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    Odd move. I got the feeling they were keeping Banks out as a healthy scratch the last couple of games because they didn’t want an injury to tarnish his trade value. Letting him go for nothing seems like another obvious mistake in a long line of Bucs personnel mistakes, especially given how well he played in the preseason. Mike Smith’s defense is not getting very good results with or without Banks on the sidelines. I imagine Banks will catch on with another cornerback-hungry team that doesn’t make so many personnel mistakes. Whatever. Welcome back, Mike James!

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    Not surprised at all. I guess Rogers is going to be out for a few weeks or more. We still need a WR so I will go out on a limb and say Shorts will be cut an e will bring in another WR from the outside or our PS. I wonder if Dye has gotten in shape yet?

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    Just kidding here fellas, but these are trying times. It’s safer working on Deadliest Catch than playing for the Bucs these days! I’m going to trust the guys in charge for now, but I have GM Jason licht on my watch list. No panic, not a no confidence vote yet, just got my attention on where this team goes from here! We need stability and better talent!

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      Mac you’re like a cold beer on a hot summer day. Licht is on my watch list too. Why do we get nothing for an experienced, 6’2″ CB who was a number 2 draft pick? Could we not at least get a 7th rounder?
      Eric, would you guys ask this question? It NEEDS to be asked. Bilecheat would get at least something. Hell trade his ass to Cleveland. Now there’s the way to handle malcontents and trouble makers. Send them to purgatory…l0l
      We should have traded ASJ to Cleveland instead of cutting him. Again a well regarded second rounder that was producing when healthy. CLEVELAND BABY or San Francisco:)

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        76Buc we didn’t get anything for Banks because he sucks, plain and simple. I don’t care how tall he was, he had no instincts, he was a poor tackler, he just plain old fashioned sucked.



          Haha , Pink , I was waiting for youre comment on this one. However we did get a 7th rounder. Albeit in 2018.

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    Yeah the kicker. The second round basket case. Licht will always be remembered for trading up for a kicker who can’t kick. He killed two careers that day.

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    Looks like my friend Pink was right about Banks all along. High 2013 Draft picks should be the backbone of the team. One (Revis) is winding down with the Jets and Banks is now gone. I know it isn’t Licht’s fault but this is why the team is still floundering.

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      Finally, he’s gone!!! 🙂 So long to one of if not the most non-instinctive CB’s I have ever seen in a Bucs uniform.

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    Does any one else in this forum see us going in complete circles?

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      Like swirling down a flushing toilet?

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    Licht’s response after giving up almost 500 yards through the air is to cut the one CB who didnt play a snap lol. I’m just pleased to see my Fire Licht wagon is picking up some new passengers. He claims the defense was neglected in the first 2 drafts bc we “focused on offense” but judging by what I see on the field we could use two more offensive heavy drafts. As a Florida Gators fan last Sunday was the very reason I wasnt high on Hargreaves. It’s not that I dont think he can play but I dont think he was worth a top 10 draft selection. The top end receivers routinely burned him in college and not that it cant change or he cant get better he just isnt worth that high of a selection. He’s undersized, doesnt have great speed and cant compete with the bigger receivers, which our division has plenty of. We cleaned part of the house last offseason with Lovie now its time we fire the GM he selected bc its clear both are in over their heads. Licht start throwing suits in the pool after every awful personnel move, that’ll reduce your wardrobe drastically!

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      I felt the same way I am a Michigan fan and I was nervous about him vs jehu chessum but vh3 got killed and no reciever had that much talent plus I saw him vs cooper the college edition and knew the pro version was going to b worse I don’t like our small 180 pound corners we could have drafted bigger corners like William Jackson iii. Since ryan Smith is having issues at safety let him play his position at cb just a thought

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        I agree, I wanted us to take William Jackson bc of his superior size and speed. We are stuck with Vernon now so hopefully he can carve out a role but I fear it will be as a high end nickel back. It just doesnt make sense to run a scheme that leaves corners on islands but then we have midgets defending these huge receivers 1 on 1 downfield. Poor strategy and even worse drafting.

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    I believe Banks is better off as a free safety and would be perfectly fine covering TEs and providing run support in a better scheme. Hopefully Im wrong and we actually made a good move but history and my gut tell me this is the lastest of terrible moves by our lost GM

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    Well it looks like Licht is finally listening to me. Got a 7th rounder for banks. My instinct r good.

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