The first Monday post-game day for the Buccaneers was a victory Monday, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t activity going on around One Buc Place. Bucs head coach Dirk Koetter took to the podium, and there was also a surprise open locker room period, which isn’t always the case after a win.

Here are five things we learned on Monday.

Not Perfect, But A Lot To Like

Following the Bucs’ dominating 29-7 win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday, Koetter said there was a lot to like, but made sure to mention that a lot to like doesn’t mean perfect.

Koetter noted some of the offensive and defensive things his team did well, but was overall pretty short on the details. We think that that’s a hint at just because the result came out in their favor didn’t mean there wasn’t a better way to do things. That’s their goal building on the opening season win.

Koetter and Kwon Not Facebook Official

Linebacker Kwon Alexander left the game on Sunday with a hamstring injury. After the game, Koetter was short on his knowledge of the situation and how long Alexander might be out. However, Alexander himself has been all over social media since then saying he’s fine and should be good to go come next Sunday.

When asked if Koetter could confirm what Alexander was saying on Facebook and other social platforms, Koetter said something along the lines of, “Well, I’m not friends with Kwon on Facebook, so I don’t know.”

A bit of a laughing matter, but Koetter still didn’t clarify if Alexander’s injury is as minor as the player himself says.

Barber’s Time Coming?

When asked about the success of the running game, Koetter said they were pleased with the rotation.

Additionally, when asked specifically about Peyton Barber, who finished the game second in carries and yards with 47 yards on 10 carries, Koetter hinted that more playing time, including first half carries, could be coming Barber’s way if the numbers and success call for it.

It seems like the team is fully on a running back by committee – expanded committee – until Doug Martin returns.

Pass Rush Update

The Bucs’ pass rush has been a topic of criticism over the last few weeks. On Sunday against the Bears, the Bucs only recorded one sack, but Koetter made sure to mention that even though his team wants more statistical production in that category, that isn’t the be-all, end-all for defensive line production.

Koetter said his team’s goal is to get one sack every 14 passing attempts. On Sunday, they were well below that, nabbing just one sack in 45 attempts.

Bucs Players Ping Pong Rankings

Usually there isn’t open locker room the Monday following a victory. However, this Monday, for whatever reason, there was a brief period of media being allowed in the locker room to engage with and ask questions of the players.

One of the hidden notes from the open locker room period was getting the initial ping pong rankings for the Bucs players (who are playing all the time). Duke Preston, the Bucs Director of Player Engagement, told us that the Top 3 ping pong players on the team are: Bryan Anger, Alan Cross and Justin Evans. But, he did note that it was more of a “top tier” rather than a linear ranking.

We’ll keep you updated on the rankings as the season goes on.

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  1. Koetter got little snippy with Roy when asked why they didn’t bolster DE. Lol. I like his press conferences. No BS and answers you. Not like Lovie and his non sense.

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  2. The Saints just traded their 2015 No. 1 pick Stephone Anthony for a Saints fifth round pick yet I hear no scribes or talking heads crying about it being one of the worst picks in the NFL draft ever.
    Why, because he is a LB and not a placekicker?
    A wasted pick is a wasted pick, it doesn’t matter what position the player is in.
    Does all this ring a bell.

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    • Absolutely Dr.D. There was no guarantee that whoever Licht would have taken instead of Arguayo would have stuck. We sure have had our share of bad 2nd rounders over the years. First rounders too for that matter.

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  3. Sorry, he was traded by the Saints for a Dolphins fifth round pick.

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