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    Coaching has to take a big share of this loss and so does the GM. You don’t have the right players to be winners this season. After listening to the scouts on Buccaneers.com during camp this past July, I wondered about their lack of football experience playing in college and the NFL. I’m not sure we have a strong talented scout team. What real experience does Licht have pertaining talent,skills,desire when it comes to selecting players?

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    Actually, Licht has quite a bit of experience Horse. He came up through the scouting ranks.

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      Really? What kind of college and pro playing has he experienced himself?

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    If I was Licht I’d be calling looking to trade for a speedy WR before the trade deadline! Make it happen Licht! This would stretch the field and take some pressure off Evans.

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    Evans needs some help I think if we added another weapon it would also help Jameis out so much no doubt Winston is not playing well and while he deserves some blame you can’t ignore the lack of support he has. Jameis excels with the play action pass and with all of our running backs dying it has hurt the PA which has hurt Jameis.

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    Echo, echo….Evens is being swamped because he is the ONLY WR that can hurt a team. There is no help. Humphries is a nice 3rd down WR, but limited. Brate is ok at TE but not scary. Nobody else for Evans & Winston. (now no RB’s) I Just can’t kill Winston when Evans is the only guy to throw to, and the other team knows that better than anyone else. Quote for TV from Norton, “Evans is the only WR they have, and I guarantee he won’t beat us”.

    If we are to have any chance for the rest of the season on offense we need to trade for a WR. And we’ll need offense because our defense is not really good. pass rush is off & on, and the secondary…yikes. If the Raiders didn’t record a new NFL penalty record Sunday there would not have been an OT, but a blow out.

    PS-Shorts is not good, brings nothing, hence wasn’t on a team.

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    Evans had one bad drop and that’s cool he’s man’d up and said it. Winston also overthrew him multiple times when he was open too. Just a disgusting loss really.

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    Winston flat out overthrew him and others several times. Nice of Mike to take the heat but it should be on Winston. That is all.

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