For the last day before heading out to New Orleans, the Bucs went light going in just shorts and shells as they get ready to battle the Saints.

During the preseason, different captains were picked for each game based on hard work in practice and other varying factors. On Friday, we heard from head coach Dirk Koetter after the team’s walkthrough and he still didn’t have an answer on the subject. Koetter claimed the team didn’t vote on captains.

When asked a follow up question on if the team will vote between now and Sunday’s game, he didn’t give much further.

“What difference does it make?” Koetter said. “Watch the game”.

Sunday’s game against the Saints will be the first in their professional careers for players such as Carlton Davis, M.J. Stewart and Shaun Wilson.

Someone like Davis, who played at a big SEC school in Auburn, is used to the bright lights. But Koetter mentioned that playing in college football and playing in the NFL are very different, especially in those kind of bright lights.

He said that college football is pretty much in slow motion if you compare it to NFL games speed. You also have to take note of shorter halftime in the pro’s.

Something you have to deal with while playing in Tampa is preparing for the overbearing heat at this time of the year. Koetter discussed the importance of keeping his team hydrated.

To wrap things up, Koetter also speaks on how the indoor facility helps in two ways. The facility both helps with the crowd noise that they will definitely hear in the Superdome, and simultaneously fits as the right spot for the team walkthrough before leaving town.

– Article by Matt Matera

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2 years ago

“What difference does it make who the captains are”. “Watch the game”. Well it probably doesn’t matter who the captains are Dirk, but that’s a pretty rude answer to a valid question. Maybe we the fans, you know the ones that buy tickets want to know. Won’t mention who’ll be calling the plays, now who the captains are has become a state secret? What’s gotten into this guy?

Reply to  surferdudes
2 years ago

He knows he’s almost out of time. He needs to win now! However, you would think he would try to curry favor with the local sports media; not alienate it.

2 years ago

Right…… no leadership anywhere. What a joke. This team will be down 14-0 midway through the 1st quarter Sunday and the season is over after that. This guy did not earn the job and he’s proving why he shouldn’t be in it. The whole regime needs to go. Jason Licht is a terrible General Manager.

Buc-in-Philly Fan
Reply to  Buc76
2 years ago

Where are you clown? I don’t see your lame comments anywhere after this win!

2 years ago

Unnecessarily rude.

2 years ago

Let’s play a friggin’ game already.

2 years ago

I think Koetter smelled a rat in the question. Interviewer is no doubt trying to find out if Winston was voted a captain in absentia and if he wasn’t, then he has another controversy started by the media.
They did the same thing when Freeman wasn’t voted as captain and then said the voting was fixed like Schiano had conspired with the Russians like Trump did.
As it turned out, it was a valid vote. The team had lost confidence in Freeman.
You guys try using your brains once in a while.