Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston held his weekly press conference on Thursday as he does each and every week and PewterReport.com will provides a full transcript. Here is what Winston had to say on Thursday from One Buc Place.

(On mindset regarding spreading ball around to different receivers)
“Whoever is open has to get the ball. I think that’s why we emphasize five full speed routes on every play. I think we do a great job here – especially with coach Koetter and the way he calls, everybody touches the ball. It’s not just one guy getting most of the catches over and over again, unless you’re Mike Evans. He has a higher catch percentage than everyone else, but everyone else gets the ball. I say it all the time, I don’t discriminate at all. I enjoy spreading the ball around and coach Koetter does an amazing job getting the ball in everyone’s hands.”

(On 2014 wide receiver class including Mike Evans and OBJ)
“There’s a lot of great receivers out there. One thing I learned is that it is a marathon, not a sprint. Mike and Odell both wear 13, have been playing their tails off since they’ve entered this league. They’re very successful and I’m happy to have one of them. I don’t know. I’m pretty sure they will continue to work hard and end up in the hall of fame. At the end of the day, it’s how life works, somebody else is going to come up and they’re going to be talking about new people. Those two guys are very special guys and one in particular (Mike Evans), it’s a privilege to play with him. I guess the fans can decide. I just know I have tremendous respect for both of them. Both are amazing people and players.”

Odell Beckham Jr. could have a big game against Tampa Bay – Photo: Getty Images

Odell Beckham – Photo by: Getty Images

(On Mike Evans best quality)
“His competitiveness. Mark said something about him reacting off the field – he is a competitor. He is someone who pushes our team to their limits. That is why he was elected a captain this year. That’s just him. People don’t get to see it that much, but when you have a specific role as a leader on this team and people are looking to you for your actions I said, ‘Mike, I love it. I love that passion.’ Obviously, I have to work on controlling my emotions better, so I can’t really talk about Mike. I just see a guy that loves football and hates losing. He’s competing his tail off, wants to win, and wants his team to feel the same way.”

(On building chemistry with DeSean Jackson)
“It’s getting there. One of them was really on me. The guys was wide open, I have to complete that pass. For a quarterback you have to complete that pass no matter who you are. I’m happy we got him one. That got his juices flowing a little bit. It got his swagger back- got his swagger rolling. That’s the thing about guys like him, he is one of those players that just needs to touch the ball once and get that feeling. He ends up getting four, five, he keeps going. We love him. We have Mike, who is my guy that I’m going to throw the ball to and we have D-Jack who is going to get open, so I have to throw the ball. We just have to execute when it’s time to get him the ball, especially on those big play opportunities.”

(On connection with Cam Brate)
“Every time we talk about Cam Brate I just have to go back to, who is the hardest working guy? That’s Cam Brate. He is the cream of the crop. This guy has been working hard his whole life. I love him because he went to Harvard and he could be in politics right now or doing whatever he wants to do with his life, but he loves football. You can see it. He works at football and it’s his job. He gives all he has, takes care of his body, and continues to make play, after play, after play. The touchdowns are contagious for that guy. He has a knack to catch the ball in the end zone.”

(On Giants secondary)
“They’re good. Their whole defense is very talented. Talking about Landon Collins, Janoris Jenkins, Eli Apple, and Darian Thompson. Darian being a rookie and Landon being an emerging superstar safety in this league. Jackrabbit is lockdown. It’s fun. It’s fun to have great competition week in and week out and play against some of the best in the league.”

Photo by Cliff Welch/PR

(On relationship with Eli Manning)
“One of the greatest quarterbacking experiences of my life was getting the privilege to go to the Manning passing academy. I got the chance to meet head, Archie, then Peyton and Eli. You think about their family and what they’ve meant to the quarterback position in the NFL. I have tremendous respect for Eli. I got a chance when I got picked to go to the Pro Bowl to see him work out there. I saw the way he carries himself and see him around his family. It was amazing. I got the chance to see him walking up on stage and win the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award last year at the NFL Honors. Every time you talk about Eli, something good is coming up. I look up to him and his whole family. The guy is amazing. He wins Super Bowls, he leads his team, and he is a Manning. He was born to do it.”

(On what they need to do better this week to win)
“Protect the football. That’s the main thing. I come in and say it all the time. When you look at last week’s game, that’s what it came down to. Turnovers. We have more than them.”

(On if he is surprised he has thrown more touchdowns in his losses, but also more interceptions)
“I’m not surprised at all. That’s what controls the game- the turnover ratio. I will never forget when Coach Smith- one of the first Power Points Coach Lovie put on the board was the turnover ratio. He was emphasizing that if we take the ball away and don’t give them the ball, we’re going to win. It is a high percentage that we are going to win. It’s something I have to continue to work at. I have to continue get better for this team’s sake.”

(On if he emulates Eli Manning)
“With every successful quarterback I try to take something from their game and add it to mine. He is definitely a quarterback that I look up to because he has won two Super Bowls and he’s a great QB. I think that’s just a growing process for me. It’s a consistent reminder that, ‘Jameis, you cannot stop getting better. You have to continue to improve.’ You look at the game we had and we were 70 percent completion and lost. That hurt. You have an effective day in the air and lose because of three turnovers that were all results of me. It’s something that sits in the back of my mind and eats me alive. In practice, if I throw a pick, I get frustrated, but it’s something that is motivation that I have to get better every day. Like I said, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, but obviously I have to get better quickly or there might be some consequences I might have to face. For this team’s sake I have to do a better Job of giving us a chance to win.”

The Bucs fell to Eli Manning and the New york Giants on Sunday – Photo by: Getty Images

Photo by: Getty Images

(On what the term franchise quarterback means to him)
“Someone the team and the whole organization trusts to run- basically quarterbacks are like the CEOs of their team- to run this business that we have in the NFL. As far as wins and Super Bowls, you are definitely judged off your Super Bowls. Winning to me outweighs stats. If you win it doesn’t matter what your stats are. No one cares, you are a winner. I would rather be considered a winner than a stat junkie.”

(On importance of run game)
“That’s a big factor- establishing a great fun game. I don’t have control over that. I do have control over what we do in the passing game. My hand touches the ball on every play, so my job is to make sure we can get in a good run situation and make sure I protect the ball.”

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4 years ago

” I say it all the time, I don’t discriminate at all. I enjoy spreading the ball around” Nice to see Jameis being so gentle, but would it be honestly that impolite to leave the opponent players out for one or two games..