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    Just one proven kicker away from signing and it’s all over for the young man.

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    “See?” said Licht. “SEE?!!?”

    “This guy is even worse…” mused Dirk Koetter.

    “Who cares?!!” laughed the GM. “Competition!! You wanted it!!! You got it!!! I’m off to draft another tackle!”

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    Oh great move Licht. Bringing in a kicker that went 13/24? Is this supposed to be (fake) competition for Aguayo. When will this GM learn how to evaluate kicker? He brought in Brindza which was a 50% career FG kicker at ND. Do they magically get better in the pros when there are more pressure than in college since most games come down to 3 points?

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      You don’t seriously believe that one player signed to a futures contract is the entire plan to bring in competition, do you?

      I expect that we’ll end up trying out at least half a dozen or more kickers before the pre-season games begin … free agents, UDFAs, and perhaps Day 3 draft picks.

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        Don’t know with this GM. Why would you even consider this guy anyway? He already has a bad track record in college. Why not bring in Barth or Gould to provide real competition?

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    We all better pray that Berto figured it out over the last half of the season, and somehow finds his range again this offseason. I know a lot of fans want him gone, but just think about what that would mean. Not only a wasted 2nd round pick, but also what equates to 2 wasted picks since we used an extra 4th to move up. Berto has to be better, but I can’t understand the rush to get rid of him. He directly had a major role in wining the Panthers, Chiefs, & Saints games. The only game his misses cost us was the Rams game. If he loses the job in training camp, so be it. But, y’all should be hoping he wins it and becomes a kicking legend.

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    A lot of rookie kickers struggle. That’s why they often bounce around for a few years before settling in. I suspect Roberto is on a much shorter leash entering Training Camp. I wonder if Billy Capece is still kaput.

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    Buc 1976

    Roberto needs to find his grove before next Season!

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    Randy H.

    Actually Aguayo’s ATL kick was 43 yards, not 46 yards, but still his longest of the season. This led to the Bucs’ being the first team since the 2010 Patriots to not have a field goal of 45 yards or longer.

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    Hate to say it again, but what was wrong with Connor Barth that Bucs keep on cutting him. His deal with the Bears just ended.

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      Nothing wrong with Barth. Nothing wrong with Bryant either. He is headed to the pro bowl. I don’t get it. If we were so desperate for a kicker, why didn’t we propose to trade our #2 pick to the Patriots for Gostkowski or to Dallas for Bailey? You don’t think Belicheck or Jones would take that in an instant?

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