When the schedules start getting released, you know you’re close to some football. Even if it is just the preseason, we now know the dates and locations for the Bucs four preseason games.

Week 1: August 9-13, at Miami (WFLA-TV)
Week 2: 
August 16-20, at Tennessee (WFLA-TV)
Week 3: 
Friday, August 24, vs. Detroit (CBS)
Week 4: 
August 30-31: vs. Jacksonville (WFLA-TV)

The Buccaneers Week 3 matchup with the Detroit Lions will be a nationally televised game, but the rest will fall somewhere between the dates listed and will be on local listings.

In addition to the matchups, the Bucs will be participating in a joint-practice week with the Titans in week two in Nashville.

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  1. When will you media-types going to ask the Glazers what their rationale for charging season ticket holders full price for these meaningless games? I know. Never. Because you’ll lose your access, right?

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    • It’s because ALL teams charge regular price. I think it might even be league mandated so the owners actually have no say in the matter. So, the rationale that the Glazers are using, is that it is a league matter and they can’t change it. If you don’t like it, your only choice is to not have season tickets and buy each game individually.

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    • It’s the NFL not just the Glazers. This is nothing new.

      Do you even have season tickets?

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    • I was going to give you the same answer as makski. The other 31 teams do the same thing.

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    • The short answer..because they can. The replies that state “all other teams do this” is a half ass answer. If the Glazer’s were opposed they could protest (by media campaign) or hold some sort of buy back or % discount off regular price tickets for all season ticket holders. I can think of many ways they could reduce the preseason ticket prices for us season ticket holders in lieu of regular season tickets. Remember, like it or not, the NFL is a multi-billion dollar business. The only true way to change is if fans protest on a large scale which is not going to happen; The good news is you have a choice.

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  2. Well at least this year a hurricane in Miami will not mess up the regular season.

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  3. 4-0 in the preseason!

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  4. I’ll be at that Lions game! Hopefully we look better in this 3rd preseason game than we did against the browns last year..

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