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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Very good article, Scott. I am a fan of Mike’s and applaud how he has changed compared to last season. My son is currently overseas with the USMC. The problem I have with the protest is that Trump isn’t a reality star in the sense that most are. He was a successful business man before that. The way he has been vilified for the way he acts has been for a lack of a better word trumped up. He was given many humanitarian awards for his work in the minority community but he only turned into a racist when he decided to run for president? He also has many successful minorities and women working for him not to mention the first female to successfully run a campaign. Not saying anyone is perfect and hasn’t made mistakes, but a lot was way overblown about how he is.

    1. 1.1


      WRONG! trump is a reality star in the same sense as anyone else who has a reality show.

      Since when does going bankrupt multiple times sign of success?

      Anyway, as a Vet and Tampa Native. I have no issue with Mike sitting/ kneeling for the Nation Anthem. It is his right as an American Citizen. Beaners please tell me of all these humanitarian awards Trumps has been given??? You can however find the court cases where he has denied minorities housing and was subsequently sued. So no it is not new for Trump to be called a racist…it has only been since he ran for President that people have paid any attention.

    2. 1.2


      The “left” refers to anyone on the “right” as a racist. Anyone that does not agree with 100% of their opinion is a bigot, racist, sexist and is uneducated…etc…

      People are entitled to their opinions. What I am vehemently opposed to is using such a divisive tactic that brings discord to the team. Mike is a great player and seems pretty nice on interviews, but I don’t know him and certainly form any kind of character impression, outside of what is made public. What I can see, is that it has brought out the worst in (a lot, not all) fans, from what I have been seeing for the past several hours.

      I also believe it to be sad, if not hypocritical, to even protest the outcome of which you refused to participate.

      Imagine this: A group of 10 people are deciding where to go for dinner. 2 say they want a burger. 3 say they want pizza. 5 say they don’t care or aren’t hungry. How F-ing stupid does one of the 5 look when he pitches a fit about ending up at a pizzeria?!

      1. 1.2.1


        AtlBUCFAn, get real! Donald Trump and his Alt Right supporters are clear racist. Maybe you should tell that to the KKK that’s giving Trump a parade in NC. Mike keep making a stand!!!

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    Here’s my two cents. I am a Viet Nam Veteran, I am 100% Disabled and I gave a lot for my country. Even though I disagreed about the Viet Nam War I still volunteered after graduating from college and took my Army Commission despite being married with children and served my country. I am a registered Independant, I have have voted both Republican and Democrat about evenly for the Presidency. This time I voted for Hillary Clinton, but once Donald Trump was the President Elect I got right behind him and I will do everything I can to support him to protect and make our country better. We are a Democracy and we’re not perfect, I have confidence that what was said during the campain will actually come about as something more centered to our thinking. In 4 years those who aren’t happy will have another chance to make a difference if they so choose to by supporting their candidate. What i am trying to say is there is a time and place for everything. This was not the time nor the place to do what Mike Evans did. I hope he learns from it and doesn’t do it again.

    1. 2.1


      Horse is a good man. Evans…….Doesn’t believe in the flag and our country. I to voted for Hillary. I stand behind our flag still….PROUDLY! Evans……not at all!!! Now lets get back to football. ……PLEASE!

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    Mike Evans wants to stand up against complicit racism and it’s a problem?

    Half of the white population just voted in a man who has no problem spewing racist garbage. You wanted HBO, but the premium package comes with Cinemax (bigotry and hatred). But who cares right? He’s in your party, so you had to vote for him.
    It’s because of white privilege; knowing if Stop & Frisk is truly implemented, you, your kid, or your friends won’t have to deal with it… “Oh Mike.” …Please! That’s rich. Coming from one of the white men who is OK with Trump allowing racism to fester and have policies orchestrated around the very institution.
    Fuck you, Scott.

    1. 3.1


      Exactly what racist action has Trump allowed to fester? Trump has never held elected office, so what policies has he orchestrated? Educate yourself tmac and you might just change your mind a bit.

      Isn’t your using terms like “white privilege” and throwing out F bombs to someone who is merely stating his opinion also racist and hateful? Or does it only go one way……………yours?

      I come to this forum for football discussion. Hopefully we can get back to that. Go Bucs!

      1. 3.1.1


        He’s allowed racist rhetoric to fester throughout his campaign. Mostly because he’s said it himself from the podium. lmao

        “Stop and Frisk” is a policy he highlighted in the 3rd debate, that he supported and said was a good idea.

        Telling me to educate myself, but you don’t know the explicit statements he’s made? White privilege isn’t a term that should be considered rude. The F bomb? Sure. White privilege isn’t a slur. It’s either acknowledged by whites, or not. Seems like you’re in the 50% that doesn’t. Probably the same 50% that voted for the bigot (this I am assuming, of course.)



          Many of the 50% white voters you are calling out were needed in the past two elections to elect President Obama. People like you seem to have all the answers when it comes to crime but refuse to share them. The policy in Chicago is to allow thousands of African Americans to be shot and killed over the past 8 years without any action from DC. If “stop and frisk” can start the conversation involving these types of senseless murders then count me in because turning a blind eye is not the answer.



            Rude(white)Guy who will never be stopped and frisked



            Do you have a link to support “white” people never being stopped and frisked? BTW I’m Latino. Nice try.

      2. 3.1.2


        The racist action that Trump festered was being the head of the “Birther movement” This movement attempted to delegitimize the first African American President. I have more if you need it!

  4. 4


    Sadly I wore my #13 jersey today. Never once, following the election results, of which I have experienced since the days of Eisenhower, have I ever thought of doing anything but accepting our duly elected leader as my own. I might not agree with their policies but I always respected the position. Now our youthful, often pampered citizens, actually have to have grief counselors if things don’t go the way they hoped. They take to the streets, damage property and hurt innocent people as a sign of what they believe is their right. They accuse others of the hate they choose to demonstrate. Perhaps they should just go to their rooms and pout like we did as………………children. Find out the facts Mr Evans and don’t take as gospel what any of these politicians say in these ever increasing slanderous campaigns. Maybe you missed seeing those young men and women who enlisted in the armed forces at halftime. They had no trouble with the outcome of the election. They all stood proudly.

  5. 5


    I have no problem with Mike taking a stance against a racist, homophobic, sexist piece of shit. I applaud him and will proudly wear his jersey. I wish you’d stop wearing your GOP rose colored glasses and realize the next four years will be hell for anyone who isn’t white and rich. There is too much hatred and racism in this country and you support the worst piece of trash and justify it with trash articles like this. I hope your ivory tower is high enough, as you look down on the rest of us – the ones who have to deal with the hatred and prejudice every day. Fuck you Scott!

    1. 5.1


      Again, one who objects to racism and hatred is the one spewing it. You agree with Mike’s right to express himself but not Scott Reynolds? Sad day when instead of enjoying a rare home victory we are talking about how to express one’s displeasure with the election loss.

      1. 5.1.1


        Scumbag – Evans protesting racism, Scott trying to shut him down and asking him to sit in his corner. Wake up! That’s the new GOP – condescending assholes telling minorities to keep quiet and they are to be dismissed. It was Scott who told him to be quiet and he was out of place.

        I come to this site for football, not preaching, condescending white people telling others their opinions don’t matter. You got a problem with people expressing themselves, look in a mirror! Damn right there’s hatred – Trump epitomizes it and evangelized it. And now you want to tell people it’s not true and live with it.

        Your too damn dumb and bigoted to see it



          So Scott does not have the right to express himself but you and Evans do, right? I just want to make sure i understand you.



            Express yourself – yes. Suppress others – no

            Being a republican, I’m sure you don’t understand the difference.



            Did you read the article? Here is a quote from Scott you may have missed. I know Dems have a problem with the facts.

            “I’m going to respect his opinion, and I’m going to forgive Evans – and I’m going to ask that you do the same thing even if his action offends you. Respectfully disagree with him if you will, but don’t bash him.”


          Scott Reynolds

          timmurwin –

          Please listen to me very carefully. I did not try to shut Mike Evans down and I did not ask him to sit in a corner. If that’s how you misinterpreted my column I’m truly afraid for the future of this country. You’re simply reading into things in my column that weren’t there.

          Evans can protest all he wants. I never told him to be quiet. Let’s get that straight.

          As someone who has had family in the military fighting in wars, I object to the WAY – and the DAY – he went about protesting. I wish he would have done it differently. That’s my right as an American citizen to have that opinion. There are plenty of others that feel the same way I do about the National Anthem, and a Yahoo Sports poll lists that as the No. 1 reason for the declining interest in the NFL.

          And Evans’ decision to sit for the Anthem is going to cost him some popularity among those fans. That’s a fact, and I’m simply reporting it.

          And then on top of it, he’s protesting the election of Donald Trump. Again, he can protest that all he wants, but it’s going to cost him some popularity among those fans – likely half of them given how the votes went in Florida and America.

          Not once did I say Evans’ opinions don’t matter. You’re wrong for thinking I did.

          Right now I’m seeing just as much hate from the anti-Trump people as there supposedly was from him, to be honest with you. Where is that going to get us?

          I hope you didn’t skip over or misinterpret the part where I decided to forgive Evans for offending me and others that share my view and suggest others do the same. Evans is a great guy – not a villain.

          I reject your charge of being a bigot, timmurwin, but I respect your opinion and thank you for sharing.



          RIGHT ON!!
          Reynolds has uses this site as promotional tool for his belief in the White Nationalist movement, then stars whining when the star receiver on his beloved NFL team uses his celebrity to oppose the racism, misogyny and xenophobia of Trump and his goons.
          How very Trump-like, and not surprising at all really…

      2. 5.1.2


        ScumBug, just be happy Trump won! I’m sure your going to attend the KKK parade for Trump in NC. Have a safe trip.

    2. 5.2


      It is obvious from what you wrote that you never even listened to what Trump said.

  6. 6


    I agree with Mike’s RIGHT to peaceful protest….but I also believe there is a time and place for everything…IMO, not standing for the National Anthem is not the time or the place. ..IMO it is being disrespectful to the men and women whose has sacrificed to make it possible to live in this free country…so that he HAS the right to protest. Please Mike feel free to state your opinion in the future…just pick a different way to protest.

  7. 7


    As someone who voted for Gary Johnson I wasn’t going to be happy with the results which ever way they fell. However, no one can change what happened so we just have to accept it and move on. I support Mike in whatever he does and he has every right to protest and we have every right to criticize him. I hope he doesn’t continue this as their is no point because it will sadly change nothing. Go Bucs!

  8. 8


    With you 100% tmac, I have a 12 year old son that I have preached to never disrespectful the handicapped, treat everyone the same regardless of the color of thier skin. Donald Trump is an obvious racist, bigot and womanizer. Imagine my discussion with my child trying to explain why such a terrible man could be elected to the highest office. Scott, I understand this is your forum to speak as you like, as a very interested reader of your reporting I would respectfully ask that you keep your right wing agenda to yourself.

    1. 8.1


      What did you tell your son about the Clintons?

    2. 8.2


      Womanizer, yes. Bigot and racist, no.

  9. 9



    I find it interesting that would you use your pulpit and position in PewterReport to promote your views on Nationalism and Brexit, openly write about religion in your Fab 5’s but take issue with an athlete who uses their position as a public figure to do bring attention to their own concerns or views.

    I imagine as a sports writer then you must have taken issue with Tim Tebow, Muhamoud Abudur Rauf, Muhammed Ali, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, and the US athletes who boycotted the Olyimpics in 1980 right? They all made political or religious statements to the rest of the country as athletes you .

    Of course it appears you are more than fine with mixing your own ideology in the business of sports and being open about your faith in a public forum and belief but take issue with others who might do the same. Trump won decidedly in the electoral college (which is how the system is made) but lost the popular vote. If the governor of Florida lost the popular vote but won a point system which declared them the winner you might understand why some people would take issue. You might also see why some people take issue with the xenophobic rhetoric or policies of said person.

    Scott, you might want to look up the definition of hypocrite next time you use your position to write an article expressing your opinions about someone else who uses theirs to do the same.


    1. 9.1

      Scott Reynolds

      I’m not a hypocrite at all. Mike Evans expressed his views. I’ve expressed mine. He’s got his rights. I’ve got mine. That’s America. I’m not condemning his views at all – just wishing the arena and manner he’s going about it was different so it wouldn’t alienate some of his fans. It’s going to cost him some popularity among fans, and that was the gist of the column.

      1. 9.1.1


        Bullspit!!! I suppose a Presidential Campaign is a better place to show what you what REAL hate & bigotry can do for America! Who wants fans that like you support a racist thief that does little bit spew hate for anyone with the least bit of progressive attitude.
        You’re showing your TRUE colors here Pal.

        You voted for him and helped put him in office now quit whining and deal with the consequences!

  10. 10


    I understand why you brought this up SR. But you just can’t resist abusing your privileged position and pushing your agenda on readers who come to read about the Bucs – not your personal biases – and will come here to read about the Bucs long after you’re no longer part of this organization.
    Why do you think you have that right, or that we give a crap about your views? Just because you work on a website doesn’t mean you have special insight about social issues, it’s hard enough for you to be objective writing about players on the Bucs. Enough already.

  11. 11


    Once again, Scott has a right to his views. He was writing about something a Bucs player did today at the game. This is Bucs news. You didn’t have to read the article if you didn’t like the subject matter. This is why each article has a title.

  12. 12


    Here we go again. A football game is loaded with political and religious statements. Wether it’s the National Anthem, guys praying after the game, fly overs by the military, flag waiving color guards.
    It’s just peripheral noise.
    I don’t see the racist connection with our election we just had.
    I’ll expound.
    It’s always about money. Always was and always will be.
    It’s a shame that with 350 million people in the USA the two candidates we chose were such an awful choice for us.
    Money will dictate the next 4 years of our life.
    It seems racist because black, brown , yellow or white you’re still going to be poor.
    Social caste system, that is the issue.
    For a good reference break out some head phone and play the song by Pink Floyd, Us and them. Listen to a lot
    Because that’s what the fightings all about.

  13. 13


    Scott – I came to this website for Bucs news, not politics. But you cannot resist sliding in your political views. In tired of the right – wing crap in the news. I come here to get away. But now I can’t do that.

    I spent the last half hour calming my disabled friend. The same demographic that your president mocks and makes fun of. You may support him – I loathe him. And those who support his views.

    This is the last time I will be on this site. I can find Bucs news elsewhere without the GOP crap. It’s sad – this site used to be good. Now it’s long winded stories, tinged with political crap. I’m sure all of your republican readers will be happy to know there is one less contrarian on your site.

    How sad.

  14. 14


    This is not a “news’ site so Scott has every right to express his opinion on this subject, just as Evans has every right to protest the election results by not standing for the anthem. I will defend both of them on this without question. The great thing about our country is the RIGHT to speak your mind. To me standing up (or sitting down in this situation) to protest in a peaceful manner is being a true American.

  15. 15


    As by election results, I’m in the minority. I did not vote for Trump and everything about him and his views (or followers) sicken me to my core values.

    Now to the subject of Mike not standing, my father was in the military for 28 years, no need to say how much I respect and love him. He’s my father!! But standing or kneeling does not make or break my love or distrust of this country.

    Standing does not mean you are disrespecting the troops. Not standing does not mean your are against america.

    Not standing or standing at this point might not serve a purpose, (depending on your view).

    It’s like a child placing their finger in your face and wanting to antagonize you. Provoke you.

    Dialogue is dieing or completely dead in this country. If anyone (player or spectator) is joining in on kneeling, answer is easy, same way I’m dealing with this election, (evolve). I’m not going to spell out all that wrong with this country, this election season handled that in Trumps (pun intended). Only way to change this hatred and bigotry is to get into the communities. Reach out to those that sat on the sideline and did not vote and all this embarrassment to happen. (Kapernick*)

    Getting on to post your views are great way to vent and lash out, but the damage is done. You’re part of the solution or part of the problem. Everyone need start with the person in the mirror and check themselves.

    Mike kneeling will not change how I feel about him as an athlete, very little as a person. I would rather see him place his voice and money in a more productive movement.

    And those attacking each other here, I hope my thought will get you to reach out and change this world. Let those who need to vent talk, but those that are venting, lashing out and attacking make you just like the person that was just voted into the White House. Make peace and grow, or you’ll only end up getting the last word, while they get the last laugh.

  16. 16


    Well put Coz.
    Kind of John Lennon like.

  17. 17

    Clearwater Buc

    Scott, I agree with you 100%. Let others bash and whine. I think it’s funny how you’re not allowed to share your personal views, but they’re so quick to jump on you and spout off theirs. Ironic. Anyway, keep up the good articles.

    1. 17.1


      Clearwater – we don’t tune into this site because we anxiously look forward to hearing Scott Reynolds’ pronouncements on politics.

      I guarantee you that the only reason I read and comment is to focus on the Bucs. That is true of probably 98% of his readers, if not 100%. So any time he veers off the highway into the ditch of politics, he is baiting and switching his readers.

      On the other side of the road – the left – there’s the jerk that runs BucsNation who is an extreme leftist and it the biggest hypocrite on the planet, pontificating on all the evils of this or that, but nobody is allowed to disagree with his views or they are busted for “injecting politics”. When I called him out specifically for his hypocrisy he booted me from the site. What an asshole and a prick! At least Scott does not run this site as a personal dictatorship of the proletariat. I’ll give him that.

      That’s it. Scott delves into politics from time to time – he needs to stop

  18. 18


    AAggh, just when you thought all this bullshit was over, here we go again. I don’t watch sports, listen to music, whatever for an artist, or players political views. Just STF up, sing, play, or whatever you do to entertain me. I’m 61, Evans is 24, he doesn’t know shit about the world, I could give a rats ass what he thinks about Trump, or anything but catching the damn ball. Problem with Evans, Kapp, is they take a knee, or sit. What they should do, on their own time is take a stand. Work for a candidate, or a party to change things, taking a seat is not the answer.

  19. 19


    I’m disappointed that Mike Evans chose to make himself an issue on a day when the only thing that matters for his teammates, coaches, and fans was the success of the team.

    I couldn’t care less what Mike Evans political views are. Or Scott Reynolds for that matter. Only I just wish people in places of influence (athletes, entertainers, writers) would keep their damned political views to themselves WHILE THEY ARE IN THE ACT OF DOING WHATEVER IT IS THAT MAKES PEOPLE WANT TO SEE, LISTEN TO, OR READ THEIR STUFF – ESPECIALLY IF THOSE FOLKS ARE PAYING TO SEE/LISTEN/READ..

    It is supremely disrespectful for people in such positions to attempt to command a bully pulpit and basically bait and switch with the folks who pay hard earned money that supports the athlete/entertainer/writer’s lifestyle. It’s dishonest and its crude and its effectively a big “eff you” to their customers.

    I don’t care whether it is Lady Gaga wearing a meat suit to a for-profit concert, Mike Evans sitting during the national anthem to protest political election outcomes, or the Dixie Chicks dissing on our President at a paid for concert, or that asshole dude from Europe (no less) who moderates BucsNation and who never misses an opportunity to promote his extreme leftist views while issuing warning and ejections to commentors who dare to disagree with him or call him out for his utter hypocrisy. Or paid media people at any of the cable news channels who end up being hard core cheerleading promoters of certain political candidates instead of providing thoughtful professional news and commentary.

    Just keep it to your goddamned selves if it involves politics or social issues preaching.

    There’s enough division and disagreement in America as it is without injecting politics and ideology into every goddamned waking moment of every goddammed form of “entertainment”.

    Here’s a clue for all the clueless entertainers/athletes/writers of the world making a buck off of us all – politics and ideology ain’t entertaining!

  20. 20


    Intolerance runs rampant!

  21. 21


    Personally, I don’t like what mike did. On this weekend of all weekends to do it was stupid. And the reason he is doing t is even worse. He must be getting all of his info from CNN.
    I also love how the liberals in Thai page are slamming Scott because he has a point of view , but it’s right for mike to have one? That’s that beautiful liberal hypocracy at its finest.
    As racism and division some of you uninformed need look no further that that crap we’ve had until the White House the last 8 years.
    Odumbass set this country back decades with his bs.
    I think Scott needs to hand out some play dough and maybe some crayons to our libera readers and get them to a safe place so they don’t feel bad.
    And if you don’t like the article clowns , don’t read it, the title was pretty clear what it was about. Damn liberals.

  22. 22

    Simon Says


    I was on-board, and in complete agreement with you, but as a journalist, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    I’ve never felt you were biased in anything you have ever written before until now.

    Mike Evans sitting is an unnecessary distraction, and I completely disagree with him doing so. I don’t think any different of him for it, because it is NOT meant to be a slight towards service men and women, but his timing amplified it in my mind. I could completely write it off as him just exercising his 1st amendment right, assuming he had the smarts and respect to greet and thank all of the servicemen/women in attendance the way many of the other players did.

    People protesting the election of our next president is a disgrace to our democracy, and always has been.

    However, you are flat out WRONG to say that no one was “taking to the streets to protest Barack Obama.” Obama’s very citizenship was called into question while people referred to him as the anti-christ, a closet Muslim, a terrorist, and plenty of other things, and it has continued today.

    Trump’s past is no longer important. What he does over the next four years is what’s important. However, your biased in the matter is very evident in your ease of forgetting the facts, and the fact that you made no attempt to research them.

    1. 22.1

      Scott Reynolds

      Simon Says – I didn’t say that people didn’t object to Obama or question his citizenship or any of the other things you stated. Those things were said and those beliefs were held by some for sure. However, what I said was nobody was “taking to the streets to protest” Obama. And that’s true. I don’t remember any mass marches or riots like we’re seeing now from anti-Trumpers.

      1. 22.1.1

        Clearwater Buc

        Scott, that’s because there was none. Funny how those who cry for tolerance the most are the ones least likely to show it.

  23. 23


    Seeing the team’s statement was a great disappointment. I’m sure they do not want to be put in this position, but they appear to be accepting of their players using the pregame playing of our national anthem as an opportunity to protest publicly. Both as it happened on their day to salute veterans at Raymond James Stadium and into the future indefinitely (as Mike has stated his intentions). I will not support that decision, or this team, in any way, moving forward.

  24. 24


    Maybe Evans can go up to the University of Michigan who offered its traumatized students coloring books and Play-Doh to calm them. Or he could go to the University of Kansas who reminded its stressed-out kids that therapy dogs, a regular campus feature, were available. Or he could go to Cornell University, an Ivy League school, who held a campus-wide “cry-in,” with officials handing out tissues and hot chocolate.
    Mr. Trump won fair and square. He was never called a racist until he ran against a Democrat. GROW THE F UP 13! You did this selfish act based upon a lie. This fear-mongering the Democrats are doing is making themselves, and their supporters, look foolish, which is not helping.

    1. 24.1

      Scott Reynolds

      As a K-Stater, I wouldn’t wish going to KU on anyone! Lol

    2. 24.2


      Now doubt sir there is going to be a crayon and play dough shortage soon because of all of the children pouting.

  25. 25

    Scott Reynolds

    I’m just going to add this … there is not going to be a running narrative on this topic from PewterReport.com. This is THE column where I’ve addressed Mike Evans’ decision to sit out the National Anthem. We will be reporting it from a news-only standpoint from here on out – without opinion. That’s my decision, and I made it last night the minute I published this column before there was the first comment.

    I appreciate ALL of you for sharing your opinions. They are welcome here. I just want to see if we can make the discussion go in a civil way without profanity and name-calling. Let’s agree to disagree on some things without being disagreeable if you catch my drift.

    I’m not planning on editing or deleting anyone’s comments – unless they get way over the top. That’s not my style as I welcome all viewpoints. But please refrain from profanity. Thank you.

    1. 25.1


      You did nothing wrong Scott and are allowed to voice your opinion, the way some of these shallow readers do. I don’t like politics mixed with my sports but I understand why you wrote the article. Keep up the great work Scott.

      1. 25.1.1


        You miss the point. Being allowed to do something it being the right thing to do are entirely different matters.

        There’s no law against farting loudly in your daughter’s wedding ceremony – but everyone there would know you’re a jerk. There’s about ten trillion similar things one is allowed to do but only an a-hole would do it.

        Politics have no place in entertainment, period, absolutely, no exceptions. Regardless of candidate, regardless of party, regardless of issues.

        As we used to say in the Navy: “Stow it!”

  26. 26


    Scott, while I agree with the premise of this article I have to take you to task on the “I never saw protests after Obama was elected”. That’s b.s. It wasn’t as violent as these have become, but there were many protests, many of which I’ve posted pictures of on my facebook timeline that had racial overtones. Further, the protests continued within the government itself with Congress and the Senate refusing to work with the President and instead choosing obstruction rather than finding common ground.

    So the revisionist history of “Well, we didn’t do this when Obama was elected,” is a big steaming pile of crap.

    With all of that said, I didn’t get the protests then and I don’t get them now. What’s done is done. It’s time we all move on. As I wrote in my article today, President Lincoln said it best, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” It’s time we come together as a Nation and get to work.

    I hope Trump will be good. I really do. Wishing him to fail is truly like hoping a pilot you don’t like crashes the plane. If he does, we all go down with him.

    1. 26.1

      Scott Reynolds

      Sorry, Jason. I’ve got to take issue with you on your statement. Any protests after Obama’s election or re-election were simply fewer and far between the numbers of protests and certainly the size of the protests against Trump, and they certainly weren’t covered by the mainstream media after the elections the way these current protests are.

      That’s not revisionist history at all. That’s just the facts.

  27. 27


    Ok, so let me first start out by saying that I am a big fan of Mike Evans. However, when you stand for the national anthem, it’s not for all the idiots we have here in the United States, it’s mainly for those who served, who are currently serving and of whom gave the ultimate sacrifice. As a military retiree (21 years/4 combat tours) and a Tampa native, it shows nothing other than wanted news on the tabloids when you do this. In particular, under the same system that pays you millions of dollars to do what you do on Sunday. Don’t want to stand?, no worries, go play in Canada or anywhere else for that matter and I will assure you, you won’t be making near as much money and also where problems exist as well. No system is perfect and voicing your right to speak or act is applauding, but not on a weekend where we are saluting our troops. By not standing, you really don’t protest anything, you just add you’re name to the number of idiots who you are claiming to be protesting against.

  28. 28


    I can’t stand Trump, but he’s the President now and I’m invested in his success. As a white Jew and son of an immigrant father, I live now in high anxiety. As many of his supporters (people who voted for him, 62%) acknowledge he is unfit to be President. The whole campaign on both sides was ugly and undignified. I travel around the world in my work and have seen first-hand how this election has made us the laughing stock. I love this country but am scared by the many divisions provoked by the media and by this campaign, men vs. women; white vs. nonwhite; young vs. old, educated vs. non-educated those who believe in scientific findings and those who don’t. I don’t see how a man as thin-skinned as Trump can become a unifier, but I pray he can. As for Evans, BRAVO! As for Scott, BRAVO. Both persons free to speak their beliefs. I wonder how long that freedom will last.

  29. 29


    Below is a letter I wrote today to the Management of the Buccaneers. which reflects my view on the new “Platform” NFL players feel they have. I don’t apologize to anyone and will stand by my convictions because I have earned that right!

    To the Recipient of this email,
    I hope this letter reaches the proper executives within the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Organization.
    I am a 64-year-old United States Air Force Retired Disabled Vietnam Era Veteran whom bears the scars of protecting the freedom EVERY American enjoys today in our country. I am also a retired businessman who has managed people and businesses successfully over the years. I also was a charter season ticket holder of the Buccaneers and subsequent years thereafter. I have supported the team since the beginning of the franchise. During that time, I have defended the team through its few high points but also stood loyal during the teams many lows. I have spent thousands of dollars on tickets, parking, food and beverages at the stadium, thousands of dollars in memorabilia and sportswear for my family and myself promoting and supporting the Bucs. I have also endured the frustration and emotional disappointment over the many years of Buccaneer blunders and losses. Therefore, I feel qualified to present my views.
    Unfortunately, my support is no more…That all came to a tragic end yesterday as the result of the actions of one of your employees Wide Receiver Mike Evans.
    On a day when the organization was paying tribute to those of us whom have proudly served our country, Mr. Evans decision to “sit” during the Presentation of the Colors and the playing of our nations National Anthem was a supreme insult not just to me but also to the millions of current and former Military members, the Tampa Bay community and lastly to every American who serves and loves this country.
    When the Colors are presented and the National Anthem is played before the start of many American events in our country it never fails to bring a tear to my eye and a goose bumps consume my body and I’m confident I’m not alone. Mr. Evans total lack of respect for that time-honored and tested tradition of having reverence for our patriotism is disturbing and disgusting.
    There is a vast difference between speech and actions. His total disrespect of something that unifies us as a people and reminds us of the sacrifices our forefathers bared to protect the freedom and liberties we enjoy today is appalling. The public defiance currently displayed by NFL players that is starting to emerge frequently on NFL football fields around the country is disturbing. This is a Sport played in public venues which are designed to provide entertainment, and enjoyment… Not a political platform. Take your beef to the Internet, call a news conference, or a host of other places; but to disrespect the Colors of this Country is a slap in my face. It threatens the very foundation many of us strive to defend and fight for in this country. Not to mention the terrible message it sends to our youth.
    I watched in the media as Mr. Evans voiced the reasons for his actions. He went on to say “I’m not a political person that much but I have common sense” … Really? Common sense would have suggested that Mr. Evans use a more suitable venue or platform to express his disdain for the President Elect. But unfortunately, a “public facility” that was built with tax payer funds, designed for recreation and pleasure has become the new platform for high profile athletes to express their premature or in many cases unfounded belief’s. I wonder what a Constitutional Lawyer might have to say about this?
    Therefore, I am informing you that I will be Boycotting the Buccaneer Organization and any of its events until such time as Mr. Evans issues a sincere public apology and terminates any future acts of defiance; or you terminate his employment. My position also holds true for any other Buccaneer employee whom assumes the same defiant position. Please remove me from your database, mailing, phone or email list. Further, I enjoy a large circle of friends and as a member of several Veteran’s Organizations, I am going to encourage everyone to join me in my dissent and moratorium against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Organization. As Mr. Evans, I’ve had enough!
    In closing, certainly Mr. Evans has the Constitutional Right to freely express himself. However, Mr. Evans is a high-profile figure and as his employer, it’s my belief that it is incumbent upon you (The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Organization); to define the conduct of your employees while under your employ and in the workplace, just like any other corporation or company would. Raymond James Stadium is his main workplace! It is not enough to issue a statement stating your weak rhetoric, you need to hold your employees accountable for their actions while under your employ and in their workplace, just like any other employee /employer relationship. Particularly when it offends the thousands of hard working people paying good money to view a public sporting event for their recreation and entertainment pleasure. Although I have noticed, that the paying fan seems to be escaping the Buccaneers Organization at the moment by looks of the number of paying folks seated in your stands.
    As a successful businessman for many years, I view your business as a for profit “Team” sport entity. Its success is based on a group effort of its people including unity and respect just like other workplaces in our country. Your employee seems to feel he is above reproach because of his stature. And it also seems your management staff has lost control over your employees. In the end, this is the type of action and behavior that contributes to a losing culture.
    Respectfully Submitted,

    Vince Gabel

    1. 29.1


      Mr. Gabel, first of all, thank you for your service to our country. There are many of us who are truly grateful for you and all of our military personnel.
      Second of all, I agree with what you have posted.
      But, I respectfully ask you to reconsider boycotting the Bucs. Believe me, I understand your passion. I am not trying to talk you out of it. I just ask you to not punish the whole organization for the independent action of one individual. What Evans did was selfish and unproductive. He also put his boss, his employer and his teammate in a position to have to deal with this situation which was none of their doing.
      If you decide to continue with the boycott, that’s ok. Thank you fro reconsidering.

  30. 30


    Ironically, the freedom for Evans to do that is one of the freedoms for which our service men/women have fought. At the risk of sounding political, I would argue that the call to ban people of a certain religion from entering our country is also offensive to those who have fought for our country.
    That being said, I would hope that he would have discussed this decision with VJax and the rest of his teammates in advance.
    Also, it didn’t appear to be a distraction to the team for the game, but when you make a statement, you must be prepared to deal with the fallout…
    Go Bucs!!!

    1. 30.1


      To quote the hilariously funny Ron White, in his routine relating how he had been stopped by a traffic cop for appearing to be driving while under the influence ….

      “I had the right to remain silent …. but I didn’t have the ability.”

  31. 31



    I’m glad you’ve decided to leave your opinion out of the discussion going forward, as it often comes off as pompous and condescending due to your bias approach to reporting. I’ll hold you to it, but we’ve heard this promise before. You sure let Evans off easier than you did Kaepernick, guess there are advantages to being a home team troop hater, right? Now if only you could leave out the rest of your ideological views, we’d have ourselves are pretty awesome Buccaneer website.

    1. 31.1


      Whether it annoys us or not, Scott’s provocative headline/ story got a lot more attention than Mark’s reporting on the same event

  32. 32


    Any person, celebrity or not, has the right to voice their opinion. Even if I strongly disagree with them, I believe that they have the right to expression! We don’t want everyone having the same opinions, and we do not want to surround ourselves only with people that think the same way we do.

    In saying that, some ways are better than others to express your opinion. Disrespecting the veterans is one of the worst ways. Disrespecting the office of the presidency, because you do not like who was elected is not the right way. This is especially true on a day we are celebrating our veterans, in a town that has an important military command.

    As a veteran, I felt upset after the game, instead of celebrating a win. A certain percentage of fans will feel the same way. This may or may not affect viewership and attendance. One thing is certain, it will not increase attendance! I do take some solace in knowing that he will take a financial hit in endorsements.

    Now if he wants to do things that are more effective, get involved. It would help much more if he became a member of the community and tried to affect change. If he educated himself on the issues and fought for ones he believes in. This would not only be more effective, but would get him more respect,

    Now for me personally, I will probably still watch the Bucs, but with a little less excitement. I probably will be less likely to drive to Tampa from Orlando to watch a live game. It will probably be more likely that I will occasionally find other things to do on Sunday, than spend my time watching the game. A very good chance I will pay more attention to college football than professional. I know I will have a hard time rooting for Mike Evans, and hope that the Bucs decide to trade him.

    For those who say they hope they don’t make a big deal about this, I say you are asking people not to make a big deal about the men and women who have served this country.

  33. 33


    Scott – thank you for sharing your views. I understand the confusion expressed by you and others on this site about what is happening…in one sense, as you say, why are people protesting in the streets, why is there a Million Woman March being planned for Washington, why are more than 1,000 insiders about to protest in the Capitol, why is the State of California making noise about leaving the Union — that never happened when Obama took office 8 years ago, so why all the sore-loserness? Why can’t we all just get along and move forward as a nation and come together at the grass roots level to Make America Great Again (or as the announcer said yesterday Make Cameron Brate Again)?

    I understand – I really do. So, let me try to help (and I mean this sincerely):

    America – since 1776 in some respects, and certainly since the Union beat the Confederacy – has agreed upon and espoused and fought (two world wars and several more on top of that) for a certain set of CORE VALUES. Things like equality (all men (and women) are created equal), tolerance (freedom of religion and so forth), justice (beating back Nazism when it invaded Europe), opportunity for all (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness), and so on. That has been true under Republican governments and Democrat governments alike – at the State and Federal levels. While each of them brought different ideas to governance – degrees of: taxation, education, social welfare, healthcare, the environment, foreign interventions, etc. – they existed along a spectrum that held at its base the same CORE VALUES.

    Last Tuesday, the country elected a man (and his inner circle) that openly refuted those CORE VALUES with his bigotry, misogyny, racism, and hatred; that has lived a set of core values his whole life that is in opposition to the AMERICAN CORE VALUES that the military has fought to defend; that Republican and Democrat leaders alike have upheld for a century and a half; that heroic people like MLK, Abe Lincoln, John Hancock, Dick Winters, and many many more fought and died to make a reality. That circle of people will have enormous influence for the next 4 years over whatever anyone thinks can happen at a grass-roots level by “coming together” and “healing the nation” – they’re nice thoughts but a little naïve as to the power of the soon to be regime.

    Do these newly entrenched people believe in tolerance, justice, equality, and opportunity for all? Do they believe in protecting the shores of the country and upholding the principles that our forefathers fought and died to defend? Well, here’s what they’ve said about those values (and these are all quotes from the incoming regime): “Islam is a cancer”; “Black Lives Matter is the equivalent of ISIS”; “Mexicans are rapists”; justice means shutting down three lanes of a bridge into Manhattan when a local Mayor endorses someone other than you; women are “aesthetically-pleasing objects”, “bitches”, and “wouldn’t have jobs if they weren’t beautiful”; climate change is a hoax (and in turn 95% of all climate scientists are dishonest); war crimes (those things our forefathers fought against to drag a bunch of maniacs to Nuremburg to answer for) are perfectly acceptable when perpetrated on the enemy; and so too is torture; the National Parks (and the opportunities they present) should be set aside when it comes to agreeing oil drilling rights (better known as “drill baby drill”); people like Mike Evans (who spoke out against Trump) should be “put on a list of names” that “won’t be forgotten”; and soldiers who were captured by enemies (like John McCain) “aren’t heroes”, but rather “losers”.

    So, maybe you can see why this time was different (and by the way, if you don’t like those references above, there are hundreds more) – why this isn’t a bunch of sore losers upset that Obama care will be repealed (I think most people understand (they may not like it) such a decision as a shift in ideas of governance around healthcare); or upset that tax rates will change (I think people, while skeptical, are largely willing to give trickle-down economics another chance despite its last miserable failure); or upset that women will probably have to make decisions about their reproductive rights on a State-by-State level (that sounds unfair to me – unjust even – but women are amazing at dealing with adversity, better than most men I know).

    No, this time the protesting, the calls for justice, the outrage are all perfectly right and understandable. Mike Evans is a 23 year old kid who may not be able to articulate exactly why he’s furious – especially when his feelings are being compared to Colin Kaepernick’s case, which has nothing to do with the Nation’s CORE VALUES (nobody has disagreed with Colin that violence is troubling) – but look around you, or better yet just look to California if you want to understand why this is not the same as a transition from Reagan to Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama….this is a transition from AMERICAN CORE VALUES to a set of core values that will be thrust upon you, and that quite frankly stink.

    Now back to the Bucs…

    1. 33.1


      One of the few things I agree with your leftist regurgitated “quote” riddled post is:

      Now back to the Bucs…

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I just wish they would look deeper than TV (or any mainstream media outlet) for their information. Much of what you take as quotes were grossly taken out of context or completely made up….not that Trump is or is not what others say he is, but one thing that is true, is that he will be our next president, no matter how many people disrespect the Flag/National Anthem, sit/kneel, riot, protest…etc… He is now one of the elite and the country will go on.

      1. 33.1.1


        Each quote above comes directly from one of the Trumpists themselves…no “leftist regurgitated quote” in my post….each comes from their mouths and their Twitter pages and their comments of record in courts and legislature…if you consider those quotes “leftist”…that’s your own commentary.

        And so while you wish for folks to look beyond the mainstream media, I will wish for folks to look beyond all media (Breitbart too) and go straight to the sources of record.

    2. 33.2


      Dear EastEndBoy,
      Everything you just “articulated” is exactly why Donald Trump was elected the next president! The “AMERICAN CORE VALUES” you refer to have been obliterated by the current President. What kind of hallucinatory drugs are you on? The PEOPLE HAVE VOTED they don’t care about the rhetoric or smooth talk from someone like this current President who talks down to us, lies to us and thinks he’s smarter than us and we are stupid! We voted for results!

      1. 33.2.1


        Well, there’s an old saying that comes to mind:

        Be careful what you wish (or vote) for, you just might get it…

  34. 34


    SR, good idea not to report your OPINION. The fact that 50% of the people conduct themselves like children and believe what they hear without any question is maddening. Perhaps instead of your opinions you can promote prizes like crayons, color paper, and glue. No wait, scratch that, the losers will complain that your promotion was RIGGED!! LOL!! Keep real Scott, you the man!!

  35. 35


    Any dumba$$ that doesn’t vote, shouldn’t be protesting the election. Shame on him. I would call him a low information voter, but the dumba$$ didn’t even vote.

  36. 36


    Exactly mcpo23 the jackass didn’t even vote and he’s crying about Trump winning. Just heard that on news too. Just another idiot that’s knee jerk reacting. Probably doesn’t know anything about Trumps or Hillarys agenda. Just knows what liberal media has said. I’ve about had it with stupid pople and the NFL lately.

    So sad we finally get this much needed home win and now have to deal with this huge distraction.

    I had so hoped none of the Bucs would engage in this non sense. I actually had a feeling if one guy did it would be him. Just woefully immature and completely ignorant.

    Trump has a big mouth, but he’s right on most of the issues I care about. Bill Clinton was a sexual predator and dirt bag, but did decent job as president.

  37. 37


    Liberals didn’t give a shit about Clinton being a scumbag, but same liberals are now up in arms? This country has become such a joke.

    I do look forward to him getting some things done with the house and senate and the presidency. Obamas policies have hurt small business so much. I’m tired of paying 40% corp. income taxes and distributing my wealth to people sitting on their asses. Dems had all 3 and rammed everything down our throats.

    I didn’t protest or not stand for the anthem. I went out and voted. Hey there’s an idea vote next time Mike you genius.

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