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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Don’t have Spence in coverage but have him consistently rush even if he were to be a lb

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    I wish he was an inch or two taller and 10-20 pounds heavier; in other words I believe he is a tweener. He’s fast and quick, but his oppenents have film on him too Trevor. I don’t think he can handle the run between the guard and tackle. Again, it’s just what I’m seeing and it’s not worth much at all.

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      Trevor Sikkema

      Ohio State played him in that 4-3 Under or even in a 3-4 like role and he really shined. But, I also feel like he played with more confidence.

      I do wonder how his body transformation this summer is going to play out. I would think he should have been gaining a little weight, but maybe he’s trying to play much more of a speed role. That will be what I’ll be monitoring the most once he gets the pads one. Will there be a big difference in explosiveness.

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    With the addition of Chris Baker, I think this a formidable line. I think this will help Noah’s numbers. When the defense is really solid overall, and the players get a second year under Smitty, I wonder how Noah compares to a young Von Miller? I believe that he has the potential to be one of the NFL sack leaders. If this Jameis offense starts to take off as advertised, there are going to be a lot of teams throwing the ball to catch up. Bottom line, I think Noah’s numbers are going to be “arking” upward.

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      “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.” ― J.K. Rowling

      Nice play on words e. lol.

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      Trevor Sikkema

      I agree with this. If Baker plays as well as he has in the past, and don’t forget about Ayers and Jacquies Smith, too. Throwing a lot at offensive lines and confusing them will benefit a speed player like Spence.

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    I think his play time last year was perfect for him. He was coming in as a high prospect, but not someone who was going to dominate immediately. You want to get him reps to develop, but so much that if he struggles it’s not affecting the outcome of the game,

    The expectations are higher this year, so he will probably get more playing time. You still want to have different guys rotate in so that guys are always fresh and that O-Lineman have to prepare for more than 1 guy. Being 100% healthy, and retaining what he learned in his rookie year, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets double digit sacks. With the taalent we have now, it is going to be difficult for offenses to decide who to double team.

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    As stated by other posters the addition of Baker will help. If McCoy and Baker can collapse the pocket so QBs can’t step up and burn us Spence might be able to sneak in and nab the QB. Don’t discount having Jaq Smith back either. More help the better.

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      Trevor Sikkema

      I wrote my comment above without seeing this one! Great minds, chetthevette

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    Julian Jordan

    The 3-4 is getting out of hand they’re not changing their base defense but they will be more multiple. I take that as they’re going to be able to do a lot of different things.

    Teams that succeed at doing different things have a stable of players that do different things. I say that to say this, whatever his role is he needs to focus on it and show up.

    6.5 won’t cut it, I want to see him show up and show out IN HIS ROLE. 9 sack minimum this year or move on.

    Don’t settle for okay, let’s keep growing.

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    Thanks Trevor. Yes, honestly I was hoping for more- but when you factor in the injury that he played with most of the year , that was a helluv an effort , and you’ve got to give him props! With Spence and Jacq both playing healthy, I’m excited with the speed from the outside

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    I’m glad that he deemed football more important than drugs. Godspeed Mr. Spence

    Go Bucs !!!

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    Interesting article and breakdown Trevor thank you. I’m not as nuanced at all the details but I noticed right away the kids motor. He is relentless and is tough as hell playing with that shoulder. If he and the rest of this D line stay healthy I really feel he may have a huge year. Like double digit sack type year.

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    Great job Trevor.

    Loved the Penn State tape. When I saw that tape when I was studying his college film I just knew he had to be a guy we had high on our board. He dominated Donovan Smith in that game, and we had Smith penciled in as our franchise left tackle, pretty impressive stuff.

    I was happy with what we go from Noah in his rookie year, especially considering 75% of guys in his position probably wouldn’t have played through the shoulder injury. I’m excited to see what he can do if he’s fully healthy in 2017. If we learned anything during his rookie season it might be the most important thing, he’s tough as hell and has some serious heart and love for the game…we already knew he was talented as all hell.

    As far as playing in a 3-4…I just don’t think we have the personnel to do that on any kind of a regular basis. We don’t have anyone who we know can be a really good nose tackle. Gerald McCoy as a 3-4 end would be kind of a waste of his talents, as his first step quickness would not play as big of a role…and I’m not sure what you do with Chris Baker in that formation. He probably isn’t big enough to play nose and not athletic and long enough to play 3-4 end. It just seems like a bad fit and a waste of our player’s talents. I also think Kwon and Lavonte would be way undersized to spend any amount of meaningful time as 3-4 linebackers. Now do I think we could use Noah as a stand up rusher in certain situations? Hell yeah I do. I could see 3-3-5 formations in passing downs where you use Noah as a stand up rusher just to mix things up and create mismatches…or even just playing out of a 4-3 and using him as a linebacker to bring as a blitzer or spy a guy like Cam Newton. I definitely think he’s a chess piece worth using any way you can, but Spence is the one guy who looks like he might be a good fit for a 3-4, the rest of the defense looks like a very questionable fit. Stick with what they do best.

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    Spence impressed me last year. I like the idea of Smitty finding more ways to get him involved this year whether it’s as a DE or LB. Ayers isn’t getting any younger and I think Spence/Gholston is a nice edge combination going forward. The Dline as a whole has gotten better this year and I look forward to seeing opposing QBs picking themselves up off the turf very often.

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