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    The painful part of this is that we moved up into the 2nd round for this guy. We got lucky in the last two drafts, and I had hoped we would hit jackpot again in this draft. But I think we blundered the 2nd round. Neither Spence or our kicker look like they will have much of an impact at all. Actually I wonder if Spence is a classic tweener. not big enough to play end, and not fast enough or the instincts to play linebacker. Hargreaves hasn’t looked much better. I hope I am wrong,and we get past the break and everyone comes out healthy and we start really tearing it up.

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      OK – this is a post and thread about the Bucs red zone offense … and you’re griping about Aguayo, Noah Spence, and Vernon Hargreaves?

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        I Should have started it out differently,since the kicker is only mentioned at the end of the Article, but the kicker is part of the red zone offense. My frustration about this draft after two really good drafts is hard to contain. I expected more.

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    Spence is a five game rookie that’s been banged up. Might be bit early to call him a bust. Lol. Don’t forget McCoy started very slow with injuries and was labeled a bust by most. I still think he’s no warren Sapp by long shot but not a bust either….

    I’ll agree on Aguayo though.

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    Red zone offense last year and this year was atrocious. O line penalties,Winston,play calling, WR,all to blame.

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    Any rookie can’t be called a bust until next season. I’m referencing draft picks from the 3rd round and above. I’m more critical of the 4 year veterans and above who have signed sweet contract with the Bucs and are under performing. Examples, Daryl Smith, Sweezey, Grimes, Jackson, Hawley, Evan Smith, Conte, Tandy, Verner, Banks. and RT Cherius something, Glennon.

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    On the plus side it appears the Buc’s red zone issues are internal mistakes (penalties, misses, etc.) and not so much being shut down in that area. Hopefully this is something they can clean up and finish these drives going forward.

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    Several developments have conspired to reduce our red zone efficiency … a combination of offensive penalties, and turnovers, along with the loss of ASJ. Nothing we can do about the latter, plenty that can and must be done about the former two factors.

    Another thing we can do is come up with more passing plays for medium yardage once we get down inside the opponents’ 30 yard line. When we are crammed up against the goal line, and particularly without Doug Martin to go busting through small slivers of space between the defensive linemen, defenders drop 8 guys into coverage just standing there in the end zone waiting for Jameis to toss them an INT. I’d like to see more passes to our quality tight ends and receivers inside the 30 … I’d like to see guys like Russell Shepherd get involved – he’s a clutch receiver. Mike Evans has done well with TD catches, but for the aforementioned reasons he seems more effective from just outside the red zone.

    Getting Martin back is essential to our red zone offense too. Being able to bulldoze the ball in on the ground would take at least a couple more defenders out of the end zone.

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      Russel Shepard a “clutch receiver”? I’ll agree that he’s a great gunner on Special Teams and perhaps should be given more opportunities as a receiver. To say he is “clutch” is a bit of a reach.

      Maybe it’s just my perception, but does it seem like Jameis dials it in a bit and becomes more cautious in the Red Zone? Sure miss the A-Train.

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        Russell doesn’t get many targets, but he’s very good at getting first down conversions, and making big plays when they’re absolutely necessary … that’s what I mean by “clutch”



          I know you’re a good fan Naples, but as they say on ESPN, “C’mon Man” Shepard has been on the team for three years and has done little as a receiver. 2014 he had 4 catches for 63 yards. 2015 he had 3 catches for 28 yards. So far in 2016 he has 3 catches for 22 yards through 5 games. If you project that out for the entire season he could have a whopping 12 catches for a pedestrian 88 yards. Clutch? By your standards Rosanne might be a beauty queen.

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    Red Zone production was something I circled in pen as a must improve this season. Obviously losing ASJ & Doug has not helped, but horrible penalties, play calling, clock management, lazy routes & errant throws are the main culprits. Dirk & Jameis have to be more on top of the clock inside the Red Zone. The OL HAS to stop false starting and getting holding penalties. As mentioned by Naples, teams not fearing our run game has severely limited the throwing lanes inside the 20. We get easier defenses going forward. It’ll level out.

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    Grimes hit with a tax lien?

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    Point on Naplesfan. Some people just can’t stop being negative.
    I’m also done arguing and talking about the 2nd round pick we used on Arroyo. What’s done is done.

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    Me too Dr. D. While a bit unconventional, I had no real issue with the selection of who I thought was the best college kicker I’d seen. As you said, “it’s done”. I’m ready to just ride it out this year with Roberto as I would for any rookie 2nd round pick. We have sure had our share of flops over the years. As much as folks want to blame the missed FG’s for the loss to the Rams, there were many more culprits.

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