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    Disagree Eric; OL and DL was the big problem today. We were out manned.

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      Horse, it is apparent that we need a quality OT and a pass rusher.

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      I think Carr played much better than Winston. Why I don’t know….

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    Carr could’ve ordered Pizza back there today he was so untouched. VH was smoked and this game to me was more of what I saw in college. Bigger receivers just abusing him. I’ll give him some slack on this one as there was no pass rush at all and our safeties are absolute garbage.
    That penalty on 4th down was the game. I knew it as soon as it was called , they were going to score. What a bone headed play on 4th down when the ball is thrown to the complete opposite end of the endzone.

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    This could be a pretty long list…it feels like just about everybody had a poor game…but I too think it’s a little harsh to call out anyone in the secondary when Carr could go through 18 progressions on every drop back….I will say that whatever genius thought it was a good idea to have Conte go 1-on-1 with Cooper must have been smokin some good stuff…not sure how that ever looked sensible…pass rush or not, that was a TD before the snap.

    On offense…did anything go well? Our OTs were turnstiles; Cecil Shorts should be looking for a new job; Winston must think everyone grew a foot last night (they didn’t Jameis); what happened to that running game….oh ya, maybe it was SanFran and not us that made it look so good.

    Answers are needed….

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      You nailed it right there. I thought the same thing when I saw Conte on that play. He also got smoked on that long wheel route to their fullback. The only big play they had the entire first half.

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    OK, I’m, so pissed I can’t type. Whoever drew up that last regular time possession with 1 minute and 38 seconds and 3 timeouts should never be aloud to step on an NFL football field again. We just got beat by a team that broke the all time number and yardage for penalties in a game. (Were talking leather helmet sh#$^t here), against one of the leagues best place kicker who misses not one but two chances to win the game, and a team with the 28th worst defense in the game. Jameis Winston couldn’t throw a ball downfield if his mothers life depended on it. He must think all our receivers are 7’2″. Poor play calling, poor execution, poor coaching, terrible DB play and to top it off we may have lost the last decent RB on our team. It is time to start looking toward the draft because we sure as hell don’t have anything that resembles a team this year!!!!!

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    i see PR is a lot more understanding for koetter than they were for Lovie? i wonder why?

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      Oh maybe because Lovie gave us two poor seasons in a row. Let Koetter finish at least a year…OK?

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    If we had the missed extra point we would have won without an overtime despite Winston overthrowing open receivers multiple times. How many losses is Koetter going to tolerate from weak minded Arguyo before he dumps him? I recommended dumping him early this season. Tell Licht to get a proven NFL Kicker. And the Bucs foolishly didn’t move up into the end of the first round and taken Oakland’s Star QB as I recommended we would already been to the playoffs by now.

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      Owlycat they should at least bring in some competition to challenge the kicker. If he can’t handle it he is too fragile.

      1. 6.1.1


        I think so to. I think his problem is in his technique, not in his head. But I will say that I know nothing about kicking in the NFL, but I am pretty good at figuring why people do things. I think that the reason for the problems today was the wind for both kickers.

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    Letting up on the gas with a minute and a half is inexcusable. WTF

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    I’m of the opinion that the secondary should not be judged to harshly. Carr had more time than Methusala. It’s time to start thinking about trading for Richardson.
    We need to get bigger and meaner on the O line also. Defensive got handled by the Raiders.
    That game was way to stressful.

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    So many should be on this list but how did you miss Kwon? So many times we were cashed up the middle he was either blocked completely out of the play, whiffed, or filled the wrong gap. Koetter did his best to channel his inner Lovie. Funny how as OC’s guys like Koetter, and Gruden would run wide open, and as head coaches get to conservtive. Don’t understand why we didn’t blitz more, and gave their receivers so much cushion.

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    Gee whiz I think some of you people are watching a game that’s only in your head and not on the field. The Raiders sacked Jameis twice……big whoop. Yet, you’re so eager to blame the O-line, in particular the tackles and Horse’s 305 pound “too small” centers, that you base a comment on nothing that actually occurred. Mack is a great pass rusher who was aided in his quest by a QB playing overly cautious and receivers who can’t get separation causing Jameis to hesitate. The O-line is the least of our problems.

    The game was won by the “good guys” if not for the ridiculous defensive holding penalty. The entire secondary gave up big play after big play in part due to the stellar O-line preventing any pressure whatsoever and the outstanding QB play of the Raiders.

    Robert Ayers Jr. should be added to this list as former Buccaneer and Horse whipping boy, Donald Penn, stoned him and anyone else on the left side from sniffing Carr.

    As has been the case the past two “home” games; I’m most disappointed in the so-called season pass member fans who continue to sell their tickets to the enemy. The two seats behind me are sold every game. I have no idea who really holds the rights. I’m starting to think it’s travel agencies and ticket brokers who are in possession of the east side lower bowl seats. Perhaps the Glazers can investigate it.

    Of course the Raider Nation didn’t “travel” as Jack DelRio professed. They live right here. The Raider fan, from Polk County who sat behind me never paused to even take a breath. He rattled on the entire game. Why not cheer for his “home” team? Being a certified smart ass, I felt obligated to inquire from where the Raiders fans actually came. Was it Oakland, Los Angeles, Oakland again or Las Vegas? No, it’s right here in sunny Florida.

    So my in stadium experience these past two home games has been exiting to the chorus of “Let’s go Broncos” and “Rai………….ders, Rai……………ders” with the beautiful new jumbotrons and ribbon displaying the final score of yet another “home” loss.

    Hmmmmmmmmm, I wonder how much I could get for my seats. I wouldn’t give them up …………….yet.

    Happy Halloween!

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      Last week the Ron & JP Show said the Bucs were marketing discounted tickets to Raider fans due to lack of interest from this area.

      1. 10.1.1


        Buc-up – that’s been the story of the Bucs for all but the Dungy-Gruden eras. When the team wins the local fans turn out … and when the team loses Tampa Bay becomes a sports-vacation destination for the rest of the league’s fans, and for their transplants in the Tampa Bay area like the ones Scubog described.

        It’s exactly the same for the Rays (TB is the favorite sports-vacation destination for millions of Yankees, Red Sox, and Blue Jay fans) and even for the Lightning.

        It’s the curse of living in a place that other people love to visit while rooting for their home teams.

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      Had to fly out of town today. At 0530 in the morning TPA was crawling with Raider fans. I think they travel.

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      scubog, you seem to be obsessed with other team fans in the stadium experience? You wouldn’t have noticed them as much if we were the dominate team. Also we know the Tampa Bay area is loaded with football fans that weren’t born in Florida. As to the Center spot? Weight is not Hawley and Evans issues with me; it’s the fact they can at best barely hold their own in pass protection and can’t help their fellow Guards. Yes I would like to give Gottschalk a chance and see what he can do as I like what I saw in preseason.

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      scubog, keep your chin up. Don’t let the other fans bug you. What I hated most about Sunday’s loss was the fact that I could see it coming. We looked like a team playing for a tie, our defense was getting shredded at the end and our offense was in “park”. It was like watching a trainwreck in slo-motion. And I couldn’t turn away from it. What is the deal with Winston overthrowing so many long passes? Better that than underthrowing, but sheeze….

      1. 10.4.1


        THE wind didn’t help as Winston doesn’t have the rifle arm and quick release that Carr has; however, Winston has more mobility when the pocket is collasping.

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    Before I get into the negative the fans were great yesterday. When we were in control it felt/sounded like an actual home field advantage. It’s ashamed we couldn’t turn that into a win, now onto the bad. The secondary looked awful but that was largely due to a non existent pass rush. I was curious why we didnt mix in more blitzes to get Carr out of rhythm and then he dials up a blitz on what was the last play and 1 broken tackle later the games over so there’s that. I saw Ayers listed as active and then never saw him again. Also the offense was lousy most of the game and if you keep running an average defensive unit out there eventually they will get exposed and I think thats what happened. I don’t think the OL was as bad as the numbers made them look, there a lot of times where Jameis simply needs to step up into the pocket and avoid the guys flying around the outside. He did a good job as the game went on but some of the pressure on him was due to poor pocket presence. If the Bucs can add an impact player at the deadline I would strongly encourage it. People can say what they want but Richardson or Marshall from the Jets would be a nice addition. Alshon would be a nice addition, Desean Jackson would be another and yes I would see if the Browns want anything more than a 7th round pick for Josh Gordon, whats the worst that could happen. If Licht’s plan is to attempt to compete its obvious that we need the playmakers he should’ve been acquiring this offseason instead of wasting picks on that trashy kicker we took second round. People will say we should wait for the draft and not waste picks well his track record suggests he’s just as likely to waste the pick on draft day anyway so at least get a proven commodity instead of hoping the meatheads’ coin flip draft process works. I wonder how much better the OL would be if we kept Donald Penn, put D.Smith at RT and resigned Dotson as the swing tackle. I hope our future GM realizes that just because a team isnt where they want to be that it doesnt mean you have to start over. EVALUATE the talent you have first then make moves accordingly. When Tampa loses Licht’s inadequacies as a GM show loud and clear. His prized FG kicker shanking yet another XP, the pass rush we have waited 3 seasons on is still Gerald McCoy or nothing else, we still dont have a starting safety that CONSISTENTLY makes plays, the offense still lacks the weapons he claims were added in the first two drafts and the list goes on. I think the staff to turn it around is in place I just dont think we have the right guy shopping for us. I’m not sure if Koetter is calling plays knowing that he doesnt have the talent to execute what he needs to win but his end of game playcalling has been atrocious. I get his whole protect Jameis thing but we still have to win the game. Opening a drive with a running play with 1:30 left is simply stupid, it was dumb against Carolina and like I said after that game he was bailed out by the Panthers D who allowed him to complete that 3rd down pass to Mike Evans on a 1 WR route. Taking a down away from a QB that lacks weapons is the last thing we should be doing when the goal is to move the ball and win. We typically find a way to play better against Atlanta so we will see but I see a team thats capable of beating bad teams but not good ones, no way you should lose when a team has over 200 yards in penalties, just bad all around.

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    Also keep Antione Smith in whatever hole he was in and put the ball in Peyton Barbers hands please. He had a solid week last week then this week he doesnt touch the ball?? Come on Dirk I’m trying to stay off your back but start playing the guys that produce!

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    626 total yards given up by the defense, and only 270 yards gained by the offense. That should have produced a 4 or 5 touchdown blowout, and it would have if the Raiders hadn’t committed a record number of penalties during the game.

    So what can we conclude?

    1) Our inability to mount a consistent passing game against even poor defenses like Oakland’s is really depressing. Some want to blame it on Koetter’s play-calling, but that’s not the issue … it is the inability of our quarterback and receivers to connect on anything but very short passes that is the culpret. If the players can’t execute, the coaches can’t playcall their way out of that mire. Is it more Jameis Winston’s poor accuracy, or our receivers’ inability to get open? I tend more towards it being on the former, but the latter contribute too.

    2) Our inability to play shut down defense against quality offenses. Sure, we should not expect the same results against a high-powered offense like Oakland – 626 yards, for Gods sake! – as we did the week before against a poor offense like the 49ers, but still. Couldn’t we have held Oakland to something respectable like say, 400 yards, playing on our home turf? Again, it’s poor execution by all involved.

    And btw, Aguayo didn’t cost us this win. His contribution in missing an extra point was infinitesimal compared to the failings of the other 53 guys who suited up yesterday.

    Now, with all that being said, the Raiders are a very good team, they’re now 6-2 and undefeated on the road. And we played them to a tie through nearly 5 full quarters. So it’s not as if we were blown out by a bad team …. losing to LA was a much more painful loss than this one was. We’re still a work in progress … I don’t believe any but the most ridiculously optimistic thought that the Bucs were Super Bowl bound this year. Few outside of Tampa Bay projected anything but the cellar for us in the NFC South, and most projected the NFC South to be three weaklings plus CAR this year. So don’t be crying too much over this one. Disappointing, of course.

    All will be forgiven on Thursday if we get a win at home over the Falcs.

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    We neeed to get better in almost every area but don’t know what game you guys are watching blaming the O line. Agree with Scubog. Winston sucked period. Accuracy was bad. Quit making excuses for him. The O line isn’t great but they aren’t anywhere near as bad as our D line.

    I could go on for hours about how bad his team is I’m so frustrated, but not worth my time.

    I’ll be there Thursday. Falcons will have over 500 yards too guaranteed. Be another bad game but I’ll be there yelling and taking my beating. Lol.

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    Was easily Koetters worst game too. Play calling and time managemt terrible. Hhope he has gas learning curve.

    1. 15.1


      People keep blaming Koetter for poor play calling and not being aggressive in the two minute offense. If you had Winston throwing air-balls all day, after amassing a slew of pics earlier this season, would you call for him to pass down the field, and risk a pick six or even just a INT that put the ball into the hands of the Oakland offense with any time at all still left on the clock? Not me. I’d be playing to not lose, not to win. That’s not how I’d like to play call, but that’s what I’d be reduced to.

      The fault is not Koetter’s, it’s the play of the players, with Winston being responsible more than any. His passing after the first quarter was pathetic.

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    Disagree Koetter holds no blame here. Yes Winston is struggling so we just quit trying? You better be a lot more aggressive when our defense is giving up 600 yards!!!!

    Also if I hear one more Bucs player or Koetter cry about home field advantage I’m going to be really pissed! STF up and win a home game you F-ing clowns! Won like 3 games in last 20 at homes!!!

    I paid over 12K for my season tickets and expect more!

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    Playing not to lose you will always lose. Rather lose the other way trying to put it away.

    1. 17.1


      Playing to win with players who can’t do their jobs is not going to produce any more wins than playing to not lose.

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    Most disappointing to me besides this team is the disturbing number if visiting fans at Ray Jay every time the other team scores there is an eruption of cheers from the crowd its embarrassing and because I watch on tv in AZ I hear the announcers saying ” larger number of visiting fans today as the camera pans the crowd showing all of them its down right shameful and embarrassing, I had season tix in the 80’s and early 90’s and it was bad then too but seems worse today

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    The offensive line was horrendous. Until this team gets NFL caliber LT and C, the offense is going to be hit and miss. Basically everytime Oakland blitzed the A gap there were linebackers running free at Winston.

  20. 20


    fredster, I feel your pain. All is not lost here; all we have to do is beat Atlanta and New Orleans in the next 11 days. I believe we can do it. I heard Koetters explanation about being careful at the end of the 1st half. My son and I had opposite positions; I agreed with Koetters decision. What bothers me more is why not use Evans in some of the shorter & intermediate routes and let Sheppard run the deeper routes. Also Cecil Shorts show me nothing so far in his routes. We have to find some more help for Winston. Bring up a WR from the PS and cut Shorts now.

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    I have to put much of this on Jameis Winston, and trust me there is plenty of blame to go around. Jameis Winston had the chance to win THREE times, and went three and out. The first one in OT is beyond unacceptable. You get the ball on the 42 in sudden death…..you are the Franchise Quarterback and victory is in reach. Take us there!!

    1. 21.1

      Big Mike

      Wow…..After reading this you would think we are in Cleveland…..lol.

      But back to the game. I get that a lot of people blame Jameis….But…..Even with the bad passes in the 2nd quarter and the 4th quarter. I am still lost how it is all on him.
      TB comes out after halftime, the Defense gives up two straight scores. So please don’t tell me about them being tired after the half. We take the lead then the defense gives up another Score to tie the game. But of course that too is the fault of Jameis.
      The Raiders miss 2 FG’s and we finally get the ball on the 42. Deep pass to Evans incomplete. Next pass to Evans for 5 yards.
      The next pass to Evans is dropped. But again, that was Jameis fault as it was right in his hands. Had he made that catch, we would not be having this discussion today. Except to say that JW needs to hit the long passes.
      One final question, that someone can answer or one of the writers can ask at the next presser…….Is Jameis not allowed to audible….unless I missed it, I do not think he changed any plays the whole game…….

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