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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    If the Bucs take John Ross in the first round, it will be a disappointing pick. He has some nice highlights and SR made some really good points about the importance of WR depth and the need for speed, but his injury history can’t be overlooked. Two torn meniscus and microfracture surgery? Yikes. The Bucs are in prime position to take a top CB at 19. If D. Jax goes down, the Bucs MIGHT struggle on offense with Evans, Brate, Humphries, Martin, Rodgers and Huff/Dye. If VH3 or Grimes goes down, the Bucs will be in dire straights. CB is the clear value/need at that spot, not WR.

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      I will piggyback one thought into my argument…

      Can you name this WR? 5’10, 185lbs, 4.25 in the 40-yard dash and entering his 3rd year in the NFL as a former first round draft pick of the Indianapolis Colts…

      Hint: He is T.Y Hilton’s backup.
      Hint: He graduated from University of Miami.

      If you guessed Phillip Dorsett, YOU WIN!

      Former GM Ryan Grigson made a huge mistake drafting this player in the first round. It was thought at the time that adding Dorsett with Andrew Luck, TY Hilton, Andre Johnson, Donte Moncrief, Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen, and Frank Gore would make the Colts unstoppable. Fast forward and you know that is not how it has worked out. I would venture a guess that the Bucs could trade a conditional 6th round pick to the Colts new GM for the former 1st rounder if backup speed is the priority.

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    An early fab 5, nice Scott.

    Your opening fab 1 about the WR corps & 1 injury away is what I have been most concerned about. I do believe the BUCS should get aggressive to snag 1 of the top 3 WR in the 1st round. Ross is my least favorite though. Injury riddled throughout his college career, and the NFL hits harder. Alabama shut him down in the bowl game as he couldn’t handle press coverage, which will be better in the NFL. I know you can’t teach speed, but there are a lot of buts with Ross. Remember J. Green from FL? My pick would be to trade up to get Davis…he has the “it” factor, and is as complete a WR as there is in the draft. My 2 cents. Also, I hope the BUCS draft 2 WR in the first 4 rounds.

    I also will disclose my homer hat by saying I’m a GATOR. I do think drafting M Maye in the 2nd round would be a perfect fit for the BUCS at safety, and the first 2 picks would address the BUCS biggest needs with top end talent.

    I agree with Licht & Koetter about the BUCS OL, and know I’m in the minority here. They are young, and if they continue to develop they could be a solid unit. Smith has a lot of improvement to do, but if the coaches believe he’ll continue to grow (they have their employment on the line) then we have to have faith. I do believe our center position is the weakest, but if they move Ali to the center & start Sweezey & Pamphile at guards that improves things quite a bit.

    I’ll put my customary plug in for Mixon, and again I know I’m in the minority here. Dude is just that good.

    as always, in LICHT we TRUST! GO BUCS

    1. 2.1


      I agree Davis is a much better WR than Ross and I would love to have him on this team but there isn’t a player in this draft worth multiple draft picks to acquire in the first round. There isn’t a scenario where we should trade up to get a player in the first round.

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    Hard pass on taking a speed receiver early. With needs at Running Back, Safety, Corner, and arguably DE (and O Line cough cough SR), that is a luxury this team shouldn’t take.

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    Ross has bust written all over him. He has major injury concerns and is not a natural pass catcher due to his tiny hands. Please look elsewhere in round 1

  5. 5

    Buc 1976

    Willis looks good but where do we take him? As far as WR rounds 1-3 their are many not 4.22 speed but 4.44 is their that is a difference of less than a blink of an eye. Zay Jones comes to mind and some others. Some WR get in and out of their breaks quickly and that can be as good football wise.Also Ross knees need to really be considered.

    1. 5.1

      Buc 1976

      As I look at all projections, 3 things Bucs could do. One trade up to #10 Buffalo and get OJ Howard maybe A second rd.2018 pick OJ I personally think can help THAT MUCH. #2. Stay at 19 get best player available that can start. #3 trade down get best player available.

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    Totally on board with drafting Ross in the first round if he’s available. Played injury free his last season, fastest WR in college ball and will be the fastest WR in the NFL as a rookie. Great coachability too, and the mentoring relationship is already established with our no. 2 WR.

    If Ross isn’t available at 19, then I’m all for any of the other top WRs that are BPA in round one. This is the year to re-create the greatest show on turf! Jameis Winston is certainly up for that, and while he still has a few more years of development to go before he hits his prime, recognize that the original GSOT was quarterbacked by a guy who never played a snap in the NFL, and who ended up MVP of both the league and of the Super Bowl, and is now a yellow jacket owner. We could make a massive leap in both Jameis’ career and for the entire offense this season. Why not?

    I like Willis a lot, not at 19, but if none of the first round worthy WRs are available at 19, then perhaps a trade down to get him late in the first or to use as trade capital to trade up in the second round. Willis seems like a real “value pick”, the kind like Noah Spence that other teams overlook and then we get’em at a value slot.

    1. 6.1


      I have to agree with you this time Naples. If John Ross is considered the best player when Jason Licht is pondering a name to write on the card, turn it in with John Ross. At this point in their careers I doubt any college player has been injury free. Ross’ knees sure looked good to me as they went up and down to record the fastest Combine time ever. Yet folks here, none of whom are likely to be orthopedic surgeons, would be scared off because he had an injury history. No one can predict future injury just because of a past one.

  7. 7


    I would not be a fan of Ross in the 1st. He is another version of Tyler Lockett who does make big plays here and there but is not consistent. Lockett had over 1500yds his Senior year. Checkout his highlight reel. Really similar to Ross.

    1. 7.1


      Or, you know … Ross could also be just like DeSean Jackson, who’s produced 6 1,000+ yard seasons in 9 years of NFL play, and has led the entire league in YPA over his entire career, including last season yet again, and also led the league last year in explosive, 20+ yard pass receptions.

      You know who would know that Ross is just like DeSean Jackson? None other than DeSean Jackson, quoted “he’s just like me, only faster”.

      1. 7.1.2


        Or he could be like Phillip Dorsett who the colts drafted in the first round based on speed and he could end up injury half the time. See, I can make up what if’s too? Just because it’s your opinion Naples doesn’t make it right. Stop acting like the scout that none of us are and respect people’s opinions.



          My opinion is worth nothing. But you’re trying to be clever and change this around to an argument over whose opinion here on the comment threads at PR is “worth more”- which is certainly not what I am saying here. I am quoting facts and referencing the expert opinions of those who know far more than any of us mere fans will ever know.

          Nice try at diversionary tactics – not!

          It is the opinion of the vast majority of the draft experts, who rate Ross as either first or second best WR in this year’s draft, one of the strongest WR drafts in many years, certainly does matter. And it also matters that our recently acquired no. 2 WR, who know Ross better than anybody on the Bucs, strongly and enthusiastically endorses Ross,

  8. 8


    Thanks Scott, good Fab 5.
    Fab 1&2: concerns as to playing healthy in the NFL and can adding weight while not compromising speed and quickness.
    Yes, you were right about Hawley; he still is the weakest link on the OL.
    Lastly, love Bonefish and we eat there often.
    Go Bucs!

  9. 9

    David DeLeon

    Ross looks good on his highlight videos but when you look at other highlight videos like Colorado’s CB against Washington he only makes a couple plays a game.
    Best player available not named Ross

  10. 10


    John Ross is both intriguing and worrisome at the same time. His speed & big play ability can’t be denied, but I do have some concern over his knee issues. If his medicals check out, then if he’s there, I’ll welcome him to the squad. Him in the slot alongside Evans & DJax would be amazing. I’m all for BPA at 19 or potentially trading back in the 1st.

    Didn’t have any info on Willis before this Fab 5, so thanks for the in depth breakdown. Seems like a good player. Will go watch some of his tape. We definitely need an EDGE player in this draft. We need a replacement for Ayers and someone to get to the QB.

    As far as the OL is concerned, saying “I told you so” doesn’t mean the OL isn’t in need of upgrading. Lol. I believed the PR reports about the front office liking the OL depth. I still don’t agree. C and RT need to be upgraded. I love Hawley’s toughness & fight, but he is limited as a C. Dot certainly had issues at RT last year, and now he’s a year older. Not a great combo. My hope is that Caleb can take over RT duties and either Ali or Gott challenge Hawley/Smith at C. Sweezy is the wild card in my opinion. Dude is a monster in run blocking, but a bit of a liability in pass pro. If he can come back healthy the OL can be better. It’s a risk going into the season without upgrading, but hopefully it works out.

  11. 11


    Two torn meniscus’ and an ACL… before he’s drafted? Too much risk for our first round pick. I see him as fragile and can’t see him being a long-term producer in the NFL. Good info on the SAM LB position. What if a guy like Rueben Foster slides to 19 somehow? Foster, Alexander, David? That could be a FAD that I’d like to see stick around for the Bucs.

    1. 11.1


      Uhh …. you do realize the knee injuries were two years ago, and he had by far his best season last year, not to mention the all time fastest 40 yard in the history of the NFL combine.

      1. 11.1.1


        All the speed in the world and he still can’t beat press coverage. Watch the Bama film and get back to me. Why do you put so much into the 40 yard dash? If how fast you ran equated to success, Derius Heyward Bay would be lighting up the NFL.
        Here’s your fastest 40 times the last 8 years
        JJ Nelson
        Dri Archer
        Marquis Goodwin
        Josh Robinson
        DeMarcus Van Dyke
        Jacoby Ford
        Darrius Heyward-Bey
        Not a single one of those players has made the pro bowl or impacted a team in any way shape or form. The 40 doesn’t mean much outside of being able to run a straight line fast.



          You apparently didn’t bother to read the actual article we’re commenting on, apparently, including comments from DeSean Jackson who has been personnally mentoring Ross. Or any other detailed draft analyses of Ross in the media.

          Virtually every mock drafter and draft prognosticator rates Ross as either best or second best WR prospect in the draft, neck and neck with Davis. In part because of Ross’s speed – which, by the way, cannot be coached or taught or developed, a player either has it or he doesn’t have it – and the rest because of his overall performance as a wide receiver and also as a kick returner.

          The bottom line is the bottom line. 1,150 yards receiving, 1,252 all purpose yards, 14.2 YPA. Four career return TDs.



            Read it more than you apparently, and why would I care who Desean wants on the team? I’ll tell you one thing if it’s who Jameis wants, VS who Deseasn wants, who do you think will be picked?
            Once again you’re deflecting and acting like you’re right no matter what, it’s kind of your thing. But that production means nothing if it’s against substandard competition. And your 40 time argument just got blown to bits too with the players I listed above.
            And if you are going to base your football acumen to what analysts think, then you shouldn’t even be debating here. These “experts also called Trent Richardson a sure thing. Johnny manzel was a first round talent. The “experts” are wrong all the time, I prefer to judge what my eyes tell me. I’m not a pro scout, but I make my own informed decisions.
            As for your state being the bottom line take those and scale them averaged over three years because his production almost entirely came this last year. The definition of a one year wonder. But I”m sure you’ll come on here and tell me how right you are again, it’s kind of your thing.

      2. 11.1.2

        Buc-n-Philly Fan

        History is a clear indicator of future expectations! Naplesfan, if someone doesn’t agree with you, you just keep coming back with the same stuff. People have different perspectives. #19 pick is too valuable for a risk such as this. There are too many other options with more value AND less risk.



          You are not using any logic at all, Buc-nPhily.

          The only “history” that is relevant is the history of John Ross. I can cite the history of hundreds of failed crappy receivers, and not a one of them affects the future of any other receiver prospect. Ditto for every position in football.

          We know what Ross did last year as junior at Washington. His performance speaks for itself. Ditto at the combine. Ditto at the Pro day and individual workouts he’s done.

          DeSean Jackson knows more about John Ross than anyone else associated with the Bucs today. He’s been mentoring him for a couple years now, just completed a series of pre-draft workouts with him, has watched his game tape and advised Ross on how to improve his game.

          Instead of arguing with me or creating fake irrelevent histories of players who are not named John Ross, you would be much better served and go back and read the first of today’s Fab 5 – this subject of this thread, after all – and try to learn something.


            Buc-n-Philly Fan

            Your ego/arrogance represents you well. The “history” of John Ross, as you so succinctly put it, is that he has had two different knee injuries, a micro-fracture surgery and this year a torn labrum surgery. That, my friend is TRUE history. That is an injury prone young man coming out after his junior year. That history will repeat itself. His only decent year was last year. Speed is fascinating but him being injury prone does not warrant a #19 pick. So maybe instead of you trying to “educate” everyone on here why they are wrong, why don’t you try to consider other folks point of view instead of trying to force feed everyone your point of view? I have read many of your posts and you bring some very valid perspectives but you also get something in your mind and you will not move off of that perspective no matter what is brought out. This is an opinion forum, not YOUR forum to jam stats and solely your opinion down everyone’s throat.



            I see what you did. Faced with a losing argument – i.e., that the history of some player or group of players predicts what another player will do in the future – you shift to attacking me. Sorry, but that fails as an argument.

            I simply point out obvious facts, and you don’t like them, so you try to make it personal. This isn’t about you or me but it is about facts.



          Buc don’t even try with Naples, we all know he’s right and we’re all wrong. Hell Ross injured himself running the damn 40 for goodness sake. He is the definition of injury prone.



            I don’t think past injury is any more than another historical fact to be considered as part of the overall evaluation. It doesn’t mean a player will automatically have a future injury any more than a player who has never been injured (if there are any) to expect to always be injury free in his career. History shows most, if not all, players will have injuries from time to time. Point for me is, take the best player at #19. If Licht considers John Ross to be that player then who are we to dispute it?

      3. 11.1.3


        So, you’re ready to roll the dice on him first round draft pick? Thanks, I’ll take McCaffery.



          I like him too. Love the versatility.



          Running backs on average typically have far shorter careers than any other players in football precisely because they get injured more often and more severely than other positions.

          Taking any running back in the first round is about the biggest rolling of the dice you can have in the draft.

          We only need look at the last two first round pick running backs the Bucs have selected in the last decade … Cadillac Williams, and Doug Martin. O out of 2 so far, due strictly to injury, not talent.

  12. 12


    Just info fellas! May not have anything to do with who they will ultimately pick or when. Just an observation. First mention of WR Chris Godwin. He has a private on campus workout today and a scheduled private visit (one of 30 allowed) to Tampa. Caveat Emptor – 2016 CB Hargreaves had no workout or private visit. You decide!

    Players interviewed at the Combine

    Michael Roberts, TE, Toledo (COM)
    Evan Engram, TE, Ole Miss (COM)
    David Njoku, TE, Miami (COM)
    Curtis Samuel, RB/WR, Ohio State (COM)
    JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, USC (COM)
    Tanoh Kpassagnon, DE/3-4DE, Villanova (COM)
    Caleb Brantley, DT/NT, Florida (COM)
    Marlon Mack, RB, South Florida (COM)

    Players with scheduled private visits to Tampa

    O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama (PRI)
    Jordan Willis, DE, Kansas State (PRI)
    Chris Godwin, WR, Penn State (PRI)

    Players who had Pro Day meetings

    Josh Tupou, DT, Colorado (PRO)
    Brian Hill, RB, Wyoming (PRO)
    Ryan Anderson, OLB, Alabama (PRO)

    Players who had on campus workouts

    Eric Wilson, OLB, Cincinnati (WOR)
    Tedric Thompson, SS, Colorado (WOR)
    Chris Godwin, WR, Penn State (WOR)

    Players who have local visits in Tampa (none yet)

    *All info per WalterFootball.com

    1. 12.1


      Godwin in the third round!!!!! One of my favorite college guys. Tough as hell.
      GO BUCS

    2. 12.2


      I would like to see them interview Mixon. I know his past. Remember Winston’s is worse. I think he is going to be better than the RBs that will be picked before him. I would take him in round 2.

      I would also try and trade the first round pick. If, for example, we traded it to Clv. The chart equivalent compensation would be their 2,3,4, which are all first picks of the round.

      1. 12.2.1


        Mixon had an excellent pro day. He has scheduled visits with the Bengals and Broncos. He will be drafted. If he passes muster with the Bucs, I would welcome him as a Buc.

      2. 12.2.2


        In what world was Winston’s past worse? He was acquitted by a jury thereby saying he did nothing wrong as far as the rape allegations. Id stay stealing crab legs is far better than smashing a girl in the face on video

  13. 13


    Not in agreement with the Scott’s notion that the Bucs have no interest in adding any talent to the offensive line, despite resigning both Hawley and Smith.

    Per Jenna Laine at espn – “I’m told that the Bucs met with and worked out WVU center Tyler Orlosky on Monday. 6-foot-3, 298 pounds. Three-year starter. Played both guard and center. Bucs value versatility with their offensive linemen, so that’s a plus.”

    1. 13.1


      Will Orlosky be there in the 5th round or later? Taking a center in this draft in the first 4 rounds when you have 3 or 4 other guys under contract that can do that job wouldn’t make much sense.

      1. 13.1.1


        I have no idea where Orlovsky could be drafted. Nobody has any idea on the later rounds, every year.

        What I know is that the Bucs worked him out, so they obviously have an interest in both Orlovsky as a player, and in the position for the draft. If they like what they saw in the workout, he’ll go on their draft board somewhere. Since Jason Licht said weeks ago their draft board was already done, they wouldn’t have worked out Orlovsky unless he was on it, or else the Bucs thought that he was better than somebody else already on their board at that position.

  14. 14


    Good Fab 5 Scott.
    I’d have to say no to Ross. I believe he will be toast in the NFL. Feel the same way about MaCCafry(spelled it wrong). To small and will be in the tub more than on the field.
    Jason keeps his cards pretty close to his vest, so maybe he is just blowing smoke to you. He may very well take an offensive lineman in the first. Teams can’t go wrong taking good linemen. Just a fact.
    Forrest Lamp is a good pick.
    Ramcyk, can’t go wrong with a Badger. That team can coach up some linemen. As a matter of fact Big Ten linemen are pretty good. All that corn up there.
    I’ll still profess my man crush on Mike Williams. Licht just needs to get him. If not Williams snatch up OJ Howard.
    My third choice in the first is Dalvin Cook. I’m not saying Cook would be sure thing, but he would be fun to watch.
    If all those players are gone, draft the best lineman available.
    It’s going to a blast to watch this year.

    1. 14.1


      McCaffrey is the same size as Dalvin Cook. Also he is faster. Also he has better hands. Also he has better production. Also he has no injury concerns like Cook. Also, he can be used on special teams to return kicks. Also, he has great bloodlines. Also, he is known to have an excellent work ethic. Cook will go late 1, early 2. McCaffery will go as high as 11 to the Saints or as low as 24 to the Raiders, but before Cook.

      1. 14.1.1


        I’ll admit it. I’m a homer for FSU. I suppose Mac would be fun to watch also. Licht will figure it out.
        GO BUCS

      2. 14.1.2


        Haha better production? No not even. He was faster than cook by .01, and weighs 8 pounds less, so there goes that argument. Cook played better defenses , and played behind a much worse offensive line, while still out producing Mccaffery. Great bloodlines? Well that just decides it then. Let’s draft guys because they have good bloodlines. And cook has a known excellent work ethic, that’s why he played his bowl game and didn’t sit out like Mccaffery.
        I’ll give you the special teams angle and Mccaffery is a better receiver, and cook isn’t bad. But I’ll guarantee you right now Cook goes before Mccaffery .



          5’11.25, 202 lbs, 9″ hands
          NCAA RECORD 3,864 All Purpose Yards – 2015 (Shattering Barry Sanders Record 3,650)
          2,019 Rushing Yards – 2015 (#2 in the nation)
          1,603 Rushing Yards – 2016
          0 Arrests

          5’10, 210 lbs, 9.25″ hands
          1,691 Rushing Yards – 2015
          1,765 Rushing Yards – 2016
          1 Arrest

          Kiper is on record this morning saying that all the NFL personnel executives he has talked to put McCaffery ahead of Cook.




            You forgot the ZERO conviction on that arrest. You also forgot to mention the bench which puts mccafery at about a small child in terms of NFL strength. The rushing stats zero themselves out as they both lead a year.
            I’ll give you the nod all day on versatility when it comes to Mccaffery, but again, your argument of speed and weight don’t mater so outside of Mccaffery’s ability to return punts, his value isn’t that much more in my mind. And definitely not at 19.
            I hope they put Mccaffery ahead of Cook, that’s a better chance of him falling, but if you think everything you hear around draft time is truth, well then I have some great beach front property for ya.
            It’s a apples to oranges situation. If Koetter thinks he can utilize Mccaffery in his offense, then he’ll be the pick, but from a pure running back in today’s NFL Cook being a 3 down back is just as important as using Mccaffery as a slot receiver slash gimmick back.
            Because we all know that he’s not a between the tackles runner.
            I’m not saying I’m right and you’re wrong, but this debate is a matter of preference and I would value a guy that can be an all down back as opposed to someone like Mccaffery. You value the later. We’re both right and it all depends on what Koetter wants to do.



            cg- Your argument is weak. My original post said they were about the same size. McCaffery is an inch taller and 8 lbs lighter. He IS faster, and not just in his 40. Watch the highlights. Also, McCaffery has a GPA at STANFORD north of 3.5. He has been more productive in the passing and rushing game by hundreds of yards every year. He has elite character and work ethic. Dalvin Cook is a poor mans Christian McCaffery, minus the special teams, inside rushing, burst, intelligence, hands, and character…obviously.



          The elephant in the room on this comparison is character. I’d go McCaffrey as the difference… and kick & punt returns thrown in.



          CG- see below and take off the Garnett colored glasses. Cook is no Zeke Elliot and has been less productive than McCaffery.

      3. 14.1.3


        Did you watch Dalvin Cook hit his second gear in college? I don’t care about 40 times, no way Christian is faster than Dalvin in pads on the field



          I watched Dalvin Cook fumble a lot. One NFC executive on NFL.com draft profile is quoted as saying, “Fumbles and arrests are a bad combination.” He fumbles on the field and has multiple arrests off the field. In a deep draft at RB, you can get a great RB later.



            I like brain hill

      4. 14.1.4


        You keep talking like dalvin missed multiple
        Games. Did you see how he shredded Clemson and Michigan last year? This is coming from a hurricane fan who hates Florida state. If that was with an injury concern I’d love to see him healthy. Everyone is so caught up on 40 times but football speed is much more important. I’m sure teams didn’t pass on jerry rice because he was “slow”

    2. 14.2


      McCaffrey is a lot bigger than Warrick Dunn. As I recall he did OK.

  15. 15


    Ross is literally one of my least favorite receivers in this draft. Sure he had good college production, but it was ALL in 1 year. This guy is fast, I’ll give him that. But fast means nothing when you can’t get off of press coverage. And while he may have had fierce competition in practice, the pac 12 isn’t known for defense. Ross would honestly be the most disappointing option to me in the 1 st round. And absolutely no way do you trade up for him.
    As for the DE willis, that doesn’t sound homerist to me. He’s got the production to back up those sick combine numbers. I wouldn’t be opposed to grabbing him as you can never have too many edge rushers, and you need to get Ayers replacement at some point.
    The offensive line better gell, they don’t have a choice at this point. This draft is going to be fun and all over the place which excites me.

  16. 16

    Buc-n-Philly Fan

    To this comment regarding the Offensive Line: “To all the Bucs fans who lamented that the offensive line needed to be upgraded in free agency or the draft – or both – this offseason I have four words for you.

    See, I told you”

    This comment and situation does not make you OR the Buccaneer Brass correct! Nor should it be rubbed in our faces as fans. The line play last year could have and nearly did get our biggest asset in JW hurt. If it happens this year due to poor line play this will be directly on Jason Licht and the Management Team. We all have the right to our opinion and most of us are capable of seeing the poor play. There were and are options out there and it is a CHOICE to not change anything. Captain Obvious speaking here….everyone knows that football is won from the inside out and we are neglecting to protect our runners and our QB. It will not matter how fast a FA is or how good of a runner we draft is if we do nothing to support them.

    As for John Ross, he is the sexy pick due to speed. We need reliability. If there is a question at all about his reliability does it warrant a #19 pick? I don’t believe so.

    Just because he is quick doesn’t men we should pick…..

    1. 16.1


      Agree on O-line but not on Ross. He is worth the 19th pick. We have reliability in Humphries. We need game changers.

  17. 17


    I had surgery for a torn labrum a couple of years ago. It’s a much longer recovery time then my two torn rotator cuffs. The labrum is made of cartlege, hence the 12 week healing time alone. Regaining the strength in that shoulder was no easy task either. Ross won’t feel comfortable for at least six months. If we were to draft him, it could be a red shirt year. Don’t think because he’s an elite athlete he can recover faster. As my Doc told me, the healing time is what it is, and rehabbing faster, or harder could only make things worse. I’m sure the Bucs are well aware of this, and now I hope my fellow P.R. readers are also. By the way, it took me a full year to feel 100 percent right again.

    1. 17.1


      I can’t draft you in the first round, Surfer… but, I think you’d be a solid pick in early mids.

      1. 17.1.1


        You beat me to it. I think Surfer should be considered undraftable with all of those injuries. Heck if he’s not married, he might even be considered undateable. Since many here think past injuries mean future injuries, I hope Surfer has a good insurance plan. He might be uninsurable. Maybe you should change your moniker to Sufferdude.

  18. 18


    I have a feeling Ross will be on IR more then on the field, I like Demarcus Walker in the 2nd.

    1. 18.1

      David DeLeon

      I love Walker’s hustle, I think he’ll be real good in a couple years.

  19. 19


    I LOVE Ross. He and Howard are the ONLY guys I would trade up for. As for the O-line, its average at best. As for Djax, I hope he works out here and doesn’t get frustrated with JW’s lack of deep ball accuracy.

  20. 20


    Breaking News! The Bucs were serious about competition for Roberto Aguayo.

    Peter Schrager‏Verified account

    A year after selecting K Roberto Aguayo in 2nd round, the Bucs are signing K Nick Folk. Let the competition begin.

    1. 20.1

      Buc 1976

      Just read Folk signed GOOD MOVE 87% and did it in colder weather!

  21. 21

    Freeman Strickland

    I like John Ross. His injury history is scary. But, he has more than speed. He has very soft hands, tremendous ball awareness and great moves. I would roll the dice knowing that I might crap out.

    Florida State’s LT Roderick Johnson would be an interesting second round pick.

  22. 22


    Didn’t even mention having my L 5 disc removed! If it we’re for the advanced medical procedures of today it would’ve been a Viking burial for sure.Only difference is I would’ve been laid on a surfboard when sent out to sea. Been married for 40 years, thank god. Would be a bad date since 9 930 is my bed time. However, still paddle out every time there’s good ways, but the ocean has taken a physical toll over the last 50 years.

    1. 22.1


      Might be time to just stay in the Hot Tub.

    2. 22.2


      That’s funny Surfer. Me, I’ve been married to the same wife for 48 years and fall asleep on the couch by 9:30. I’m not getting on a surfboard. Only board I’m on is the ironing board.

  23. 23


    I would be very happy should Licht and team draft Ross in the first round. I expect that they will have the luxury of taking the guy that they think is the best available and also a good fit in all of the rounds this year.

    A couple of Wide Receivers that might be “sleeper” picks in later rounds are Amara Darboh, WR, Michigan and Taywan Taylor, WR, Western Kentucky.

    Go Bucs!!!!

  24. 24


    I think bucs should go defense round one if cook n Davis are gone but I am warming up to Ross just nervous about injury history but I think they need a game changing safety I like the kid from uconn obi melifowni something like that

  25. 25


    I’m going to say this there are along of ways we can go on this draft as we don’t have a glaring need at any one position an can go bpa an don’t have to reach for a player but last cpl years litch has shown what he likes to do bring in veteran FA an draft there successors in rounds 1 an 2 this year look for wr,s,an dt

  26. 26


    Personally I like Curtis Samuel better. I feel their are better prospects for #19 but if we trade back I don’t have any problem taking him.

  27. 27


    draft ross an put him in the slot ,know 3rd db can stop him.

    1. 27.1


      I think if Ross is drafted D-Jax goes in the slot when Koetter goes to three WR’s.

  28. 28


    the bucs went 9-7 last year without a running game. a good running game helps the whole offense ol,te,wr, and the franchise qb. with that said, the teams that draft well year in and year out. let the draft come to them. i would not trade up any player in this draft. all the so called experts keep talking about value. keep collecting good players. the bucs coaches have proved if guys want to get better? the coaching is there. we have a good team finally and there on the way up. its been along time since i felt that. dungy days but a better offensive staff and play calling.those gruden teams had to many removable parts. last i do like the safety from conn. its a game of space you need more athletes on the defense.

  29. 29


    You told us so? What’s your point? Saying, “The offensive line has talent deficiencies, and the team needs to invest resources in making it better,” is much different than saying, “I predict that we’re going to sign _______, or draft _______ to help the line improve.” I was and still am one of those who plainly sees that the line could benefit greatly from a couple of new players at key positions, but I’ve always believed you guys when you’ve said that the team saw it differently.

    The team CAN be wrong, you know. For example, it was wrong when I was clamoring to franchise Michael Bennett rather than just handing things over to tub of lard Daquan Bowers. It was wrong when I was furious that we signed Josh McCown as the day one starting QB based almost ENTIRELY on a great 5 game stretch against bad defenses with dominant offensive weapons at his disposal. It was wrong when we drafted Donovan Smith, who I had as a mid third round talent in that draft, at the top of the second round, and he has turned out to be exactly the slow footed, poor technique behemoth that he looked like on film at Penn State.

    And the team is wrong now, too. Joe Hawley is a bad football player. I don’t say this with any personal angst against Hawley himself. The film doesn’t lie. Hawley stinks most of the time. Similarly, while he did improve a bit at the end of the year (much of his production improvement was due to the team helping him on his assignments, though), Donovan Smith is STILL stiff, slow, and inexplicably incapable of blocking the backside on almost any zone runs to the right. He still appears to have the physical tools, but to mentally check out for a handful of snaps every game. In short, he’s still a liability. AND JR Sweezy is still a BAD pass blocker and an inconsistent run blocker, albeit one with some tantalizing highlights.

    Congrats on being right. I don’t think many here doubted you, and I’m not sure why you thought we did. That doesn’t mean we were all wrong about what we were saying, though. We weren’t. It will show up on film this year, when Hawley is still getting forklifted into the backfield, blowing his technique on running plays, and getting blown by on a regular basis, hurting the run and especially the pass game.

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