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Legendary sports columnist Gary Shelton returns to PewterReport.com for his second season of providing post-game commentary on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers like no one else can. No one has won more sports writing awards than Shelton, who has covered Tampa Bay area sports for decades with his unique brand of humor and insight. Bucs fans can Shelton daily on GarySheltonSports.com and follow him on Twitter at @Gary_Shelton

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    Worst of all Gary, they had the chess piece in hand…a guy DCs used to stay up night worrying about covering…a guy who caught the ball over and over for us, including a great TD grab against the Falcons….and we decided to make an example of him?, or was it we decided to have a no tolerance policy?, or was it we got fed up with his off field antics?….whatever the reason, we had the piece and we gave it away….willingly….and now we’re left where we are….in Bucville as usual.

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      Not sure if youre talking about ASJ or not , but hes been out the last two weeks with an injury , so it’s not like we’ve lost anything losing him.

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      ASJ was never a player other teams lost sleep over … he was at best, which wasn’t very often because he was constantly broke down with injury, a mediocre tight end. There’s like 100 other tight ends in the league who are better than ASJ on his best day, and about 1000 college players who are better than ASJ on a typical, broke-dick day.

      When are some fans going to get over their broken hearts over ASJ self destructing? Really, people, get a grip.

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        Statistically speaking – our best TE. Maybe that’s not very good in your opinion, but still would have been our second best receiving option…statistically speaking.

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    Can’t argue with you Gary. We need to cut Shorts and call up another WR from PS. Our OL isn’t doing enough to give Winston time to throw to our slow WR’s, so maybe the play calling should reflect this weakness. The DL is weak and Smiths play scheme needs to adjust to this issue. Find a way to win Bucs!

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    patriots have done more with less for years… it all comes down to the HC & OC putting the players they have on the roster in position to be successful… koetter is a lot like lovie he has his system and he sticks to it stubbornly

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      gaficdetail, you beat me to it. I really love Gary’s articles as they make sense to me. However, as I was reading this piece about the lack of speed I started thinking that the Patriots have no speed, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

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    BS. Winston overshot at least 4 big gains or TD passes and the defensive line and scheme suck.

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      He did over shoot some throws as hes trying to be too careful in my opinion. Koetters so far in his head it’s obvious. And Koetter needs to call a better game too. I thought Lovie left and took his weak before half play calling with him. Koetter plays scared before the half every game. The cupborad is bare at the skill positions and that can’t be denied. When your number two is your best special teams player, that’s not good and I love Shep.
      I mean we all know Dougie won’t play next week, he’s already got that new contract. Heck even Mike had a few uncharacteristic drops today.

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    BTW Mike James is on the Detroit practice squad. We know he doesn’t put the ball on the ground and can catch out of the back field.

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      Well that would make way to much sense for the Bucs. Tampa is once again becoming looserville!!!

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    Make no bones about it Winston is my guy and i still have great faith in him. But I would be disingenuous if said he is playing well because he is not. I think he is so aware of throwing an interception that he is throwing to areas where no one can catch the ball. His coaches may be responsible for his mindset or he’s just trying too hard. Bottom line it manifests itself as inaccuracy, most obviously throws beyond the reach of a defender and consequently beyond the reach of his receiver.

    I can’t tell him what to do. He know’s what to do because I’ve seen him do it before! My advice would be to get back to your comfort zone and let it rip. INTs are going too happen, they’re part of the game. Focus on when to throw rather than where to throw and let physics and gravity take it’s course. Get Koetter, Monken, Bajakian, opposing DBs, and other obstructions out of your head and play the way that you got here – the natural ability to isolate, anticipate, locate,and hit the open man!

    Go Bucs!

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      I am not anti-Winston … have defended him this season here on these pages. But, if a number one overall draft pick quarterback halfway through his second season in the league still presents his coaches with a “frying pan or the fire” choice on play calling (i.e., throw the ball a lot, and get lots of INTs, or don’t throw the ball a lot, and get lots of incomplete passes and most of those completed are dink’n dunkers under 5 yards), then he is seriously not worthy of the no. 1 overall pick. Sorry, he just wasn’t worth that no. 1 pick last year.

      This doesn’t mean Winston is a wash-out or a bust. He may turn into a quality top tier quarterback. But after a season and a half, he’s just not showing it yet.

      Shelton is ignoring the elephant in the room with this post that fails to call out the failures of the starting quarterback. His accuracy sucks on most of his passes. His coaches only trust him to dink’n dunk, even though Koetter is a big vertical passing game guy.

      And now Shelton this week suddenly calls out Mike Evans for being not that good, when in the last two games everybody in the league had declared Evans elite … huh? How do you go from elite one week to not that good the following week?

      Maybe that happens when your quarterback can only get his game going against extremely weak defenses like the 49ers, and then folds at home against a moderately-week defense.

      Could Evans have made a couple more plays yesterday? Yup … that also happens to be true of all 53 guys who suited up yesterday. Even Kwon Alexander, who managed to lead all players on both teams with 14 tackles, was called out on the “Most Disappointing Players” post today for missing some key plays. That was a fair criticism, and it applies to everybody. And it applies to Winston more than any other player.

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    Great insight Gary. It’s tough to win with offensive players for whom DC’s would characterize as ho-hum. As you said; no one is game planning to stop anyone but Mike Evans. The offensive skill position roster is a collection of players barely in the league. Of course there are only so many Drafts and only so many opportunities to reach for the stars. Street free agents are out there for a reason.

    I totally agree with my friends macabee and cgmaster that Jameis looks like he is playing cautiously. It’s not the play calling so much as Jameis is missing his targets. He’s holding the ball too long so the pass protection breaks down. Why? because receivers are not getting open and Jameis is hesitating. With the passing game becoming a less effective, Koetter is trying to use the running game to at least gain a few yards in hopes of breaking one. It worked for a while. But other teams, especially those who can spend an uninterrupted week to prepare as the Raiders did at IMG, now realize that all they need to do is keep the safeties close to the line of scrimmage to defend the run and short passing. Evans is the one and only threat outside of a play or two by the other “weapons”. Notice how that WR screen to Humphries that was so successful earlier in the year has been well defended the last few games? Very few passes to the backs and TE’s. Cecil Shorts III is as yet not worthy of a spot on this or any team. He has done absolutely nothing since he arrived. Heck, bring back Kenny bell and give him another shot. Can’t be any worse.

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    Why do the Bucs lack for talent when they’ve drafted high the last few years? How about giving a draft pick up to move into the second round to draft a kicker who can’t kick. A receiver, safety, D lineman, might have helped more. Funny so many productive x bucs out there. Talib, Penn, could use a power back, right Blount, N.E.. Tedford wanted to draft Carr, Lovie locked in on McCown. These are the reasons we’re doomed now.

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    Hopefully I’m not bursting anyone’s bubble here but IMO, this is the same script as last years team. I feel like I watch the movie groundhog day when it comes to this franchise. Absolutely not enough pass rush or anything close to being effective. 40/59 and over 500 yards? I thought that was only possible if you played the Bucs in the old school video game Tecmo Bowl? I’m a huge Noles fan as well, so I have always liked Winston, but the deep ball…..you have got to give your receivers atleast a chance to catch them…..All week, all I read were rumors about the Bucs in need of a speedy receiver or perhaps looking for one…..boy was that evident on Sunday. Somehow, I don’t think that names like Cecil Shorts make opposing secondaries want to double him. Wake TFU @ the entire Bucs Organization, quit crying about wanting more fan support and change the current culture which is to find ways to lose games and not figuring out ways to win them which is what consistently good teams do!

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    I agree that the bucs should have made a move for a veteran receiver and leaving Jameis out there with guys that started the season on the couch is foolish.

    That said, we flip back and forth all the time on Mike Evans. Oh he is great, oh he is good, oh he is great, oh he is good and we need more speed and guys can’t get open. Disagree completely on Evans. He is a great player. Evans had steps on the secondary pretty consistently and Jameis Winston over throws him by 15 yards.

    The number one issue yesterday was the second half inaccuracy by Jameis Winston. Does he need more help? Yes. But he has got to hit on some deep balls. The guy has been down right terrible on them. He has had open receivers. Including yesterday, one that would have won the game to 13.

  11. 11


    I couldn’t agree more! We are devoid of talent right now because of past mistakes and misjudging talent. Jameis is inconsistent for sure, but it doesn’t help him at all that he only has one receiver to work with. We saw the same thing last year when VJax went out. We need to swing a trade and find at least one more threat to take some heat off Evans.

    We can’t fix our past mistakes but we need to look forward. Hopefully Aguayo will beat his demons and become the accurate kicker he was in college. No point arguing the point of wasted picks as we can never get them back. All we can do now is hope for the best.

    As for the draft, we need safety help and pass rush BADLY. We can’t get any heat on the QB and our secondary can’t cover that long. VH3 is legit and Spence is coming along nicely. Add a good safety and another DE and we should see marked improvement. We also need a replacement for VJax who isn’t getting any younger and can’t stay healthy a full season. Maybe even another RB since ours can’t stay on the field either. Come to think of it…we need a little of everything

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