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    I think we’re being coached by Doctor Jeckyl and Mr Hyde….didn’t we read an article only a week or two ago about a “going for the throat” mentality….and now we’re “playing it safe”….the problem with switching up such a fundamental thing as the “approach to the game” from aggressive to conservative is that you (and your players) get confused….pick an identity and go with it. Personally, i am a big fan of being aggressive, giving the ball to our best players on offense, and putting our best defensive players in positions to make plays. But they don’t call me EastEnd “Gambler” Boy for nothing….

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      what??? You are a sport’s psychologist??

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      EEB, the problem with sticking to an identity is you get predictable. Bellicek changes up his coaching style and identity weekly. By doing so, he keeps his opponents guessing, which is one of many reasons he is such a great coach. I like the idea of changing things up. It will keep our opponents guessing.

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        @wnb0395…I see your point and I agree that one does not want to be predictable – I (and from what I’ve seen, Bellichick) would say you do that by mixing up the plays not the approach….I can’t imagine a Bellichick team running the ball over 3 quarters of football 20 times for less than 40 yards…unless it was in a hurricane….nor have I ever seen him play to punt without the lead in the 4th quarter (maybe he has, but I can’t recall it….perhaps because he always has the lead 🙂

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    Evans does not get enough credit for the clutch third down that likely prevented Carolina from winning in regulation and enabled the rest of the drive. He was the only receiver out on the play and he was double-covered and with safety help. He is the most valuable player of the first 5 games. I liked the play calling. Koetter watched the same game I did and he knew what Carolina could do in the last minute given what they did in the last 39 seconds of the first half. There is a time to be aggressive and a time to be defensive. He was correct in this case and his players came through. I don’t think we can should under-appreciate what the Buccaneers accomplished with a patched-up defensive line and a third-string running back. They left it all on the field. I think there is way too much negativity regarding this team. Losing Dougie was a big deal. Beating Atlanta in Atlanta now looks like a much better win than it seemed to be at the time. The schedule is favorable. Look, this isn’t a playoff team–not yet. But two of their three losses were to better teams and the third–to the Rams–was a game they should have won but as is so often the case in the NFL, the other team made the plays when they had to and we did not. Nobody expected us to beat Carolina, Denver, or Arizona. So in my view, we’re right about where we should have been expected to be with a chance to advance as we get healthy.

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    I think his reasoning sounded perfectly logical. I remember in the Cardinals gam when the Bucs got the ball with less than 2 minutes remaining. We three the ball three straight times, they were all incompletions and the Cards got the ball back with plenty of time to score and did.
    I also remember Kotter being criticized for his aggressive play calling. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
    One thing I an sure of is that Kotter has forgotten more about football than I ever knew.
    I also remember the reason he didn’t call the TO against the Rams and damn if I didn’t agree with him then, either. Would have worked for the reasons he stated to if Winston hadn’t overthrown the ball.
    That’s football.

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    Yea, the play at end of Rams game would have worked if he didn’t overthrow it. That’s true enough. When you have a young qb that gets too amped up it seems to like calling time out and telling him to relax and have fun might have helped. We are just arm chair coaches though and it easy to second guess. That’s why we are all here though. Lol.

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