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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Jonathan Goodfellow

    We know Barber is a capable back. He definitely runs with a different style. i like the idea of a 60-30-10% split between the top 3 backs (Rojo, Barber, and Jacquizz or Sims, if he can find the magic he had running behind Martin in 2015.)

    It’ll keep everyone fresh throughout the year

  2. 2

    Buc 1976

    I am looking forward to Barber and Jones tear it up.

  3. 3


    I like the pick. We haven’t had a back who can go the distance like Rojo since W. Dunn. I’m good with Barber, and Jones, it’s hanging on to Sims, and Quizz I have a problem with. Hoping one of our try out players can beat one of them out.

  4. 4


    I think Rojo is much faster than the 4.44 speed he posted at his pro day. he was fighting through an injury. his 10.3 100 meter high school time reflects a speed easily under 4.40 in the 40.

  5. 5

    Honey Bear

    Great stuff as always, Trevor. RoJo demonstrated he could carry the full load at USC. Now granted, be will be getting hit by NFL players now. But I would like to see him get the rock at least 60% of the time, with at least 15 carries a game and a few targets. As you showed, every time he gets the ball there is a scoring chance. The other 30-40% can be situationally split between Barber and Sims, with the majority going to Barber. I like that Barber can wear down defenses by pounding the rock, but he isn’t really a threat to bust loose. Sims is pretty useless if he isn’t catching the ball, so he’s a third and long guy. I like Quiz, but he’s a backup guy and should only see the field if there’s injury. I’m excited for this backfield, although I wish they had drafted one more RB to compete. Maybe the kid from Duke makes the squad.

  6. 6


    I can see the Chris Johnson comparison. I think Jones can be a 3 down back for sure. Mostl likely going to be a committee backfield with Jones and Barber both getting carries. I just hope that Jones gets most of the carries though. Ronald Jones should be the starting running back.

  7. 7


    I’ve always been RB by committee believer somewhat. Although one RB needs to be the featured and get more touches so can get a turned.. Otherwise you shorten careers just handing it off to one guy. Using different backs for different scenarios makes you more versatile. I have good feeling about Jones but honestly our run game wowes last year were more than half due to the poor O line blocking and play. Wouldn’t mattered much if he was here last year IMO.

  8. 8


    Meant get in Rythem not turned. Stupid phones.

  9. 9


    When you watch Jones the first thing that pops out at you is Elite Game Speed. Forget his 40 time in shorts. He runs faster with the pads on and he has long speed. He is a hell of a weapon

  10. 10


    Will be very interested in how the two UDFAs do. Interesting stat on Huff and Rojo:

    https://twitter.com/PFF_College/status/988394817171402754 (interesting no Barkley)

  11. 11


    Damn, the first half of your article was really disappointing Trevor. That’s some pussy bullshit millenial style of football you’re buying into man, and it’s sad. Yeah rawr rawr rawr the rules have changed to started fondling the offense and player safety has timed back defense a tad. But I’m going to point out the greatest csin people have made when labeling the NFL a QB/passing league….having Tom Brady make the SB every other year consistently. As he is the great QB to ever play, and probably ever will be. Because almost every other franchise has built their team through yes a QB, but also a great defense and strong to dominate run to achieve dynastic success or at least consistent playoff success. People all remember the play that lost them the super bowl obviously and we obviously know why it was such a shock, because the Seahawks had a great QB but a just a great RB that had they just won a SB the year before with the same formula, Dominant defense, dominant run game, was right on the goal line again on the verge of winning BACK TO BACK super bowls, just had to stay true to the formula…that we all knew works for over 100 years and they didn’t do it and then they lost. THEN THEN furthermore they haven’t gone back to a super bowl since because WHY?! They traded away max Unger to the aints, beast mode left and they never replenished the trenches…but Russell Wilson is still there taking up like 20%+ of their salary cap right? They deviated from the essence of the game and tried to play bitch football. The Bucs play alot of bitch football. Guarantee now if coach kotter wasn’t such a ridiculous asshole who would commit to running the football more than 50% of the time this year while focus our passing game around a 2 TE play action passing game, while demanding Mike Smith to abandon his pussy style of defense…you don’t need to draft a QB higher than the 2nd Rd..AND AND AND if you balance him out, you don’t over burden him like a 3rd round Russell Wilson or a 6th rd tom Brady or WHOEVER (cause any rookie has a higher success rate if they have a balanced offense not asked to throw maybe 20-25x a game, common sense) they also won’t have over I flared numbers that to lead you to paying these assholes more than 20%+ of your salary cap and stripping your roster like the dumb Seahawks did. There’s a reason the Pat’s let peeps go and Tom Brady is like the only one left for all these…because hes that good yes but also because Robert Kraft and the Pat’s told tom when his first contract negation was coming up, even AFTER he won his first couple rings, “we’re only going to pay you this much, take it or leave it” Bet and then Tom fell in line cause he was winning, I FUCKIN BET YOU!!…but there’s a reason to look at these 2 recent scenarios of you ask me before labeling this a home passing league, cause if it and we’re settled on that, then it needs to include a pass rushing league. Cause pass rushers have been the only things that’s stopped Tom Brady recently.

    Btw Ronald Jones is gonna be great, Dirk just needs to give him the fuckin ball….

    1. 11.2


      Love it. First Play Defense!!!! Then run Ron run!!!! Put Vita Vea in there for jumbo pack. Get this supposedly nasty offensive line that they are selling to do the fucking dirty work! But we need defense! We need the defense. Run Ron Run!!!!! Could you imagine the play action then!!! I miss Dungy Ball! Dunn and A Train.

    2. 11.3


      Oh one more put D. Jackson on punt and kickoff return.

    3. 11.4

      Trevor Sikkema

      Whew. I couldn’t disagree with this more.

      You’re using the greatest success outlier in football history (the Patriots succeeding with a 6th round quarterback who became the greatest winner of all time who, yes, plays on a discount, paired with the greatest coach in history) as an example. It is the outlier. It will never be repeated.

      No one is saying that running backs aren’t needed. But the amount of their ingredients to the formula that is winning is not only lower but also very replaceable in many circumstances. It’s like subbing out your favorite rub or marinade for grilled chicken. Is it essential to the overall good taste at the end? Yes, but could you substitute it with salt or lemon pepper or cajun rub or whatever and still have a good chicken to eat? Yes.

      No one is arguing the defense part. You need a defense to win (duh) — even though the final two best teams in the NFL couldn’t stop a nose bleed against each other in last year’s Super Bowl because, oh, the passing offenses were too good.

  12. 12


    Thanks Trevor. I look forward to your cover 3 every week. Did I miss the memo where it was announced the change from it coming out Wednesday instead of Tuesday?
    Those analytics at the beginning of the article were really interesting, as much as some might like smash mouth ground offense it’s just not fit to be effective in today’s game…Kind of like flip phones, they were everything a few years back, but not fit to today’s age if you insist on sticking to it you may feel behind in various aspects of your life!
    I like the idea of running back by committee. Like you mentioned “our pairs of those 25 rushers with 4.0 yards per carry or better averages were teammates.” I think that if you have RBs with different strengths it keeps the defense on their heels.

    1. 12.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      Agree all around. That’s a good example with the flip phone. Running the ball may not be “broken”, but an offense that was based around running the ball needs an upgrade to keep up. Still have much of the similar functionalities, but need to be able to do more — and faster.

  13. 13


    Nice article Trevor. My philosophy on players generally is twofold:
    1) play your best players. RoJo is our best RB, so put him on the field….except when:
    2) give your best players time out to rest…be that when they are clearly tired, and/or when the game doesn’t need them (like 4th quarter of a blowout; or short yardage running; etc.) If we’re going to obviously run out the clock for the remainder of the 4th quarter, however much time that is, then get Winston out of the game.

    I hate platooning – have rarely seen that be particularly effective. Equally hate seeing star players playing in meaningless minutes.

    RoJo – for what it’s worth, after zero NFL snaps – reminds me of Emmitt Smith….why not.

  14. 14


    And what do you make of the Seahawks downfall then, and you better go eat some award winning BBQ before you go and make some stupid reference like that again. That’s blasphemy on a different level. And sure I’m sussing the greatest QB and head coaching tandem of all time as an outlier, THEY’VE INFLUECED THE GAME THAT MUCH!!! I like how you were so surprised on the draft podcast when Tom Coughlin drafted Taven Bryan in the first round…well of you were actually watching that AFC championship game you’d realize Jacksonville wasn’t a better QB away from replacing Tom Brady last year, but probably a Taven Bryan away from doing so. Their rele tiles defense and punishing ground game nearly made Tom tap, just like Denver’s defense did, just like Seattle’s did, just like the Steelers have done in dynasties and the 49ers and the cowboys. Now I know you’re gonna say that, all those teams had what to be considered great QBs…but can we say they would have had the same success they ended up having if they weren’t developed without the help of a great defense and a great running game, which all of them had? We can’t know that unfortunately, but we do know that doing it that way WORKS WITH A HIGH SUCCESS RATE, that’s why it could work with a 6th rd pick or a 3rd rd pick or a 1st round pick….why has Marcus Mariota been to the playoffs before Jameis winston twice now? Your own boss wrote about this? QBs need to be catered to by being coddled and sheltered like children until they are ready to run. Jameis especially, it’s not like hes Dan fucking Marino over here….

    1. 14.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      I have no idea what you’re arguing at this point.

      The Seahawks ignored their offensive line for years. That was their downfall. When have I ever said offensive line wasn’t important? Marshawn retired from the Seahawks for that and other stupid front office moves.

      I was surprised that the Jags took Bryan, but I’ve also said multiple times times that I loved their draft because they made their strengths stronger with an emphasis on the defensive line.

      I’ve never said running backs don’t have a place in the game. What I’ve said is that it’s proven that, in most cases, you can get one or two running backs later in the draft and that can often be the best thing for your team in terms of production and in terms of the money you spend on players.

      Teams are scoring more and gaining more yards than they ever have before. They’re also passing more and running less than they ever have before. Reason for this is because, at the top, passing the ball is superior. It’s more difficult, it has the higher risk and the more reward.

      I’ve never said that team shouldn’t run. I’ve said that in today’s age you often have to run to compliment the pass. You need both, but it’s very clear that one allows you to be more efficient on offense than the other. Every team needs a run game. I’m just trying to logically map out how to acquire one in the most efficient way.

  15. 15


    Dude, ok do you advocate teams passing the ball more than 25x a game, every game even if it ends up taking over 55% of your play style? And while were here, might as well ask if you think if passing the ball 25x or more a game every game is best for Jameis Winston overall development?

  16. 16

    Ken Grant

    Oh, wow. Thanks for the hat tip, Trevor. Great piece.

  17. 17


    Here’s what I know. There at least has to be a viable threat in the backfield. You can’t have Dougie Martin and his less than 3 yards a carry allowing the opponent to be on the other side laughing. Put the explosive Rojo back there and see the newfound respect after he blows by them for a TD. Put his skills at the goal line so teams can’t simply play pass defense.

  18. 18


    All I’m asking for is an explanation as to why the NFL is considered a QB league, with offenses catering to the pass first? It just seems to me that Tom Brady and bill belichick have pulled one over on the entire league fooling everyone into thinking that you can sustain this new type of production is sustainable to a dynasty like level…no, Trevor you’re right they are the greatest to do it and that’s why we will never see this type of success ever again. I’m using that argument against you. Even the other great QBS can’t measure up, and its evident in the depth of their playoff runs compared to him…none of them come one in SB appearances or even conference championship appearances.. not peyton, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, Dan Marino…having a passing based offense doesn’t usually find success consistently in the playoffs and still hasn’t equaled out to multiple championships, or even consistent Championship contention…but having a run based offense sure has…and that hasn’t changed just because a few rules changed. That’ll be the case as long as these grown men are allowed to tackle each other, period, no matter how they are allowed to it. I think that’s where this perception lies.

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