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    I guess I’m alone on this? Dotson is back. Bucs are going to win this easily. Go Bucs

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      I think the same Horse. If Buc’s jump out front I think Panthers will mail it in.

    2. 1.2


      Don’t think it will be an easy one Horse.

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    Bucs are beat up both mentally and physically, not seeing a win here.

  3. 3


    Bucs 31-Panthers 21

    Bucs have a LOT to play for, I don’t see any lollygagging or quit in either the players or the coaches. They can of course lose this game with a poor performance, but I don’t believe they will.

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    To me this game is all about how the teams enter the contest mentally. Being at “home” one would think the Bucs would have the edge over a Panthers team that isn’t headed to the playoffs either. I don’t expect the Panthers to “mail it in”, but I do think if things go bad for them Cam Newton may throw in, errrr”put on the towel”. In recent past seasons, it sure appeared that many of our players just went through the motions……emotionless. Not so with this group. I’ve not seen any quit.

    I think our favorite team will come into this game with the goal of getting to 9-7. There is a lot of youth that should be motivated to give an all out effort.

    The Panthers’ secondary may be weak, but our receiving corps is also depleted without Cameron Brate and Charles Sims. Koetter should open up the playbook more than in recent games. Time for some others to rise to the occasion. With Greg Olson being hurt I’m hoping that Buc killer takes the day off.

    A win and we can all reflect on this season’s close losses to the Rams, Raiders, Cowboys and Saints, ponder what might have been and be more anxious for next season to begin. A loss and we all will be more critical of the teams’ performance this year and be more skeptical for the next few months. We’ll go from needing only to tweak the roster to needing everything.

    Hopefully no one gets hurt.

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    Buc 1976

    I hope Bucs come out firing on all cylinders. Does anyone know how many games Newton has played against Bucs in the last two season’s?
    With Brate out someone has to step up!

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    Looks like Funchess is out and Cam and Stewart are both questionable. I definitely expect them both to play though and we will definitely miss Gholston. VH3 is questionable as well and I hope to see him play. If not, ATV is a viable replacement.

    I think we do enough to win this one as long as we come in hungry. After these last 2 disappointing losses, I think we come out angry and looking to prove that 5 game streak wasn’t a fluke.

    Bucs 28-17

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    Bucs defense bends but doesn’t break. Offense w/ better offensive line work gets us a win 27-20.

  8. 8


    Four weeks ago I predicted Bucs would beat Chargers, lose to Cowboys and Saints and beat Panthers to finish 9-7. I am sticking with it though the Panthers are a scary team.

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    Just win the game and push us to 9-7. While we missed the playoffs, Having a winning season is so important. It shows us that despite a tough schedule, multiple injuries, and a few bad bounces we improved. With some great cap space and if we make a few good draft picks we could make the post season in 2017. I would hope we do not consider where we pick in the draft over our record, I would hope we do not point the finger at specific players or coaches as the root of our loses. Finally I would hope we remember how bad our teams have been over the last few years and view this year as an huge step in a rebuilding process.

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