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    Which Safety and CB was covering the middle in the first half when Plummer was throwing the 10-15 yard passes right up the middle and they were running up the middle before Coach Smith started putting more pressure on the QB. I was happy he decided to throw more to the sides after that and we got two interceptions. Yes Conte got an interception and a touchdown, but other than that I thought he played his usual basic average at best. I thought Hargreaves played a good solid game.

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    LOL Horse. Some people….

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    Everybody is a winner tonight, even Demar Dotson who was frankly……..turrible. But I want to single Winston out because he flashed what he can be. The scramble tonight was right out of the Farve improvisational playbook. He is not fast, but he is deceptively quick. He is so good at it that I don’t know why there are not more planned rollouts from which he can improvise and work his magic.

    Here’s what we’re dealing with folks. Winston is the youngest QB in NFL history to throw for 40 TDs. Jameis Winston has scored a touchdown in every game he’s played in, including college and the NFL. That’s special!

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      Well said Mac, and even still there will be the doubters. He balled out behind a pedestrian offensive line today. His jersey was wrecked and he was limping at the end, one tough SOB.

    2. 3.2


      Yes! we finally have our long awaited franchise QB maybe now bucnut can shut his mouth and accept Jameis

      1. 3.2.1


        That … will never happen. BucNut and WarrenB will never accept that Winston is anything other than a bust.



          you are most likely right

      2. 3.2.2


        Don’t think you’ll hear from bucnuts this week.

    3. 3.3


      Mac, as good as Winston is, I’m sure some out there still want the “The Throwin’ Samoan”.

      1. 3.3.1


        We couldn’t have done wrong with either pick – both of them are franchise quarterbacks who are leading their offenses and generating good and very similar stats … and both of them have been, like nearly all second year quarterbacks, inconsistent at times too. Both quarterbacks will lead their teams to many years of winning seasons and playoff games, most likely championships too, eventually.

      2. 3.3.2


        You might have to explain that one to the milenials.

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    This game reminded me of the 1st Atlanta game. Just goes to show you how this team could look if they could get good pressure from the defensive line. Finally having McDonald, McCoy, Ayers and Spence together and you can see the results. If we had this line for the Rams game and the Raiders game, we just might be 6-3 right now instead of 4-5. But this also shows that we still have to have another good draft before this team can really be competitive. Pick up a good 2nd wide receiver in free agency and draft another defensive lineman, a safety and a corner back and maybe with another year of playing in the same system this team could win more than it loses next year and possibly make the playoffs.

    But if you were a Bucs fan, you had to feel good about the last 3 quarters of this game. The offense was off in the 1st quarter but after that, Chicago never really looked like they could challenge. Actually looking back, it was the early penalties (again) that stopped the offense about as much as the Chicago defense.

    Big test next week against the Chiefs on the road. Not expecting a win, but it would be nice to hang tight all game.

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    Nitey, I’m well into my cups now, so I can’t remember his name, but #92 was a beast all night.

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    Saw the Winston scramble on the highlights. Jamies Freakin Winston. Just awesome

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    I think you are remiss, Zach, in not also handing out recognition of the contribution of Clinton McDonald. He is a quiet guy, hardly anybody pays attention to him. But when he finally made it back into the lineup next to Gerald McCoy, he anchored an interior line that made it possible for the rest of the defense to click. It is no accident that when McDonald is in the lineup, our D is much better.

    Aside from being a big brick in our wall that he is, McDonald also got a sack yesterday.

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    Lest we not forget our Place Kicker, Roberto Aguayo who was perfect on this day.

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    I am still in Arizona so Bucs not on out here. Back next week though. Saw Winston scramble on replays. Awesome. Evans……don’t even need to hear his name anymore……

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    Finally I enjoyed a home game this year. Weather was great too. I think we saw week one and today what the Bucs can be with the D line playing well and Martin back. Jameis had a great game. It was fun to watch. The Hail Mary at end of first half still irritates the hell out me though. Lol. 36-3 was the real score. Now we have D line back in intact now it looks like the O line will be the problem. Injuries have really sucked this year! Big test next week for sure. Stupid Chiefs made me lose my pool this week. Yes some of us old guys (48) play in pools still and not fantasy.

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    What just happened? Did the new defensive scheme finally click? That didn’t even seem like the Bucs defense out there and that’s a great thing!

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    The team and Mr Winston played great and bucs qb may do things …although M.M. would have been a better choice since he has played without a #1 receiver or tight end this season and stats are about the same.

    1. 12.1

      Reynaldo Viera

      So Delani Walker is not a top tight end? The way the Titans are playing offense they don’t need a ” #1″ receiver. They have the 2nd best rushing attack in the NFL and those WR in Tennessee actually have speed. And I’m not even going to get started on the fact that there Oline is a lot better than ours or that there defense is a lot better than ours. Mariota has 133 more passing yards but he also played one more game. I liked both coming and I still like both I have no bias either way. But the bashing Winston gets is unreal. Having a good offense doesn’t require and #1 WR as long the scheme fits the players around you. Just ask the Patriots

      1. 12.1.1


        Thank you for a fact based response to a ridiculous comment. I swear half the people that post on fan blogs don’t even watch the games. They just see stats and assume. John Robinson significantly upgraded the Titans roster in one offseason. Mariota’s numbers through 10 games are almost identical through 10 games of his rookie season, but the Titans are winning. Winston is doing fine. If we keep getting healthy, we might snag 3-4 more wins this year.

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