CB Carlton DavisKneeLimited Participation
T Demar DotsonHamstringLimited Participation
S Justin EvansToeDid Not Participate
CB Brent GrimesKneeFull Participation
WR DeSean JacksonThumbDid Not Participate
S Isaiah JohnsonConcussionDid Not Participate
DT Gerald McCoyAnkle/ShoulderLimited Participation
DE Jason Pierre-PaulKneeDid Not Participate
CB M.J. StewartFootFull Participation


T Terron ArmsteadPectoralLimited Participation
FB Zach LineConcussionFull Participation
DT David OnyemataHipFull Participation
T Ryan RamczykShoulderLimited Participation
WR Michael ThomasAnkleFull Participation

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  1. This might be an odd thought, but has anyone considered the players they have in the backfield now, the castoffs and waiver wire pickups, might be better than the starters who were primarily drafted or high priced FAs who the coach and especially the GM feel compelled that they have to start.

    The worst one is Brent Grimes, who should be called margarine for how soft he has played lately. He plays strictly off coverage and he avoids physical contact like a nun on a date.

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    • Or just try him out as a hybrid safety in a 3-high alignment, something like a Sam safety with Whitehead playing Will safety and Adams at Mike safety. He might be at least serviceable for the rest of the season. Obviously not an every down player anymore. If Evans is good to go, you can move him to any of those spots, play press-man on the corners. Play David in his usual Will LB spot and run Spence out as a spy or blitzing LB, hitting the A gap. But it will never happen, too exotic a look for this staff

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      • Or, just forget about playing Grimes

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    • Those wannabees sure are at least putting in the effort. I always hated Grimes in Atlanta. When he was a relative unknown, early in his career, he just made plays………..often against the Bucs. Perhaps one of these “cast-offs” can surprise us with similar unexpected success.

      I wasn’t aware nuns dated, but I get your analogy.

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  2. This is the time in the season when many teams have to depend on back-ups or guys off the streets to fill their rosters. Injuries, burnouts, suspensions, and mysterious situations like DJAX (The Thumb) begin to infect teams. Cam was hurting Sunday and fresh hungry talent feasted on him. Mintor, AAA. Elliot. It’s not our best against their best it’s whose left standing against next man up. The pressers from JPP and GMC were great examples of two men playing through the pain. Everyone likes to blame the coaches for scheme and play calling but I would wager that a lot of guys get fired because the human body was not made to play football and inevitable intangibles are going to prevail.

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