The East-West Shrine Bowl is back again at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg for 2020. College players have come from all parts of the country to play in front of scouts, coaches, agents, and many others to show their skills with the hope of getting picked by a team in this year’s NFL draft. will be at each East-West Shrine practice during the week and covering the standout players from each day. The final practice for both teams was more of a glorified walkthrough as both teams practiced lightly. And while plays were made on both sides, we decided it would be best to combine the standouts on offense and defense.  Here were the standouts from day four of practice.

RB Rico Dowdle – South Carolina 
Though he didn’t face any contact in Thursday’s practice, Dowdle gets a nod here for what was a strong week of practice overall. Dowdle is an interesting running back to watch because he has a bigger, physical, size, but isn’t a step slower like the other running backs that have a similar build to him. Dowdle has a unique quickness to him where he can take it up a notch when he needs to. Would Dowdle have gotten tackled after catching the ball in the video? There’s a chance, but the way he turns it upfield after he sees daylight is what jumps out.

 CB Lavert Hill – Michigan 
Hill benefitted from an overthrow by the quarterback, but anytime you take an interception to the house, you stand out. Hill has had tight coverage all week, having a fair amount of success against his opponents. The former Michigan corner was also a stand out player from day one of practice, so he’s capped off a good week of practice.

TE Parker Houston – San Diego State
Bucs fans know all too well about the importance of having a tight end that can excel in the red zone with Cameron Brate. If there was anyone that played the best on Thursday, it was tight end Parker Houston out of San Diego State. Houston had a nose for the end zone with two touchdowns on the day, and one of them was particularly impressive in the way he was able to adjust after the ball was in the air and make the catch as he was hit and still got in the end zone. Not everyone’s going to be the fastest or the best route runner, but Houston showed that there’s other way to have success on the field.

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