The East-West Shrine Bowl is back again at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg for 2020. College players have come from all parts of the country to play in front of scouts, coaches, agents, and many others to show their skills with the hope of getting picked by a team in this year’s NFL draft. will be at each East-West Shrine practice during the week and covering the standout players from each day. Here are the standouts on defense from day two of practice.

East Team

DT McTelvin Agim – Arkansas
What makes Agim fun to watch is that he’s an athlete that goes out and plays with an edge. Some players know how to switch gears between being on and off the field, and it looked like Agim was playing angry. On the play below, Agim won his matchup with his agility, but didn’t like that the offensive lineman was holding him on the play. It only fueled Agim more when he took his other reps.

Agim later showed he has more than one move as he threw in a spin move on another pass rush. The Razorback’s defensive tackle has a nice blend of quickness to go with his size.

DE James Smith-Williams – NC State
Smith-Williams has great length as a pass rusher on the edge, and as you’ll see below, he’s strong as well. The NC State product had no issues pulling off a bull rush and sending his opponent all the way to the back of the end zone. Smith-Williams has many different pass rushing moves with each being more creative than the next. He’s made an impact this week getting to the quarterback.

LB Shaquille Quarterman – Miami
Quarterman has been consistent so far through two days, showing good ability on reading and reacting to plays. The linebacker out of Miami has been proactive in the run game, getting to the hole and stopping plays before they can develop. Quarterman has decent lateral speed and has done a solid job defending against running backs and tight ends in the passing game.

West Team 

DT Raequan Williams – Michigan State
After two days of practice at the East-West Shrine Bowl, I would argue that Williams has been the best defensive player for the West team. Williams has size, strength, and speed all rolled into one. He can beat you in a number of ways, whether it’s overpowering you or just being faster than whoever is trying to block him. In this play, he utilizes a spin move to  come out on top.

As a defensive tackle, it’s important that you’re a factor in stopping the run, and that’s also what Williams does. Williams was able to get in the backfield and close in on the running back. Once he had the back in his grasp, it looked like he was going to slam him, but since it’s practice he let him go. The power that Williams has is that type of that catches the attention of many.

Edge Bryce Huff – Memphis
From a pass rushing standpoint, not many can get to the quarterback in these practices better than Huff can. Huff has a full arsenal of moves at his disposal, and he’s used a number of them so far in practice. It’s not even that Huff has so many moves, what’s most impressive is that he doesn’t telegraph any of them until the last moment, so before you know what he’s going to do, Huff is already past you. Huff can rip, bull rush, and use a swim move all very well, and on this play, he elects for the spin move.

DT Bravvion Roy – Baylor 
Roy is a versatile player that is big and uses it to his advantage. Lining up over the center and guards, Roy has caused a lot of issues for whoever has had the misfortune of trying to block him. Roy is the type of player that succeeds in clogging up the middle of the offensive line but can still have an impact in the pass rush. Roy’s power was on full display on Tuesday, as he bulldozed his opponent.

Roy also showed that he’s fast enough to get off the ball, and once he’s a step ahead, it’s difficult to stop him. While he plays to his size, Roy is fast enough as well to help play an important role for the defense.

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D linemen have good size and moves

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OK Matt, some meat, and potatoes, thank god we didn’t have to read about safeties.

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We kind of need safeties too.

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