Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston spoke to the media on Thursday as he does each week to discuss last week’s game and the upcoming opponent. Below is the full transcript.

On taking days off throwing being beneficial in consecutive weeks)

“Whatever they tell me. Again, it’s day by day. I know it’s time to go out there today.”

(On how shoulder feels)
“It’s feeling better. It’s feeling better. I kind of know how it’s going to feel no matter what. I’m kind of used to it.”

(On if he feels it might linger a little while)
“You never know. When I dealt with it before I did not do half as much treatment as I’m doing now. That’s a shout out to (trainers). He’s been taking care of me—everyone in that training room has been taking care of me. We have a good training staff, so who knows?”

Bucs QB Jameis Winston – Photo by: Getty Images

Bucs QB Jameis Winston – Photo by: Getty Images

(On shoulder not seeming to bother him at all during Buffalo game)
“It’s just because it’s a competition. I’m really not worried about how my body feels. I’m worried about how my team is doing.”

(On throwing on sideline to keep shoulder warm)
“That’s just to keep it warm. It’s difficult to put a hot pad under my shoulder pads and go through all that stuff. Just trying to keep it loose.”

(On how shoulder felt the day after)
“I think after every game you’re sore. I just think you always feel better with a win. I can’t really describe for you how I felt.”

(On if it’s frustrating when things are clicking but not coming away with a win)
“I think we just have to execute. I don’t like using the word frustration because I belive we have an excellent team. I just believe we have to execute.”

(On if it’s nice having all division games to look forward to)
“It’s nice to just have another opportunity to play, really. Another opportunity to show our worth. I think we had a lot of opportunities this year to show our worth and we haven’t done it as a team yet. I’m looking forward to showing what the Bucs are really about because I know how good this team is and I know how far we can go.”

(On efficiency of offense and if he is happy with where the offense is)
“I feel like we have to get better every day, every week, and every second. I’m never going to feel comfortable with our performance. You can’t. It’s week by week. I say it all the time, It’s who plays better on Sunday. Statistics can speak volumes, but at the end of the day are we winning? We haven’t won a lot yet, but I think that’s when everything is going to come full circle—when we start putting together wins as an offense.”

(On throwing just four interceptions through six games)
“I still have to get better at protecting the football. I mean, I can tell you two instances that should have been interceptions last week, but Mike Evans helped me out. I’m really about this team and I know what it takes to win, so I’m just trying to do my part by helping us and protecting the football. That’s all I can say. That’s something I have to get better at every single day just because that is the type of player that I am. I want to win and I want to put our team in good situations. I know sometimes I make mistakes, but at the end of the day I’m doing whatever I can do to help us out.”

(On throwing to tight ends Howard and Brate)

Bucs TE O.J. Howard – Photo by: Getty Images

Bucs TE O.J. Howard – Photo by: Getty Images

“We have so many weapons on this offense. Early in the season you all asked how to get all of them the ball.  We have all those statistics when you have guys like those around you. That’s why I said it’s more important to be winning. I’m proud O.J. had any amazing day, but O.J. would have been happier if we would have won that game. I think that is the most important thing.”

(On how he as a leader helps keep the team together after tough losses)
“That’s where I have to give a great amount of credit to our head coach—coach Koetter. He does a great job of leading us and making sure that we’re together, always. You look at the leaders in our locker room and they are probably some of the best guys in the world. You look at the leaders on that defensive side and they’re even better guys. I’m talking in terms of Clinton McDonald and Gerald McCoy, two guys that are the most humble guys in the world and some of the greatest men that you’ll ever meet in your life. I can’t really talk about division from a team’s prospective because I don’t see it. I would do everything in my power to keep this team together. That’s one thing that I don’t think our head coach has time for, or the leader and the captains within that locker room. We don’t have time for division right now. We have to come together and keep trucking away. We know it’s a long season and it’s up to us to make this season positive.”

(On what it’s like entering division play)
“For me I think it is fun. Especially our division and the caliber of players that we have to face. Our defense faces arguably the best quarterbacks in the league in this division. We get to face arguably the best defenses in the league in this division. I think it is fun. Just that battle of playing the Saints, the Falcons, and Carolina. More particular to me, that’s when my family gets to come to all the games and stuff. It’s pretty close to Alabama. Everything is pretty close, it’s like a central location to everywhere. As a team, I think it’s fun for us. We probably have more friends on those teams then we do with any other. It’s a great battle.”

Bucs fans celebrate Sunday's win – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

Bucs fans celebrate Sunday’s win – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

(On what he would say to discouraged fans)
“Look at us last year. We hit a run. What the fans say means a lot to us, but at the end of the day it’s about this building right here. We have to make ourselves feel better before we worry about making other people feel better. I guarantee if we make ourselves feel better, everybody will feel better. We definitely don’t want to disappoint the fans. I believe we have been doing a good job at home with bringing them wins, but on the road we haven’t have a road win this year. Last year we did pretty great on the road so we have to change that around. There is something out there that we are looking for and that’s a win. I know how fans are because I’m a fan of a lot of teams. Actually, I’m a Philadelphia Eagles fan too and they’re winning so I want to be on that side too. Our fans will appreciate us more with wins.”

(On if he has a feel as to why the wins haven’t come early)
“Just little things in every aspect of the game. It’s just little things holding us back from getting over that hump. I don’t believe that it is a drastic change that we have to make. We just have to finish and execute effectively, efficiently, and consistently. I believe if we do that we will turn things around, but it’s our decision as a team. It’s everyone’s decision. Everybody has to make that decision together and go and play.”

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4 years ago

The lead article on Pro Football Talk is Winston reinjured his shoulder and might need surgery. Koetter and Licht are ruining this team. Why play him last week?