Max Kellerman has argued multiple times over the past few years on ESPN’s First Take that Tom Brady’s ability was on its way down, from claiming that Brady was going to “fall off a cliff” to claiming that Brady was no longer elite in 2019 to claiming that Brady was overrated after his first win with the Bucs in Week 2.

Now as the Bucs sit at 5-2, with the 43-year-old Brady totaling 1,910 passing yards, 18 passing touchdowns, two rushing touchdowns and just four interceptions through seven weeks, co-host Stephen A. Smith defended Brady’s play fiercely in a heated monologue Monday morning and ended it by claiming that he would no longer discuss Brady with Kellerman.

Later in the day, as Smith stuck to his word and remained speechless, Kellerman finally admitted in a segment with Ryan Clark that he was wrong about the six-time championship-winning quarterback.

“I was wrong,” Kellerman said. “Tom Brady never fell off of a cliff.

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5 months ago

Sharpe, Kellerman, and Nick Wright all ate crow. Kellerman is a NY clown who needs to stick to boxing analysis. I hate that this Brady narrative has me agreeing with Stephen A and Skip Bayless but jeez.

I cannot wait until the Bucs thump the Chiefs and Nick Wright has to look like a total goober on TV.

5 months ago

Stupid shock jock commentary. Show is terrible. Make absurd claims for ratings and to be able to get social media posts and clicks just like the one above.