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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Great cover 3, Trevor. The players we’ve signed, and the contracts that we negotiated, really speak extremely well of Jason Licht and his front office team. In their fourth season (Jason didn’t really have his own team in the first season), Jason and his guys really have it dialed in.

    As for commentary on free agency so far, I couldn’t be more pleased with what we’ve done so far … zero complaints.

    As for wishes, I hope we can make a deal for Willson, as we could sure use more talent in the TE crew. Willson is not someone who generates prolific stats, mainly because he’s been targeted fairly infrequently, but he’s been Mr. Reliable, especially on third down conversions.

    Another wish – to see if maybe we can snag an end rusher in FA, as apparently there’s still considerable talent to be signed. Perhaps also another safety. What’s left may be just mid-grade talents, but that’s what we still need for depth.

    Disappointment? Nothing major, but I was hoping we’d snag Foles as backup to Jameis. But there’s still an opportunity to upgrade that position either when another backup gets cut, or during the draft (maybe a Day 3 pick), or after the draft when another team cuts a backup.

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      +1 for Willson! Luke is underutilized here in Seattle but he can be a playmaker if given the opportunity. 6’5 guy who runs a 4.5. Take a shot on the cheap!

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    I’m very happy with the players we’ve signed thus far, improving both the offense and defense.

    I’m curious if the staff is possibly looking at EJ Manuel as a backup QB to Jameis. It seems like nobody is talking about him among available free agents so it stands to reason we could probably sign him at a fair price.

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    Another great article. I think free agency is going good. Baker, Djax, and Gholston were all great signings.

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    David DeLeon

    Real good article Trevor, also happy with the signings that were made. I like the contacts even since Revis’s contact. I think it was like 5 one year contacts no dead money when he left.

    Was hoping for Britt and Poe.

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    I’m happy you explained the salary gap wins by the way the contracts were done. What the” Pro Rated” Column; I missed it? Foles should have been a priority even if we had over paid because I don’t see any other QB in Free Agency who could still get us in the Playoffs if Winston went down in the last quarter of the season.

    Free Agency pick ups have been okay especially Jackson. It took a day to warm up to the deal, but I’m glad he is here; we still need to draft an up and coming WR in the 3rd or 4th round.

    I’m still iffy about the Safety position and would pay McDougal the same as Conte and chalk it up as NEED for that position. We really have some other NEED positions like another TE, CB, and big NEED at RB if Martin is let go.

    I believe we need to get Alexander,Evans, Brate resigned for 5 more years in the next couple months. Winston needs to know he is much appreciated too and we need to redo his contract for another 6 years in 2018.

    I know i take some flak on what I have said, but this is where I believe extra cap money should be spent. New Englad has done this in a similar way for many years.
    What’s your take on this Trevor? Is it pay me now or pay we alot more later? You have a lot more knowledge than I do. I paid my employees above the market rate and also gave them some of the net profits too as additional bonus’; I know this works in a very competitive business, even though we’re discussing football.

    1. 5.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      You want to make sure your own key guys are locked in, but you also don’t want to do it *too* soon. Evans makes sense this summer. Alexander next year, perhaps Winston if he plays well, but more likely the year after.

      They’ve shown the willingness to think a year ahead with a lot of their key guys.

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    I’m hyped about the DJax signing. One thing that I think needs pointing out, though – there really weren’t many crossing concepts in our playbook last year, nor have there ever been in Koetter’s playbook. I’m really, really hoping that Dirk will adjust with the arrival of DJax, because you’re right – it’s something he’s REALLY good at, and passes like those create relatively easy opportunities for big plays against the right defensive alignments. If we keep those types of concepts out of the playbook, I think it will very much take away something that Jackson can do to justify the money he’s making.

    I’m glad you talked about jackson’s route running. It’s very unconventional – no coach would teach receivers to run their routes like Jackson does – but it works great for him, and it’s been a strong part of his game for a long time. It’s a very underrated aspect of his player profile.

    As for our overall free agency – I’m pleased with it. I’m absolutely thrilled with the Baker signing, which I didn’t expect to happen at a price that low. Jackson is an excellent get, albeit a very expensive one. He immediately changes the way defenses have to prepare for the entire offense, which will help everyone out. I’m really glad we didn’t rush to sign McDougald early, which almost certainly would have led to an overpayment. I think he’s finding now that his market isn’t what he had hoped it might be, and that we still have a great chance to bring him back at a very reasonable price. I don’t think he’ll take a discount, but I’d like for us to match his best offer, assuming it’s as relatively meager as I expect it to be.

    My biggest complaint would be that we seem to be taking such a nonchalant approach to the interior line. And yes, I know that’s because our coaching staff apparently likes the way our line plays right now. But….well, to put it plainly, they’re just wrong. This was a crazy strong year for guards in free agency, and the draft is super weak there. I would have like for us to go after one of those guys (i.e. Lang, Zeitler, and Leary for a few examples). We could have easily signed any of those guys and cut Sweezy outright, eating a small amount of dead money in the process.

    Since that obviously didn’t happen, I’m REALLY hoping that Mangold might ultimately find a home here. Joe Hawley is a BAD football player. We obviously don’t know the status of Mangold’s ankle, but I’d love for us to be the team that inks him to a 2 year deal if he’s healthy or it’s clear that he will be. If I could have one more thing happen in free agency, it would be to grab him for $5M per year, or something close to that. I don’t know if that would get it done, but that feels like it’s likely to be at or near the top of his current market value. And we definitely still have the cash for it. He could be a hugely stabilizing force on our interior, much like Alex Mack was for a previously terrible Falcons O line last year.*

    * To be clear, I’m not saying Mangold is as good as Mack. He isn’t. But he’s far and away better than every possible alternative available to us at this moment.

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    I’m really wondering how the atmosphere among the layers is regarding Martin? I’m wondering if we might offer Doug a “prove it” contract, if Koetter and Licht think he is generally a good team mate who got in over his head this one time, and if it would be a positive for the team cohesion to give him a second chance. What do you think the odds are of that? And of course if we did that, it would add more weight to drafting a TE in the first and drafting another RB in the second round or couple rounds after that.

    1. 7.1


      (p)layers of course in the first sentence.

    2. 7.2


      mark, I don’t think it’s a good thing for GMs to get complicated about decisions like this. You could say that Manning was a huge leader and producer for the Colts, so why didn’t Indy give HIM the benefit of the doubt and extend him after his neck injury to send a message about how comitted mgmt is to players who produce? And Manning is one of the greats!

      GMs have to be all business, and not start counting on things like ‘player good will’ & ‘team cohesion’. They leave that to team leaders and coaches. GMs do what they figure is best for the team, so Indy cut Manning and immediately drafted Luck. Didn’t matter that Manning had QBed the Colts to their first SB win since 1971. It’s just business…if Bucs feel better about Martin than they do about possible replacements, they’ll bring him back. At this point, I think chances are Martin will not be returning as a starter for the Bucs.

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    Only concern is DJax. Sports Injury Projector has him at 40%. Now, think about this Vincent Jackson injury percentage is 13%.

    I would have rather have seen us sign Kenny Brit $4 mil cheaper, 2 years younger and injury risk percent at 8%.

    Looks like we need to draft a top WR.

    1. 8.1


      Last four seasons of production:

      VJax – 196 passes caught; 2,9442 yards received; 46 games started

      DJax – 224 passes caught; 4,034 yards received; 53 games started.

      The comparison is much more in favor of DJax if limited to just the last two seasons:

      VJax – 48 passes caught; 716 yards received; 14 games started

      DJax – 86 passes caught; 1,533 yards received; 24 games started

      For last year alone, the numbers are VJax @ 15 passes caught; 173 yards received; and 5 games started vs. DJax @ 56 passes caught; 1,005 yards received; 15 games started

      VJax is effectively done as a Buc … while DJax last year led the entire league in YPA and number of receptions over 20 yards.

      And your point is that actual history (both short term and medium term) is trumped by a “sports projector”?

      I do agree with you that we need to draft a quality WR, preferably in the first round if first round talent is still available. By the time that DJax’s contract year is here, this year’s rookie will be a seasoned vet, as Mike Evans was last season.

      1. 8.1.1


        I do not think Sports Injury Projector is saying Vjax is better than Djax. They could be figuring the Vjax will be a back-up. My point was Kenny Brit has more value than Djax, especially on a risk/reward basis.

        If Djax plays healthy for 16 games, he will be well worth the contract he signed. I just doubt he will remain healthy. I said the same thing about Doug Martin last year.

        I would not mind Vjax coming back as a back-up for the veteran minimum but I’m sure with injuries in preseason he will be able parley a contract north of 2 mil.



          Magoobee – The data I provided indicate not just how good the two players are/were, but also shows their availability due to injury, as indicated by number of games started, over three different timeframes.

          VJax was fairly productive two seasons ago (2015) when he was on the field, but he was only available 9 of 16 games that year due to injury. Then last season, not only was his availability all the way down to 5 of 16 games, but his production per game slipped even more, again, mostly due to being injured even when he could start.

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    Love the DJax and Baker signings, I like the Wilcox signing because obviously we need S depth. Hopefully he can be better than McDougald but I was fine resigning him to as the Bucs still need to address that position in the draft. I have no problem with the money given out, we cannot be scared of future extensions and look what happened in Indianapolis! The Bucs are still doing well cap wise and need to spend while our stars are cheap.

    It has become clear there is no interest in Mangold and I am not one of the fans who thinks he should be automatically brought in as a starter but if he was cheap enough and healthy enough to be a depth signing for the line and help Marpet along (provided he moves to C) then I don’t see how it hurts at all. After the draft the holes will be more clear and still lots of time to add talented players whether undrafted or ones who slipped through the FA cracks and want to prove something.

    One more thing on DJax…. for some reason I do not worry about his health and I think his attitude and effort will be strong week in and week out due to Winston and Evans. One thing I noticed in the clips was that Cousins had decent protection and time to get him the ball. I hope Winston will have that same luxury! If so, the sky is the limit.

    Great job Trevor.

  10. 10


    Trevor- To piggy on magoobee above my concern is that I see our “current” WR corps. as weaker than last year. I think the DJAX signing was great don’t get me wrong, but look at the total corps currently versus last year. Injury should be a concern since we have had WR injuries plague the BUCS for the last 2 years with 2016 being devastating. I don’t see DJAX, Evans, or Humphries making it through 2017 without missing games (except for Evans recent history shows that will happen). Then what? We are dealing with limited weapons putting pressure on Winston to make plays, and increasing his risk of int’s.

    At least last year we had some veteran cheaper on the roster (Murphy, Sheppard, and Shorts later). We have none of those options currently. I know we have the draft coming, and I hope they draft 2 WR’s (being aggressive and drafting 1 in the 1st round-hopefully Davis or Williams). They are young and most WR don’t make instant impacts in year 1, and mid round picks are hit or miss (Kenny Bell).

    So my question to you…How likely is it that the BUCS find & sign another WR FA between now & camp to add quality depth? I just don’t see Evans, DJAX, Humphries, Martino, and 2 rookies cutting it for all of 2017. The starting 3 are great, but 1 injury and Kaplunck*%#!

    PS- know 2 pass catching TE & healthy RBs offer better options than we had last year due to injuries, but we need a quality outside WR option. IF Evans or DJAX gets hurt the D’s will double the healthy one taking the outside out of the equation.

    1. 10.1


      And we had ASJ at the beginning of last season.

      That is why I would have gotten Kenny Brit for $8m and and kept Shepard for $3.3 instead of Djax.

      PHI got Alshon Jeffery for $9.5 mil …. that sounds like good value.

  11. 11


    Breaking news! C Jeremy Zuttah is back on the market as a free agent. As I suggested in a post a while back Zuttah who is 30 years old is a major upgrade at center and could serve as a two year bridge to develop a younger replacement. Zuttah is a cap casualty. Was in pro bowl last year. Not injured. Bucs should pounce! #JMO

    1. 11.1


      You’ve got Ozzie’s home number! I’d like to see this as well as C Ethan Pocic on the roster to develop.

    2. 11.2


      Agreed, let’s go get Zuttah!

    3. 11.3

      Buc 1976

      Zuttah SHOULD STILL BE A BUC he was best interior line man we HAD!! So yes bring him back. I really have ??? Marks about Sweezy!!!

    4. 11.4


      Zuttah must have some sort of injury situation. His contract was for $3.5 for 2017. Releasing him caused a $2.214 cap hit. Something does not smell right.

      1. 11.4.1


        Zuttah is a cap casualty at the Ravens – a team with the oldest roster in the NFL. Zuttah is not injured or starting to decline. They simply want to get younger and acquire needed cap space.

        Zuttah had a strong season in 2016, getting named to the Pro Bowl and grading out as Pro Football Focus’ No. 14 center out of 37 qualifiers. He received extremely strong marks for his run blocking.

        Doesn’t matter now, Bucs have re-signed C Joe Hawley to a new 2 year deal. Pretty sure you’ll be happy with him!

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