut one of his kickers, Pete Rajecki, because Rakecki said that he was nervous to kick in front of McKay during practice. McKay’s response to me media, “I plan to attend all the games.”

    Have to wonder if Aguayo has a little Rajecki in him. Glad that he will have to kick under pressure during camp. Better to flesh this out in the summer then deal with it in the fall.

    1. 12.1


      I remember that one well thewbacca, but my favorite was when Billy Capece cost us the 1983 Packers game then Capece cost us the Lions game a week later. McKay brought in offensive guard George Yarno to kick the extra point and announced “Capece is caput”.

      I for one hope Roberto does the things he needs to do to become the kicker Licht thought we were getting when he boldly made the selection. While I was surprised by the move, having seen Roberto calmly nail kicks at FSU, I thought he just might have a greater long term impact than the assortment of failed 2nd round picks we’ve had here.

      I actually think Roberto’s lofty draft status is what contributed to his struggles. When he missed his first NFL kick it seemed to totally get in his head. Unlike Jameis’ who was able to bounce back after his first NFL pass was a pick-6. Rookie kickers often bounce around the league a few years before settling down. Martin Gramatica was the exception, not the rule. Let’s see how if plays out. It’s refreshing to have a GM able to move on from a plan that didn’t turn out as expected. I’m sure he will have no reservations of repeating the words of the Soup Nazi, “Adios Muchacho”.

      I never thought we should have let Matt Bryant go. As Ronde says, “It is what it is.”

  12. 13


    I don’t even see PR defending this pick anymore. Like I said before, we could have sent a 2nd round pick to the Cowboys for an established kicker instead of drafting an unproven kicker. Kicking in the NFL (e.g. K-Ball) is a lot different than college. Most games are decided by 3 points. When he was kicking at FSU, they were ahead big most of the time, so there was virtually no pressure..

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    I hope Licht has learned to stop being cute with draft picks. Stop trading up and losing draft picks. Stop thinking the player you want, other teams will select before you. Let the draft come to you. Trade down at times and collect picks for this year or next. Don’t pick special need players (FB, K, P, KR, PR) – focus on the core positions.

    1. 14.1


      Uhhh …. Licht DID trade down, on his first rounder (VHIII) and used the extra pick he gained from that trade to move up from early in the third to late in the second to get Aguayo.

  14. 15


    Folk was brought in for competition no doubt, but I believe there’s an alternative motive. Folk is a seasoned vet, he’s someone Berto can learn from. We could’ve brought in a younger leg, but this signing is two fold. Competition, and a guy who can show the kid how pro kickers need to approach the game.

  15. 16


    Scubog I agree on Bryant. Never should been cut. Also be nice to have Michael Bennett here still….lol.

    As far as guys here saying Folk is in decline… maybe, but I’ll take his 87% over Aguayo 71% any day Lol.

    Aguayo is a head case. He can’t take pressure and that is death sentence for a FG kicker that has games placed in their hands at the end frequently. Similar to golf. I play. It’s a mental game. Lose confidence or allow distractions and your dead.

  16. 17


    Legitimate competition. A good thing. Either Roberto handles it and wins the job or he doesn’t. Either way, the Buccaneers improved themselves at the position. BTW, Folk is 32 years old. Hardly in decline for a kicker.

    This another good signing for Jason Licht this winter.

  17. 18

    Buc 1976

    The move up was a good move, But we needed PLAYERS not a kicker. Conner Barth had a good year. With that pick we could have gotten A WR such as Shepherd who went to NY Giants or a safety. Worst use of a pick since Booker!

  18. 19


    I was ambivalent about the pick of Aguayo although I hoped he would turn into a steady kicker like Janikowski of the Raiders.
    Who knows, he still might.
    But I never did like the idea of spending a No. 2 on the kid when the team had much greater needs.
    Still, if he starts nailing FG’s like Janikowski, all of this negative hubbub will cease.
    Kickers mentality and skill set is much like golfers. I have stood over golf shots I felt great about and nailed them and then I have stood over some shots I didn’t feel so confident in and the end result was pretty much how I felt about the shot to begin with.
    Kickers are pretty much the same and so are their fundamentals.
    Get with it kid, the overwhelming number of Buc fans want you to succeed.

  19. 20


    I have just leave it at Michael Thomas or Roberto Aguayo. I thought they were moving up for a WR.

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