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The Bucs offense has been finding its groove lately as they are at the top of the NFC with an average of 28.9 points per game. Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and the offense will have a tough task this week against the Saints, a team that was able to shutout Mike Evans in their Week 5 game.

Leftwich spoke about how he will get Evans more involved this time around.

“We’ll put him in different places,” Leftwich said. “We’ll move him around. We’ll go to him when he’s in his one-on-one matchups. When a guy’s that special [and] a guy’s that good, for the most part, the ball will find his way more than not. It didn’t that game. We don’t want to go too far with trying to just move him around and put him in different situations. We’ll do what we think we need to do for us to have the most success really as an offense, not just really for Mike. For the most part, that guy doesn’t really need a lot of help. He gets in position and makes plays for us, so we don’t want to do too much. We’re going to be us. We’re going to go be us and hopefully he’ll have more catches this game.”

Bucs WR Mike Evans

Bucs WR Mike Evans – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

Having zero catches in the New Orleans game has been a minor blemish in what’s been another stellar season for Evans. With 924 receiving yards and seven touchdowns, Evans is second in the NFL in both of those categories.

Evans has the chance to join elite company on Sunday should he record 76 receiving yards and eclipse 1,000 receiving on the season. He would become only the second receiver in NFL history to record 1,000 yards in the first six seasons of his career, joining Hall Of Famer Randy Moss as the only other one to do it.

Leftwich played college football at Marshall, where Moss played as well. Leftwich didn’t get the chance to play with Moss, but did throw passes to him in workouts over the summer at their alma mater. Having spent time around both wide receivers, Leftwich can see the similarities in the two.

“I actually know Randy,” Leftwich said. “I remember being a little kid at Marshall, throwing to Randy, and they’re very similar. They’re very similar in what they can do. It’s very unique to see guys that tall [and] that long be able to make the plays that they make.

“That’s the first thing I told Mike when I first met Mike. Not to compare Mike to Randy – you’re talking about a Hall of Fame guy [and] you’re talking about a guy in his sixth year. Having the opportunity to throw to Randy when I was a young football player in college [and] seeing Mike, seeing how they both move, how they’re both able to put their body in position to make certain plays – for them to be tall, they do unique things to be tall wide receivers.”

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Buc off
Buc off
1 year ago

Barring something unforeseen Evan’s is track to be first ballot HoF. He’s not a Randy Moss though they are just two different types of players to compare aside from both being worthy of the HoF. Evan’s is a next level possession type receiver the likes of which has never been seen in the NFL. He’s more like a super Cris Carter.

1 year ago

What Mike is doing this year is quite amazing! Congrats Mike on an amazing year! Let’s go get those 76 yards and more this weekend! Go Bucs!

1 year ago

As much as Winston gets bashed ,Evan’s needs him to have the success he’s getting. Go Bucs

1 year ago

Let’s see. Mike is on pace to have 1600+ yards receiving and his sidekick could have 1500 yards. Gosh, some QB is throwing for a lot of yards.

1 year ago

I hear ya 76Buc! Also, how can a QB throw for that many yards if the O-Line sucks as bad as everyone says it does? That really defies logic. Could the O-Line be just a little better than most say? I say we r 2 OLineman down from having a decent line. I’m just saying…

1 year ago

Putting aside whether the team would be better had Jason Bust Licht drafted Donald instead, without Evans’ enormous catch radius Winston would already have been replaced.

Winston needs big bodies with long arms who can jump to make up for his imprecise ball placement. Trainers must make WR & TE’s do Yoga and Pilates to be able to corkscrew their bodies to adjust to the ball.

1 year ago

How long is it until Evans starts to realize that he has no chance of winning a Super Bowl with this team? I hate to say it but if I was him I would demand a trade.

1 year ago

Yep Evans is a stud. If we have 3rd and 8 or more teams know Winston is looking for him. Most of time Mike gets open. IMO he is the best at doing this.
Also he takes some hard hits in doing so.

1 year ago

Last couple weeks O line has played better for sure. Low and behokd so has Winston. Coincidence? They needed Cappa back at RG for sure. To say they aren’t that bad because Of Godwin and Evans Racking up yards though? Come on bro. When you factor the amount of sacks (even if a few are Winston’s fault), holding penalties, TD’s negated (Dotson erases 3 or 4 this year himself!) etc etc they are not good. O line been a mess for many years now. Last year could not run ball for shit. This year too many sack and penalties. Better… Read more »

Reply to  fredster
1 year ago

Right on the money, fredster. If we could sign a legit LT, move D. Smith to RT, get Cappa healthy the OL would be much stronger. The only real improvement in the running game is due to Howard and the TE’s staying in to block. The OL still struggles.

Mb Nfl Lock Of The Szn Pewter 728x90 Jpg