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    I don’t doubt that someone will give Mike a deal in the neighborhood Schefter has talked about. And if he reaches his potential, a team could be happy with that. To me, if things break right, Mike could be an immobile Alex Smith (not in specific skill set exactly, but as far as how the Chiefs use him) – give him limited, short reads, and only ask him to make occasional throws very far downfield, and I think he could play reasonably well if the team around him carries them. Have him focus on limiting mistakes and not trying to do too much, and he could be among the good game managers in the league.

    That said, he’s likely going to end up somewhere that will ask him, and will NEED him, to do substantially more than all of that. And when he’s asked to be the foundation of an offense, he’ll fail. He’s just not good enough.

    I do think he’s better than Osweiler. So at least he’s got that going for him.

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    Glennon is a smart guy. I hope he gets his chance elsewhere and is successful. I fault the Buc’s for not going ahead and trading him during the season if they got a 2rd or even 3md round offer for this years draft.

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    Buc 1976

    With the right TEAM he could do very well. As far as the Bucs backup QB draft Kelly Ol Miss Qb in 7th round, or maybe try to get Tampa Native Aaron Murry from KC be broke almost every record Payton set in the SEC.

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    Or… Maybe he will want to be on a team that is up and coming. That’s the BUCS folks.
    Get paid 6-7 million to assist QB coach and hold a clip board and be ready to ball when needed.
    I’m a big Glennon fan and I would like to keep him around. He could have some gravy duties for years.
    Is he an franchise QB ? HMMM…. Maybe not.

    Or… He goes to a team that needs a QB , those teams suck , and get the tar smacked out of him on a weekly basis. GM’s all over the league watched Oswieller play like a bum and drain their cap space. I don’t think he will get that kind of money.

    Ask Luke McCown if he is disappointed with his career. He has averaged 6 million over his career and will still be able to walk.

    Either way he’ll be missed in Tampa.

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    Pretty good assessment tofamiliar17.
    Glennon has really good touch on he ball, something Winston needs to develop more of, but he just doesn’t seem to be dynamic enough to be a long time starting QB in the NFL.
    He was given a chance to take over the team in 2104 but he lacked that dynamic quality the Bucs and other NFL teams know a QB must have.
    I wish him well, but I sure wouldn’t pay him 12 mill a year to be a “game manager.”

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      In the 2015 season, a lot of folks labeled Matt Ryan a “game manager” (passer rating in the high 80s – the realm of “game managers”) …. and this year he’s in the Super Bowl and a lock for MVP of the league, with a passer rating of 117.

      Coaching and supporting players can and usually do make a huge difference in quarterback performance. and overall team performance, even when the QB is a mere “game manager”.

      By the way, in his first three seasons, and five of his first seven season as a starter at NE, Tom Brady was also a “game manager”, with a PR of only the mid-80 . .. but he still won a helluva lot of games with great coaching and great supporting players, both offense and defense. It wasn’t until his 8th season in the league that Brady broke 100 in PR. Yet today he is in every conversation for greatest all time quarterback.

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    I’m not as convinced Mike Glennon will fail. We know that he had poor coaching when he was a part year starter at the Bucs. He’s had good coaching, but only as a backup, since then, and his limited action this year showed that he can move the ball.

    The poor experience with Osweiler certainly doesn’t help the market value of someone like Glennon with limited starting experience, but that’s neither here nor there, someone will likely bring him in, even if only on a shorter term contract with starter money, while drafting a young quarterback in a value round to groom. That seems like a win-win for the team that hires Mike Glennon. If he fails, it is not a disastrous investment, but if he succeeds his team looks like geniuses and then Mike gets an even fatter third contract.

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    I just don’t see what some of you see in Glennon. For me he has shown a clear picture he will be sacked a lot as he is slow as molasses. I wish him the best; time to get a QB who resembles more of a mobile QB.

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    Alldaway 2.0

    Glennon has a better touch on the ball than Osweiler but Glennon takes too many sacks.

    QB’s that have still succeeded in the NFL despite having a high sack rate either able to gain huge chunks of yardage through the air or ground.

    Glennon is not a game manager QB, because he takes too many sacks.

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