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    Randy H.

    I watch ESPN NFL Insiders and NFL Live every day. Take it with a grain of salt, as I don’t know how much their reporters are in the know, but over the last two weeks on those shows, Mike Smith’s name has never come up as a potential head coaching candidate for anyone. Again, I don’t know how well they research, et al. to come up with their names, but that is just what I’ve seen. I don’t watch the NFL aka Cowboys Network much, so I’m not sure what they have said on that network.

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      Mike Smith has already interviewed for the Jags position and he’s announced to be a Chargers candidate. Doesn’t matter what any particular TV talking head thinks or says .. he’s a candidate for two of the six positions.

      None of the talking heads thought that Lovie Smith would be fired either, or that the Bucs would be “dumb enough” to promote Dirk Koetter to replace Smith … and then once Koetter was hired, virtually all of the TV talking heads projected the Bucs at somewhere around no. 28 to 30 in their preseason power polls, likely to win 6 or fewer games.

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    I like Mark Duffner he has the play-calling experience and has got the most out of his players at any position on defense. Jay Hayes wouldnt bother me either but i believe the key here is promote from within lets keep this scheme in place for now add pieces and see how it does. I really hope we retain Mike Smith but he has earned his right to be offered a head coaching position again we cant fault him for that…
    I would rather see a promotion from within but if we ventured out i would look at candidates with similar scheme beliefs as Smith maybe look at staffs like the vikings, bengals, Gus Bradley maybe but i think he will be coaching somewhere else my guess is will promote from within its the smart and safe thing to do

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    I like Dirk Koetter’s judgment. That’s all we need to know or care about.

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    I think promoting from within might be the best bet. We need a guy that is proven in our existing system, and who can enjoy some success without bolting after one year. Hopefully we can get a guy who makes us a top 5 Defense and with only a few new players coming in, because it sounds like that might be the situation. Bucs reportedly are not going to be aggressive in Free Agency and if they go after mostly offensive players in the draft our new Defensive coordinator will have to make it work with what we have already.
    Hopefully we get our players back on Defense healthy. I still say we need to work on DL as much as we do skill positions on Offense.

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    OK, the first 2 names don’t belong on the list. Dirk explicitly stated that whoever takes over if Smith leaves needs to not have to overthrow the current defense. Ryan and Phillips are automatically disqualified.

    Bradley might be the most intriguing due to his success with the Seattle defense. Outside of him, Duffner makes the most sense unless Jay Hayes is known as a budding defensive genius waiting in the wings. Don’t know about that.

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    Here’s my thinking? Rex, NO!!!!!!!!!!; Wade, no; Gus, maybe; Mark, incline to say yes; Jay, not ready, Jon, not ready. Go Bucs!

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    Buc 1976

    If Jax does not hire Smith I think he will stay!

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    Gus Bradley seems best bet on surface. Hard to say if anyone within would be any good.

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    Promote Duffner. Draft a center and give Gottschalk every opportunity to take over the Evan Smith role. Go Bucs!

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    BUC 727

    I think that the perfect guy is already here in Duffner. Maybe, then hire Bradley to coach the linebackers.

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    When I saw that picture of Buddy Ryan’s fat, obnoxious, and as Naples might say, “full of himself” son , I nearly chocked on my coffee. If his other really fat, burned out hippie looking son Rex had been in the picture (not that the Ryan twins could both fit in the same frame), I would have spewed it on the computer screen. I couldn’t even remotely imagine either one of the Ryans, whose over-stuffed bodies are only matched by their over-stuffed egos, working with Dirk Koetter.

    Then I scroll down to Trevor’s next offering of Bum Phillip’s fat son Wade whose name should be “Wide”and I started looking around my den for Rod Serling since I surely must have woken up in the Twilight Zone.

    Thankfully names were listed that are far more likely candidates. Like most, Mark Duffner would seem to be the most favorable and the one I would prefer to maintain continuity. We don’t need to go backwards with learning another scheme this off-season.

    We can now add former Bucs LB coach, Joe Barry’s name to the list of names to be considered.

    But hey, maybe Mike Smith isn’t offered a HC position this go around and for once we can keep things on the same path.

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      Other fat son Rob not Rex. It’s early.

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