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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    What Buc fan would actually say oh no we’re not! The obvious is we all want to go to the Superbowl. We’ve taken one small step to get to 9 – 7; now more steps are required so I am challenging this football team to prove it because there is probably 12 – 16 teams who feel the same way. Go Bucs! Keep the winning attitude,

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    Let’s pump the brakes a little bit. The Bucs are much improved and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the playoffs. In fact, that it the expectation. But this is still a young inexperienced team whose only players with playoff experience come from other team. If the Bucs make the playoffs and get a win or two under their belt, then we can start talking about the Super Bowl. A lot is riding on Winston’s development as far as accuracy and ball security along with the defense shutting the door on opposing offenses. We are moving in the right direction, but it’s premature to predict a Super Bowl. Let’s not forget that the Bucs team that won it was a seasoned team with experience in the post-season.

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    Now I’m really scared. No; terrified! With one notable exception, this team has always laid an egg when the national spotlight has been upon it. It seems every year that the Bucs do well (far too few), they lay an egg on MNF, or TNF, or a major prime time game of the week. Let’s not mention what happened when they finally did get to the playoffs. The one except being the Superbowl championship team and that one had 4 Hall of Famer’s on it’s defense!
    Now, to make matters worse we have some pencil neck clowns in the Buccaneers’ twitter department starting social media wars with championship teams! You want national exposure (I don’t)? How about our Bucs are featured on Hardknocks/HBO this year! Can it get any worse?! I’ll say it again; this team has never done well in the spotlight!
    What has caused this you ask? Injuries. Has anyone else noticed that this team always has an inordinate amount of injuries year in and year out? I know that every team has key injuries during a season; some more than others, but I have never heard of any team ending a season with sixteen players on IR. Sixteen!! Has anyone wondered why there has not been any criticism thrown toward our trainers and doctors? Or is it a curse? Some kind of voodoo?
    There is no doubt that this is a talented football team, but mark my words; with the sports world watching they will lay a giant egg this year. It always happens when the national media become focused on the Bucs, and it is starting to become super focused now. Being the cynic I am, I believe some of this media exposure is to enhance the ratings for HBO. Watch as the season unfolds and the players start dropping like flies. It will begin with major season ending injuries in training camp (or sooner), and continue on throughout the season. It ALWAYS happens.
    Sorry for the rant, but I have been holding this back for 41 years.

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      I agree with the trainer comments, but I’ll stick to being cautiously optimistic

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      A franchise with decades worth of existence and you still think the same ol’ things ring true? “This team can’t handle the spotlight!”

      Well, shit, how do you know since this is the first year for this exact team. What about the smart vets we signed, like Chris Baker, Wilcox, and the players with Super Bowl rings on their fingers?

      Stop pretending like drastic things can’t change from year to year. My guess is that good football teams do well when the spotlight is on and bad teams don’t. This year the Bucs can be really good. Maybe they won’t be, but they CAN be, and I don’t think people would be too shocked if the Bucs blow up (in a good way) this year.

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    It’s about damn time! The only weakness I really see with this team is the Oline. We haven’t seen the restructured version yet though so that could possibly be fixed already as well. It’s a great feeling that we are now looking at depth instead of searching for starters! Now that he has more than one weapon, we will see Jameis’ true potential realized this year. Couple that with a defense that was already on fire last year and now has a season under their belt. The Super Bowl is not that far fetched in 2017!

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    There is a saying – you can’t win the lottery unless you buy a ticket. And it therefore follows – you can’t win the Super Bowl unless you make the playoffs.

    It’s the kind of thing you want to hear the day after we’ve been invited to NFL’s version of dancing with the stars. That’s the reality. But I would never rain on the parade of Buc fans and players who feel like this could be their year.

    If I listen to the news, the world seems like it’s coming apart at the seams and would put a dampener on one’s aspiration to dream big. While it may seem presumptuous to think such a thing this early, I say go for it and believe with all the spirit you can muster that this is our time.

    As for NFLN’s rosy outlook for the Bucs, the sunshine of adulation feels good to my face – it’s been a long time coming. It has happened before, it can happen again.

    Now when I run for office of the president (sarcasm), I’m going to invite all my old school PR posters – scubog, Horse, 76Buc, martinii, to name a few to join me. While we have much love for 76Buc, suffice to say he will not be our Communications Director. Lol. It’s Sunday afternoon guys, have some fun! Go Bucs!

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    Super bowl? Suoerbowl? Lol. In my best imitation voice of Jim Mora. Seriously this team has long way to go to even contend for division IMO. I like being under radar better. All this playoff and better talk just makes players heads big before they even do anything. Not so much the veterans but it never is good for the young guys and rookies IMO. I am very excited and think a wild card is possible and perhaps division if they stay healthy. That’s a big if though.

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    Ha. It’s all fun and games in the offseason. I’ll say it again, if a team can’t handle preseason hype, they were never gonna be good anyway. I can see what Adam Rank is thinking. Giants, Packers, Falcons, Seahawks, Cowboys are the main threats to come out of the NFC. On paper, we match up well with all of them. Get into the dance and chances are “good.” So yeah, it’s silly season and dumb, but it’s nice to have national attention back on our Bucs.

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    Not only are we going to the SB, we are going to WIN that game too.
    Once a reporter asked Warren Sapp how many games the BUCS would win before the start of the season.
    His answer. 16 games. When the reporter looked at him funny he told him to beat it.
    I miss ol’ 99.

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    I usually clamor for some national recognition and I do love the optimism but… I agree with the posters that we haven’t earned a damn thing yet. I tell my Seahawks loving wife every year that this year will be the one that the Bucs break out. Every year, with a straight face and confidence I believe we are turning the corner. I believe we are Superbowl capable. I’m glad someone in the national media believes it too but something just feels wrong about others getting on the bandwagon without the team proving it on the field first. Maybe I need that one season where I predict it and it takes outsiders by surprise first. I don’t know. I just hope our boys are keeping humble and realizing they haven’t earned anything yet. That hype gets you nothing. Entitlement is for losers. Go Bucs!!

    1. 9.1


      Nobody has “earned” a trip to the Super Bowl this season. The Bucs are a plausible pick, as much as any other team is in the pre-season of hope and change.

      That’s why we play the gamess!

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    My goodness! No wonder our favorite team used to doubt itself when its’ fans are so reluctant to say the words, “why not us?” We have just as good a chance to go to the Super Bowl as any other NFC team. What’s that story about The Little Train That Could? Apparently some of you would put it in reverse instead of charging up the hill. Did our Bucs not defeat the Falcons, Seahawks, Saints, Panthers and have the Cowboys on the ropes until Cherilus got hurt? I guess some of you have been let down so many times that you now have given up the one thing everyone needs….. “hope”. Oh no, lets not upset the Falcons with the 28-3 photo. Instead, should we cower at their feet when they throw a barb our way? Oh my, we can’t think about a championship. We have to take baby steps and think about play-offs first. Says who?

    I guess I see it like this. You’ll never get to take the pretty girl to the Prom unless you believe in yourself enough to ask her.

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    Good reasoning by Rank. Why not the Bucs?

    There is no reason to scoff at the notion that the Bucs could go to the Super Bowl this season. I wouldn’t predict it, but it’s certainly plausible.

    Virtually nobody predicted that the Bucs would go to, let alone win, the Super Bowl in January 2003. We hadn’t won a playoff game since 1999, and getting Jon Gruden ad coach was expected to improve the mediocre offense he inherited from Tony Dungy, but most thought that would be a multi-year project without a star quarterback to build upon. Certainly nobody thought that Gruden would actually IMPRIVE the defense to the league’s no. 1 overall in his first season in Tampa.

    Yet it happened then …and can happen again this season.

    Don’t pin your life’s hopes on a Super Bowl run by the Bucs this season … but don’t let the shock kill you if they do!

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    If you would’ve told me before last season the Falcons were going to the S.B. I would’ve said you were nuts. Not only did they make it, but for a few bone head coaching decisions they should’ve won it. Anything is possible. It take s a little luck, staying healthy, and I say our tough schedule is to our advantage. We won’t be over looking anyone. Sometimes it’s the bunnies that bite the hardest. Go Bucs, I’m all in!

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    Ugh…….. Why do we even have to feel the Bucs will be in the Super Bowl? or wont be in the SB in June?
    I’m excited about this 2017 Buccaneers and the future of this team. If were in the Playoffs than of course we have a chance to be in the SB. Hopefully this is the year were back in the Playoffs. GO BUCS!!!

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    Am I the only person who thinks our running game will be the bell weather for the team’s success? Getting a decent running game going will open up play action, and look at what Matt Ryan was able to do once he got the play action pass going last season.

    Passing gets the spotlight but the running game matters. Control your offense, control the clock, win the game. That’s good football right now. And stop other teams on third down.

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    Maybe I’m in the minority but expectations aren’t a bad thing and if this team turns it around like they should this will be the first of many lofty preseason predictions. This team has experienced enough losing that I don’t think taking anything for granted should be an option. Embrace the moment we have, Jameis has been given weapons, defense has enough talent to get stops so why not bring on some healthy pressure. if it’s any consolation Vegas thinks we are still trash so perhaps those that hate expectations can go read that, it’ll keep the ceiling low.

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