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    I don’t like this (would have preferred a neutral site) but on the positive at least they have 11 weeks to prepare for this. Maybe this becomes another rally point for the team to coalesce around. Maybe the take better care of themselves throughout the season then some may normally do. Here’s to hoping there are unexpected positives from this. Stay safe all!

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    What about Doug Martin? Does this Extend his suspension a Extra Week now? He was not allowed back until after Week 3, now its Week 4. So it becomes a 4 game, 5 week suspension.

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      Yes, and no Martin vs. the Giants is worse than no Martin vs. the Dolphins. Ugh. Not too many people are running against NY. Hopefully Jackson and Evans make Eli Apple’s head spin.

    2. 2.2


      Martin’s suspension is 4 consecutive games, not four weeks.

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    The schedule change may be a disadvantage long-term say week 11 or later, but clearly an advantage today. Bucs with lingering injuries, DE Smith, LB Bond, others get additional time to heal. Our new DE Clarke and our new S Ward get more time to learn the playbook. We get game tape of Chicago, they haven’t seen us. The Bucs are treating this week as a bye week with time off as mandated by the CBA. Doug Martin is a veteran, he knows how to train, he’ll be fine for the Patriots. After week 1, we could pick up another vested veteran without having to guarantee any salary.

    All things considered all’s well in Buc land my friends, even Irma may take a shift to the north, may not be as bad as expected. The important thing is for everybody to be safe and I wish that for all my PR friends too! Check back at week 11 and I may need to adjust my prognosis, but till then it’s all Go Bucs!

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    Thanks for the positive prognosis macabee- always have some good points!
    Having the long break makes me a bit nervous as to the Bucs getting off to a fast start in game 1- but I will be watching w/ ChiTown fans up here and representing! Also find it amusing that our guys will be facing Glennon the 1st game..
    Hope the hurricane turns north quickly for you all!! I’ll be down next month for our annual trip

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    Another reason I don’t like Chris Baker….always bitchin about something.

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      This is a completely understandable thing to complain about. If the Bucs were playing an away game somewhere else the NFL wouldn’t give two shits about them leaving their family or anything like that. This is purely a money move and Bakers been around long enough to know its bullshit. Stop hating on Bucs players for stupid ass reasons

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    Before the bye weeks became part of the lengthened schedule, teams always played 16 straight. Big whoop! It gives us an advantage against the Bears. To me it was always a no-brainer that the game would move to the bye week. Screws up the trip we planned. It is what it is.

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    Gives us edge on Bears for sure but did anyone expect us to not win home opener against them?

    Anyways it is what it is. This was too dangerous and too many people’s homes and families involved to not do it this way. Does it put them at a disadvantage late in season if making a playoff push. Yes, of course it does. Even if helalthy in November without that rest week the challenge to play at a high level is harder.

    True champions overcome adversity! Go Bucs!

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      Yup – at least we’ll get real game film on the Bears in Week 1, while they get none on us that is worth looking at. That’s an advantage, along with playing at home. (at least, it should be an advantage)

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    Extra week to prepare for Patriots @ RayJay would be more meaningful than for the Bears. Lol nothing is given though all games in NFL are hard.

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    Buc 1976

    I thought we got a gamer in Baker, but I am not so sure now. When Rookies make fun of a Veteran?

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