After the cannons have fired and the confetti has been swept from the turf at Raymond James Stadium following the Bucs’ victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV, general manager Jason Licht and Tampa Bay’s front office now has to launch into action preparing for free agency and the 2021 NFL Draft.

Despite a promising cap situation that puts Tampa Bay among the league’s Top 10 as far as cap space is concerned, the Bucs have a number of impending free agents and decisions will have to be made to ensure which key players will return for next season. Outside linebacker Shaq Barrett, inside linebacker Lavonte David, wide receiver Chris Godwin and tight end Rob Gronkowski highlight the list but defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is also a key player with an expiring contract.

Bucs GM Jason Licht – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer spoke to Suh about his future in preparation for the publication’s weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column.

“My goal is to come back and have an opportunity to go win another championship,” Suh said. “Me and Tom [Brady] spoke the other day about that opportunity, as well as with Jason Licht. I don’t know if you saw our parade celebration on that podium, Coach [Bruce Arians] said I’m not going anywhere. And he’s usually a man of his word. So I look forward to the opportunity to continue to play, especially for Tampa. And I honestly believe I have a lot of elite, great talent left in me to play. I’m not ready to hang them up yet.”

But more importantly than just a will to return, Suh also jokingly admitted that his wife has given him the OK for another comeback as the couple has twins on the way. He even added that with fatherhood on the horizon, it added another flame to the fire that fueled him through a Super Bowl victory and continues to fuel him moving forward. While the Bucs’ future is unknown as Brady gets up in age, due to turn 44-years-old prior to the 2021 season, Suh isn’t just looking at next year. He’s quite possibly looking beyond that.

“Along with being able to still have that energy, that fire to go out there, I think the biggest thing that pushed me throughout this season was knowing I have twins on the way,” Suh said. “Being able to have them come into this world as champions, but then also me play a couple years, maybe five, who knows? That they get to see me on the football field and experience that at a certain age, obviously they’re going to be super young, going back this year. But just for them to be able to experience and be around that environment [would be great].”

So while Suh will head to free agency once again, re-joining Tampa Bay last offseason on second consecutive one-year deal, the veteran defensive tackle has made it clear that he wouldn’t be opposed to making a return for the 2021 season and potentially beyond.

Read the full article at Sports Illustrated here.

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2 months ago

To KEEP the band together, the first issue is making sure each band member WANTS to stay in the band.

While money is important, at some point Legacy matters even more…especially to guys already very wealthy.

2 months ago

This is another key component of Brady’s skill. He’s so good at bringing in talent and forming a bond. These guys want to play for Brady and turn one championship into a dynasty. It’s so incredible to watch And almost unbearable to know how it’ll turn out over the next few months. We can’t keep everyone. Brady’s tweet today was a testimony to has want to win another. Ha! Sombrero, where have you been? Awfully quiet these days….

2 months ago

Suh is a very important piece of this championship puzzle. He commands respect from his peers and has to be accounted for on every play. He wrecks havoc on the inside. He’s also a very intelligent young man as his mentor is Warren Buffet… yes, that Warren Buffet. For me, Suh is more important than Shaq. He is one of the primary reasons this Buc Defense is so formidable. Glad to hear he wants to come back and try to win this thing again!

2 months ago

It all starts in the trenches. If your offensive line isn’t strong your running game and passing game will suffer. If your defensive line can not stop the run and put pressure on the QB then your secondary gets toasted and you never get off the field until the opposing offense lights up the scoreboard. Vea and Suh are the components that start the whole process. They make it possible for JPP and Barrett to pressure the QB which eliminate the pressure put on the secondary. We saw how much better the defense performed when Vea came back from his… Read more »

2 months ago

This is a true vet move, hopefully his influence is felt by anyone looking to “break the bank”

Reply to  plopes808
2 months ago

Maybe Watts feels the same. Made his money now wants a ring… of course with 8-10mil as well. He’s still one helluva player too. Especially when he is a complementary piece with talent to his left and his right. He doesn’t have to be THE man. Sort like Playoff Lenny. In Jackville, he was the offense. Took some pressure off him when he came to Bucs. Now, he’s just one of many talented players on Offense and not the focal point.