Max Kellerman has argued multiple times over the past few years on ESPN’s First Take that Tom Brady’s ability was on its way down, from claiming that Brady was going to “fall off a cliff” to claiming that Brady was no longer elite in 2019 to claiming that Brady was overrated after his first win with the Bucs in Week 2.

Now as the Bucs sit at 5-2, with the 43-year-old Brady totaling 1,910 passing yards, 18 passing touchdowns, two rushing touchdowns and just four interceptions through seven weeks, co-host Stephen A. Smith defended Brady’s play fiercely in a heated monologue Monday morning and ended it by claiming that he would no longer discuss Brady with Kellerman.

Later in the day, as Smith stuck to his word and remained speechless, Kellerman finally admitted in a segment with Ryan Clark that he was wrong about the six-time championship-winning quarterback.

“I was wrong,” Kellerman said. “Tom Brady never fell off of a cliff.

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9 months ago

Sharpe, Kellerman, and Nick Wright all ate crow. Kellerman is a NY clown who needs to stick to boxing analysis. I hate that this Brady narrative has me agreeing with Stephen A and Skip Bayless but jeez.

I cannot wait until the Bucs thump the Chiefs and Nick Wright has to look like a total goober on TV.

9 months ago

Stupid shock jock commentary. Show is terrible. Make absurd claims for ratings and to be able to get social media posts and clicks just like the one above.

9 months ago

Kellerman’s not the only one to say that kind of stuff about Brady. In fact, a fair number of PR commenters were down on Brady coming to the Bucs, including the Sombrero dude. I was definitely happy to see Brady come to the Bucs this year, if for no other reason than that was how we finally got shed of Winston. I figured that even if Brady had little left in the tank physically, at least he’s got a tremendous store of football and quarterbacking knowledge that would be a humongous difference with the empty headed Winston. So anything that… Read more »

9 months ago

Agreed. Stephen A. is a joke most of the time the way he produces the drama. But of course, I like when he finally latches on to something that I agree with. Brady is as much a stud as he’s ever been and Kellerman can’t stop hating. Go Bucs! Bask in this my true Bucs fans. We haven’t earned this much respect in a very long time. Keep rolling!

9 months ago

The funny thing is Brady and this offense hasn’t even hit their plateau yet. Receivers being injured constantly so very little continuity at practice. If and when we catch a break and everyone’s at full health with the addition of AB we will be extremely tough to stop.

Reply to  76bucsfan46
9 months ago

There isn’t a defense that can contain Evans, AB, Scotty, and Mike Evans all at the same time.

Reply to  eaustinyoung
9 months ago

Meant Gronk not Evans twice LOL

9 months ago

I rarely pay attention to what any of these morons say, least of all Smith and Bayliss. Most fans standing on the street corner know as much as all of these clowns.

9 months ago

They’re just talking heads. Their opinions hold no more water than yours or mine. PR posters r just as informed on the team matters as they r. If u r getting ur information from these types of talking heads then know that it is purely for entertainment purposes only, nothing more.

9 months ago

These talking heads had it wrong, like lots of people (me: whistling). I based my opinion on Brady’s recent footage in NE, Belichick’s track record of discarding players when they’re no longer performing at a high level, and his age. I also had a built in bias as a Manning fan in the Manning/Brady rivalry. I admit I was wrong. Really wrong. Embarrassingly wrong. The factor I didn’t consider was the lift in motivation Brady had at a totally new challenge. I considered his obstacles to be too much between the new system, coaches, players, city, house, weather, stadium, and… Read more »

Reply to  BigSombrero
9 months ago

This is hands down the most honest, and real I’ve ever heard you. Good to know you’re human, and can admit being wrong. See I watched every Pats game for the last 20 years, because I live in Boston, and can’t avoid it being surrounded by Pats blowhards. And I can say with conviction, last year was absolutely NOT Brady’s fault. We’re now seeing with Cam that NOBODY can succeed with those pass catchers. The Pats have had, IMO, the worst group of pass catchers in the league the past 2 years. Zero playmaking ability whatsoever on that roster. So… Read more »

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